12 Reasons to Use Video Content for Small Business

Video content is the future. It’s an effective way to promote products and services, as well as a powerful source of traffic to the website. Every business owner or entrepreneur should take full advantage of the video format to expand the audience, increase their trust, and boost sales.

44% of people are more likely to order a product after they watch a video about it. 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation. You may not believe this data, but you can’t deny the obvious: video content is the future.

People upload approximately 100 hours of videos to YouTube every minute. This platform has become the second largest search engine in the world. Dynamic content (video content) is a success on Facebook and Instagram. A substantial proof of the statement that video content is the future of our world – TikTok. This platform has quickly gained worldwide popularity, although people can post only videos on TikTok.

According to Hubspot, 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service. 43% reporting that video has reduced the number of product support calls their company has received. 

Video is something more than entertainment

The bulk of videos on the Internet are entertainment content. But this doesn’t stop the video from being used for informational and commercial purposes. Video content makes it possible to show a product, present a service, show the process from the inside, and reveal the product content.

Major online retailers have long embraced video content. A demonstration video now accompanies all significant products. The video perfectly complements text descriptions and photos. Entrepreneurs actively use reviewing and advertising videos – they embed videos on website pages and share them on social networks. Many of such videos go viral, attracting traffic and driving sales.

Video content evokes far more feelings and emotions than text. For example, watching a cooking show even engages the taste buds. Textual content is mostly viewed fluently. As a result, the number of clicks on links in text is much lower. The video format yields more effective results. According to HubSpot, placing a video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%. Also, Precision Marketing Group data shows that adding a video to an email leads to a 200-300% increase in conversions.

Why are videos so effective?

80-85% of people perceive information best of all through vision. Therefore, to convey information or persuade – it is most effective to use visualization. More about visual information processing be people you can find here.

For example, instead of talking boringly and long about the properties of a mackintosh fabric, you can show how water collects on its surface in a 10-second video without getting inside. Most times, a video is more informative and convincing than a text description, especially if you want to talk about the external properties or the work process.

A one-minute video tells you something written on 3-4 pages. In 10 seconds, a video can show you how a drill or hoover works, for example, or how great bread turns out in a bread machine. Today, when everyone is short of time, this is important. People say it’s better to see something once than hear it 100 times.

12 reasons to use video content for small business

The benefits of video content are worth using for the promotion of products and services, personal PR, and business advertising. Video content has a wide range of applications. Video is the type of content that requires minimal effort to comprehend. A person doesn’t have to read or scroll – just sit and watch. This is how video content works in both B2B and B2C. 

1. Videos are more effective than photos and text

Movies are great to attract attention, convey information, persuade, and sell. Using video content increases conversion rates.

2. Videos are versatile

Video can entertain, inform, and entice. It is possible to shoot product reviews, advertise services, tell about the company, and show the internal structure. 

3. Videos have better sharing possibilities

Video content is easy to share. It can be published on the website and social networks. Businesses can use video content in advertising.

4. Videos are shared by people more often than texts and photos

A video can easily go viral. Users actively share interesting and useful video content.

5. Video content engages people more than text and photos

Video is addictive. Viewing is effortless, so the user willingly engages in absorbing the content.

6. Video builds trust

People better believe what they see. You can talk a lot about something with the most convincing arguments. But it is better to show and to introduce convincing arguments to the person in the video.

7. Video increase traffic

By publishing and distributing videos, you can increase traffic. All entrepreneurs know if traffic to the website increases, then sales can increase too.

8. Videos provide benefits for SEO-promotion

As the user watches the video, they stay on the website longer. This time affects positions in search engines. It ranks websites with video content higher than websites without it.

9. Videos help to show expertise

By making videos and taking part in them, you are positioning yourself as an expert. It doesn’t matter that the text is pre-written – it’s the persuasive delivery that counts.

10. Video content reduce bounce rate

It’s easier to get a visitor interested and persuaded to stay on the site with videos. If some business creates the video professionally or with the right approach, then people become more interested in the product or service. A well-informed person takes a balanced approach to buying, which minimizes bounce rate.

11. Video increase conversion

The economic effect of using videos has been proven. For example, posting product video reviews increases the conversion rate by two times.

12. Video content help save on advertising

Videos can be used as an advertising tool. Attracting customers through content costs at least half the cost of traditional advertising. And a video shot once “works” for years.


A small business does not need to create professional videos. It can be simple videos for promotion on social media, for example, on Instagram. To create professional video content, it needs special equipment and experienced specialists. Small businesses can’t afford it. 

Therefore, small businesses create unprofessional videos. When professionals work, the videos are outstanding; you don’t have to trim anything, for instance. Small businesses always use free online tools like this to trim unnecessary segments, convert, or compress video and audio.

Professional or any quality video always has a script. Don’t create a video until you have a detailed plan of what you’re going to do. This will make it easier to create a video. The script is based on the common to many content principles:

  1. Greeting (attracting attention).
  2. Increase of interest (statement of a question, the actualization of a theme).
  3. The solution to a problem, topic coverage.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. CTA (motivation to action or call to action).

The content of video depends a lot on the type of content and the objectives set. Advertising should never be intrusive. Remember that the video should first address the viewer’s needs and, secondly, offer the product.

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