How to Upgrade Your PC System Memory

A computer in today’s world needs to have plenty of RAM to handle intricate applications. A computer purchased even a few years ago might need an update to its system memory to perform up to expectations. If you have the opportunity to increase memory capacity, it is worth the investment for most users.

The good news is that computer companies know their customers are more inclined to add additional RAM to their personal computers than ever before. There are ways to complete this task without the assistance of an expert.

What exactly is RAM, and what makes it so important for a computer?

The best way to look at RAM is to compare it to the computer itself. If the CPU is the brain, RAM is the oxygen necessary to keep everything running as it should. A computer needs RAM to ensure that every program runs as smoothly as possible. Most computers are fairly future-proof when  released, but there comes a time when there is not enough RAM to handle as many programs as a user needs to run.

Everyone is guilty of letting too many programs run in the background, but it can wear down the RAM significantly. Instead of constantly having to worry about closing programs and making other sacrifices, upgrading the RAM might be a better way to go instead.

A computer’s RAM is refreshed with each restart, but it doesn’t take long for it to get clogged up once again. As more and more processes are thrown its way, a computer can slow down and not perform the way users would like. This is why it’s so crucial to have the right amount and make necessary adjustments.

The top reasons why it is time for a RAM upgrade

Are you thinking about upgrading the RAM on a computer? Most of the time, there are a few distinct reasons why users will spend the money to make the upgrade.

The operating system needs upgrading

When a brand new operating system is released, it’s the perfect time to upgrade the RAM as well. This is especially true for computers that might be a little bit older because they might not handle the latest release so well in their current form.

Take Windows 10 as an example. If the computer has been running other operating systems in the past, it might not be fully capable of handling all of the features that come with Windows 10 with its current RAM set up. Upgrading the RAM can reduce demand for resources, allowing users to get more use out of their current computer.

Maxing out a new computer

Some users like to make a pretty sound investment with a brand new computer from the very beginning, cutting down the need to upgrade later on. There is usually a maximum amount of RAM that a new computer can take, and buying an aftermarket upgrade is a smart way to go. It is usually cheaper to upgrade the RAM with an aftermarket option instead of adding it to the computer’s price once it is ordered.

Unless the computer does not allow users to add RAM to their setup, it is a smart investment. It is easier to do it from the very beginning if a user can afford it, as it prevents needing to find assistance later on. Not only that, but it can make a brand new computer that much faster.

Performance slowdowns

Computers start to slow down gradually as they handle more and more programs. As a user opens more programs, browsers with more tabs, and several other applications, the computer starts to slow down as well.

If the computer is constantly fighting to perform as it should, updating the RAM could be a great solution.

How easy is it to upgrade RAM?

A user can upgrade the memory on their own if they want to give it a try, as it is much easier to make changes to a computer now than ever before. It is really as simple as removing old RAM modules and replacing them with new RAM once purchased. Shopping for the right RAM that is compatible with a computer is perhaps the toughest part since there are so many options. The RAM slots must be compatible with the computer to work properly, which means the right amount and the right size to fit.

For those who prefer to hire a professional, it shouldn’t cost a lot of money to hire someone. If it seems like too much is being charged for labor, go to another technician and get another quote.

What if a computer with upgraded RAM is still slow?

A computer with upgraded RAM should be able to perform at a pretty high level. However, if a computer is still suffering from slowdown, it might be best to look at some other solutions out there.

One option is to look at certain PC mechanics and utilities out there. System Mechanic® offers tools necessary to upgrade performance . It’s a great way to maximize a computer’s performance overall and is pretty affordable for those on tight budgets.

Also, doing little things such as regularly cleaning your computer, shutting down and restarting every once a while, and more will make a difference. Upgrading RAM is a great fix that so many users have turned to in the past, but other smaller optimizations can make a big difference in performance as well.

Getting the most out of PC System Memory

As much as computers cost, upgrading PC system memory is a pretty affordable solution. It is without question one of those upgrades that can make a true difference in performance, which is why  All it takes is a few days operating with brand new RAM to notice how problems instantly fade away.

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