Important Reasons to Hire Ukraine IT Developers For Outsource

If you want to build high-quality software and save money, you can view outsourcing options in Ukraine. When choosing an outsourcing company such as IT outsourcing Kiev, it is clear that you want the best value for money. Many factors affect prices. The most common ones are living standards, hardware and software costs, taxation, and programming experience. On the other hand, good outsourcing developers are priceless. They affect the success of the project, but they are not easy to find. Therefore, it may be a good idea to entrust your project to an overseas software company to get the best results and reduce costs.

Why is outsourcing so popular in Ukraine?

IT outsourcing Kiev provides a wide range of solutions to meet various software development needs. Most developers have many years of experience and have collected many successful projects in their portfolios. With the development of the IT industry, the number of skilled workers is also increasing. Ukrainian outsourcing companies have been working hard to improve the working environment and the services they provide. Compared with other countries benefits in terms of IT network, work ethics, and location. Therefore, it has attracted many overseas companies, such as Grammarly and Google. Ukraine has shown excellent results in software development and is considered the best choice for IT outsourcing Kiev.

Reasons for hiring a Ukrainian software development company:


Training is the cornerstone of expert competence. Without higher education, it is difficult to find a job. With a huge amount of educational opportunities, almost half of Ukrainian software developers and programmers have at least a master’s degree. If school-age children perform well in admissions, they can enter the university for free.

Technical Education:

Ukraine is known for its high-quality technical education. For example, the engineering universities in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro are excellent and recognized worldwide. Gain student-related knowledge in a constantly changing market. Many developers also have PhDs. Knowledge of mechanical engineering prepares them to solve the most difficult problems.

Cost efficiency:

When choosing a development company, the most important issue is its service cost. The cost of IT outsourcing Kiev is very different from other countries. The living wage there, prices, and wages are not high. Developers can help technology companies increase productivity. Under the same budget, this will bring you better results. The average hourly salary of a Ukrainian software developer is 30 to 50 US dollars per hour, which is about 4 to 6,000 US dollars per month. % Lower than the fees charged by European and American companies to customers. However, Ukrainian companies provide relatively high-quality competitive services.

Time zone:

Different time zones are usually the reason why many people are not sure whether to outsource software development. Differences in time zones between employees can lead to misunderstandings, undesirable issues, delays in the work process. However, Ukraine is only one or two hours ahead of European countries, which makes IT outsourcing Kiev collaboration and communication easier with others.

World-renowned companies created by Ukrainian developers:

Many IT entrepreneurs in Ukraine have created world-renowned IT companies. The profits of these IT companies have brought millions of dollars in revenue to the country’s industry, and millions of people around the world use their services. It is considered reliable and promising. Let’s take look at some of those IT products:  

Grammarly was founded by Alexey Shevchenko and Maxim Lytvyn. The program can check grammar, incorrect structures, and grammatical errors in real-time, find theft, and propose the best solution. The company has two offices in Kiev (Ukraine) and San Francisco.

DepositPhotos is an international photo library that provides services between photo authors and their buyers. It was founded by Dmitro Sergeev. The service provides free photos, vector images, and videos. The company supports customers worldwide in 14 languages. The cost of purchasing credit images starts at $0.75, and the subscription fee starts at $49 per month.

Terrasoft is mainly a manufacturer of CRM and service desk systems created by Katerina. Kostereva and Alexander Popov. Today, Terrasoft has become the leading CRM solution provider in the CIS market. The company has offices in five countries (Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom) and serves more than 6,000 customers. The software product company is responsible for the implementation of IT consulting and CRM strategies.

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