Best Side Jobs You can Do From Home

Time is money and people realize that now. The one who owns money owns others’ time. Every moment you waste you are losing the value of time in terms of opportunity cost. This is one of the reasons people spend most of their time working even after 9 to 5 office jobs as side jobs. Few do this because they are introverts and they prefer doing something productive rather than interacting with others. Nonetheless, there are some workaholics as well who want to make as much money as they can in their initial time to invest in long-term projects.

Working abroad is no longer a dream now. Remote jobs abroad are in search of you. Today, not only there are freelancing platforms and remote jobs in the US for web designers and writers but for remote engineering jobs as well. Regardless of why and what you do, there are multiple companies based in Los Angeles offering remote jobs in Los Angeles and anywhere else. All you need is a device to work on or some telecommunication network to connect to your workplace and perform your job no matter which corner of the world you are sat in. There is no compulsion of time and place either. If you want some assistance in terms of guidance and detailed information that can get along well with your skills and interests, here are some of the side jobs explained by Hirewithtogteher.

1. Blogging

This is something that is never out of trend or demand. People like to read experiences that they are unable to do due to shortage of time or anything else. First, establish an online presence for yourself by creating a blog. Do not forget that you can be a jack of all trades but a master of none. Hence choose a niche to target with your content. Better choose something that you are really good at and that excites you. It can be beauty tips, cooking, travel logs, fitness, consultancy and what not. Once the website is established well and traffic starts generating, it is time to affiliate links and post ads. It requires consistency and patience to establish a good blogging website.

2. Virtual Tutor

This is quite similar to writing blogs. The only existing difference is direct interaction with your audience. This is a must recommended side job for ones who love to read, write and teach. Basic requirement of this job is to possess strong communication skills and expertise in a certain subject. This has worked best during COVID19. A plus point of this job is that you get to learn about different cultures and civilizations when you interact with people from different regions of the world. Create a profile on any of the online tutoring platforms like and begin to teach today. Additional features of screensharing and white board have added to its effectiveness.

3. Customer Support

Easiest side job with no technical work or expertise is customer support which has huge demand. Customer queries keep arriving 24/7 and organizations are always short of staff to deal with the potential prospects and existing customers. They pay you extra for being available during late night hours. Nature of this job is such that it keeps on grooming you and increasing your networking. Dealing with different kinds of people every day enhances your emotional intelligence. Do not miss such an opportunity if you find one.

4. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance covers various fields. If you are good at multitasking and want to grow, this is a perfect job to do. Assisting in scheduling of posts on social media and blogging websites, managing emails, handling customer queries, handling social media accounts, paying attention on how to pitch potential clients, remote data entry, and many others are the possible range of options you can have.

5. Voice over

Selling your voice to make money sounds quirky? Yes, this is true. With the world becoming a global village, there is an increasing need and demand for content to be either translated or spoken in native languages. If you understand and speak a certain foreign language, start selling this skill of yours. From children cartoons to record breaking TV and web series, people are demanding dubbed content in their native language. Organizers look for talented people for video dubbing and voice over and pay as demanded. Few minutes of speaking make you hundreds of dollars. Also, this is an exciting job that refreshes your mind and mood.


In short, whatever reason is behind you doing a side job, be it a financial crisis you are facing or savings for future investment, side job online is never a bad idea. It is a guarantee to secure the future and save some money for the rainy days. Who knows it can be a career changing point for you once you are into it.

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