Record Any Area of your Screen for Free with IObit Screen Recorder

Looking for a screen recorder that can catch every detail of your screen while no lagging when HD recording? Follow this post to get the best screen recorder free of charge without a watermark.

Why Do You Need IObit Screen Recorder

There is no doubt that videos are becoming more and more popular than texts or images. After all, texts are plain. Meanwhile, image delivery limit information. But videos can contain rich elements including words, icons, animations, as well as audios. It takes less time for anyone to get a lot, learn a lot from a video than an article or an image. No matter you are a teacher who wants to record a tutorial, or you are a student who wants to learn skills and review all lessons you have learned, you can finish the task with a nice video.

Therefore, you need a screen recorder. But what makes people disappointed is that you always need to pay for a screen recorder, monthly or yearly. And what makes things worse is that most software limits the record time and adds the watermark by default. If you want to a long video or remove the watermark, no problem, just pay more. On the other hand, people always want an HD video so that they can clearly see what happened during each frame, but only to find large videos with a lot of lag.

Thus, the FREE IObit Screen Recorder comes into being, with all of your needs covered, such as recording any area of your screen, unlimited recording time, no watermark, recording the screen with audio, no lagging while HD recording, taking screenshots while recording, multiple outputs/convert formats, edit after recording. The most interesting thing is the IObit team also provides an online version, which means you don’t need to install any extra software to get a high-quality WebM video. If you are hurry for a tutorial, just enjoy this free online screen recorder now.

How to Use IObit Screen Recorder

Let’s see how to use IObit Screen Recorder to record your screen and make a fantastic video.

Step 1: Head to and download this free software, and install it on your computer.  Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, and Win10 – all supported.

Step 2: Run IObit Screen Recorder and select the area you want to record. By default, it will record all areas of your screen. You can select one specific window to only capture everything within that window. Or you can select any area you want to get started.

Step 3: Directly start or change the default settings before starting. Actually, you can now click the “REC” button to begin recording. All default settings are optimized according to the hardware of your computer, to make sure you have the best experience. In case you want to change something such as the output directory, the video and audio format, the frame rate, the hotkeys, or the watermark.

Step 4: Use F9, F10, and F11 to control the recording process. Press F9 to start or end recording. Use F10 to pause or resume. Sse F11 to take screenshots while recording, which may be the most useful feature as the IObit team broke through technical barriers between video & audio recording and screen capture taking simultaneously.

Step 5: Preview and edit your video. If you want to cut some parts off from the original video, just click the edit icon from the video list. Then you can drag the progress bar to only save the parts you want to keep.


This post gives you a simple introduction to IObit Screen Recorder and clearly displays the steps to use it. Hope your life could be more interesting with this free recorder online or offline.

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