Bored of the Same Old Entertainment? Here’s How to Branch Out

If you’re like most people, you like to watch TV shows, listen to music, go to the theater to watch movies, and read books. But if you’re absorbing the same types of information and retreading the same ground on a regular basis, it might feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

How do you branch out to discover new sources of entertainment?

Branch Out to a New Medium

First, consider branching out to enjoy a new medium. There are dozens of ways to enjoy content in the modern world, and many people limit themselves to only a few options. For example, if you love TV shows and movies, but you’ve never tried listening to podcasts before, consider delving into the world of broadcast audio. If you love reading books, but you’ve never given comic books or graphic novels a fair shake, try reading some image-heavy written content.

You’ll likely find an entirely new set of tropes, expectations, and format peculiarities that give you a brand new experience. Plus, you might have an opportunity for an easy transition; for example, you might find there’s a comic book that one of your favorite movies is based on, or you might find a podcast hosted by one of your favorite authors.

Try Your Hand at Creating

If you want to see the world of entertainment in an entirely new light, consider creating a work of your own. If you’re feeling “bored” of the conventional forms of entertainment you’ve relied on in the past, it’s probably a sign that you’ve read or watched a lot of it – which means you know what it takes to tell a good story.

Consider picking up a musical instrument, writing a script, or even printing your own comic book. If you put a lot of work in (and get a bit lucky), it could turn into a source of income for you. Otherwise, it may help you come to appreciate the creative process – and see the entertainment world through a different lens.

Get Recommendations From Friends

What are your friends into? Chances are, you have at least some of your tastes in common. Talk to them about how you’ve been feeling and what types of things you want to try to avoid – as well as some of your favorites. They might have some strong recommendations to send your way. You might even get a chance to watch/read new things together – which can make the experience more interesting if you’re bored of doing things by yourself.

Join an Online Forum

Alternatively, you can join an online forum or other online community to learn about new pieces of media, new genres emerging, and other interesting bits about the entertainment world. For example, you can join a subreddit or community specifically designed for discussions about a certain genre or medium. You can also find groups on Facebook or other social media platforms where open discussions are encouraged. The caveat here is that you have to be active; respond to other people, ask questions, and get into the community. The more you engage, the better.

Learn a New Language and a New Culture

Consider learning a new language, or the basics of a new culture, so that you can experience materials that would otherwise be inaccessible to an English speaker. For example, after learning to speak Spanish, you could enjoy a host of movies, TV shows, books, and other materials from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America. Entertainment from other countries is often very different, originating from an entirely different set of cultural norms and values, so it’s worth exploring as something new.

Sign Up for Discovery Services

There are also a number of “discovery” services you can sign up for to learn about new sources of entertainment. For example, with Spotify, you can get access to personalized recommendations for new artists to listen to – and its algorithm is both complex and effective.

Try Things You’ve Written Off in the Past

If you’re interested in branching out, you might consider revisiting some of the pieces you’ve written off in the past. For example, are there any books you’ve refused to read because you disagree with the premise or because you don’t like that particular genre? Is there a director you avoid because you never liked their style? This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and try something new.

See Your Old Favorites in a New Light

Of course, if you have trouble finding new things to enjoy, you can also use this opportunity to see your old favorites in a new light. Consider watching some of your favorite movies with new friends and acquaintances or reading a favorite book with new commentary or analysis to guide you. No matter what, opportunities abound for new entertainment experiences. 

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