Why 3D Printing is Creating a Buzz in Architecture Industry

3D printing technology is gaining traction in the fields of architecture, construction, and design due to its relatively affordable cost, fast speed, and high quality. Since constructing 3D models of architectural designs has always been a challenge, 3D printing is a boon for most architects and designers out there. In the architecture industry, detailed and accurate 3D models are key to showcasing and selling their concept to their investors and clients. Here are some strong reasons why 3D printing is gaining massive recognition in the architecture industry. 

1. Enables Architects to Envision Their Idea

Certain limitations like the lack of time, inability to model complicated designs, and lack of materials often restrict architects from preparing and presenting their models. In turn, their creative idea stays stuck in their minds and is never brought on paper. Before 3D printing became a common thing, several architects lost their brilliant ideas only because they were unable to showcase their idea and bring it to life. With 3D printing, every architect can freely explore new concepts without facing this limit. Irrespective of how complicated your design is, you can translate it into a model with 3D printing. 

In the past, architects feared adding complicated elements such as vaults, arches, and domes in their designs due to the inability to model them. While 3D software programs can easily create images and rendered pictures of any complicated design, preparing a solid 3D model was always a challenge. With 3D printing, modern-day designers and architects are crushing this barrier. 

2. Takes Less Time 

Architects need a few days to weeks to prepare a model from scratch, which is why traditional models hold a lot of value. However, since they are also complicated to make and take a lot of time, architects and designers need to adjust their schedules accordingly. With time, 3D printers are taking less and less time to prepare a model from scratch. While most models are ready within a few hours, some models take as little as 60 seconds to get printed. The next time you are running late for your jury, you can stop by a 3D printing shop and get your model ready in no time. 

This new technology is a boon for business owners with 3D printers. If a customer needs some changes or makes drastic changes in their designs, the operator can easily feed the data in the 3D printer and make the changes in the final model. 

3. A Cheaper Alternative

Compared to the traditional materials such as paper, mount board, scissors, glue, and other alternative tools, 3D printing can be much cheaper. It is believed that 3D printing can lower the cost of any project by 75%, thereby helping you create an affordable budget. This also lets you prepare conceptual models and visualize the design in three dimensions. This pushes the project to success. 

Even though they were a bit expensive in the beginning, 3D printers are gradually growing cheaper as the technology continues to evolve. With time, every architecture student will easily be able to afford the cost of 3D printing. Moreover, manufacturers are also producing cheap 3d printers that further lower the cost of the final product. This can give budding entrepreneurs an incentive and a new business idea that they can start with little capital. With cheaper machines and materials, you can reduce the cost by a great margin. 

4. Produces High-Quality Models 

3D models provide better finishing than handcrafted models and also last longer. You can create detailed models with the most complicated folds and achieve the best results. Not only are 3D models stronger and sturdier but also look better than handmade or traditional models. It also provides the freedom and flexibility to experiment with different finishes. Depending on the type of 3D printing you are getting, the materials and textures can vary. In turn, this can affect the quality and look of your final model. However, you always have the option of painting over your finished model to achieve your anticipated look. 

The different types of colors and materials used to make the models also provide a detailed and high-resolution finish to the final model. Since not all potential investors and buyers will get an idea about the design’s details and final look by looking at drawings, a 3D printed model can convey the idea and make a powerful impression. 

Since 3D printing is relatively cheap and provides maximum freedom to creative thinkers, it is gaining a lot of popularity in the design, architecture, and construction world. Some 3D models allow the users to interact with the original design to fully envision the concept. As you can see, there are endless benefits and opportunities that come with 3D printing. Whether you are an aspiring architect or a business owner, you can utilize 3D printing technology to fulfill your needs. 

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