PC Vs Tablet Comparison

What is best? Personal Computer or a Tablet? It is always an ongoing debate. But the question stands that why even draw a comparison? It all depends on the nature of the buyer as well as the work he does. Once the buyer answers this to himself there won’t be left any confusion with him. There are a number of IT services that assist you in making a decision for your purchase. Small business IT services not only understand your personal needs but also give you a bunch of recommendations and insights on why and how to speed up a computer, laptop or a table. Before drawing a comparison of personal computers and tablets, let us first understand thoroughly what these devices actually are.

A small and low-cost device or machine designed for personal use, however, it can be used by a group of few persons as well. It consists of several components like a CPU (Central Processing Unit), two kinds of memory; RAM and ROM, a magnetic hard disk and a compact disc, display screen, mouse and a keyboard.

While a tablet is a flat thin mobile or portable computer with all of its components built in, fitted with a touch screen display and rechargeable battery. However, they are highly customized hence why their operating systems and processors vary. Recently, they have gained much popularity because of their excellent and significant features, specialized apps and portability in particular.

Let’s now have a look at their features in detail.


Beginning with the storage feature, PCs have comprehensive hard drive storage normally more than 1 TB (terabyte). You don’t have to purchase a handy external hard drive unless you are using it professionally and it requires you to have that much storage capacity. On the other hand, a tablet lacks this much storage with 8 GB as its minimum and 128 GB as its maximum storage. However, it does have an extension slot for external hard.


Processing power of both devices differ. A computer consists of necessary power required to cool high end power processors but a tablet being more compact in nature is unable to provide this same amount of support to its processor.


As compared with tablets, PCs are costly. An average PC with moderate features can cost you up to $1000. Prices vary from $400 to $2000. In contrast, tablets are cheap normally within the price range of $150 to $500 but in some highly customized items, it may cost you up to $800.

Screen size and Portability

Monitor screen size is large enough usually from 13 to 43 inches but keep in mind that the larger the monitor size the higher the cost. Tablets are comparatively smaller in screen size not larger than 10 inches. They are made to stay fixed on the desk or table may be in your office or any other workplace or your study room. Tablets can be carried anywhere with you.

Running Battery

For a desktop, you might not have to worry about the running battery since there is no need to charge it and you can leave it on for as many days as you want. While in the case of a tablet, you are always concerned about if you charged it enough and if you left it uncharged it will shut it down once the battery has been consumed.


Repairing for the PC’s is much easier and cheaper as compared with the tablets. While tablets might require some expertise to spot and identify the issue that needs to be fixed but for a PC, a smaller issue can be resolved by yourself at home.


There are no limitations to the upgrades of the system and the software update in the case of the desktop. Since tablets are all built-in one unit, it is not easy and sometimes possible to upgrade certain systems and features.

Web Camera

Not all desktops, especially old ones, have built-in web cameras but a tablet comes with a built-in high-resolution web camera for recording videos and having a video chat.


The primary functions for a desktop include graphic designing, research, gaming and data entry. It won’t be wrong saying that their purpose is mainly professional use most of the time. Nonetheless, the tablet is more of a personal gadget.


While carrying a smart-looking tablet, it might be an invitation to the thieves and easier for them to dodge you in the bus or a cafe. But it is literally impossible to steal a desktop-based in an office or your house.


Summing up the above comparison, it is concluded that it is all up to the buyer and his or her needs and nature of work and sometimes yes budget as well to decide what to buy. If you are a blogger, a tablet seems like a better option for you which comes with an additional feature of video recording. Just the same, if you are looking for a reliable machine for your office-based work, you must go for a desktop.

PC Vs Tablet Comparison was last updated April 6th, 2021 by Jessica Cam

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