Best Business Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Install on Windows 10

Running a business is a complex process that needs to be constantly optimized to suit daily market changes. This is almost impossible without the proper tools that technology can provide us nowadays.

Can you imagine dealing with all the procedures without using modern technology like excel to keep track of your numbers, a smartphone to communicate with your team, and without the internet? It is impossible.

Managing a business is even harder for people that are operating with small budgets and cannot afford to hire many people to take care of business procedures. At that point, you are on your own, and finding business apps that can help you use your time more efficiently should be your first priority.

In today’s article, we will highlight some of the best business apps every entrepreneur should try.


In our modern world, e-mail communications are considered an outdated way of communicating in your organization. Email is great for many things, but ongoing projects require a lot of back-and-forth, which creates long email chains that are hard to read.

That’s where Slack comes in handy. This is a powerful chat app that goes beyond the old-fashioned text-based messages. Slack offers an easy-to-use interface with powerful messaging tools that can be installed across your team members.

Even though the messaging aspect of Slack is a good enough reason to download this app, it is also packed with other features. This app can be used for sharing and editing documents, track the progress of the project, and tracks all actions in real-time which makes collaboration easier with remote team members.

This app also works perfectly with Dropbox or Google Drive which makes it great for storing files on the cloud.

Slack offers impressive features that will improve the organization and communication within your company, but it all comes at a price. Today’s standard Slack features will cost you $6.67 per user, per month.


When it comes to running a successful business it is very important to anticipate new technology trends. Even though cloud computing isn’t something new, you’d be surprised to hear that most companies still use old-fashioned ways of storing their files in hard copy.

This makes collaboration between sectors in the organization very hard since and it also increases the company’s expenses.

Nowadays, you don’t need to invest in expensive cloud computing servers just because you can use third-party apps that provide such features. Dropbox is one of the first cloud-based apps that allows you to store files and access them everywhere you go.

Additionally, it lets you revert to previous versions of the document at any time which prevents data loss. If your business operates with a large number of files, Dropbox is a vital tool that will help you store content, make better analysis, and access it everywhere you go.


This is an organizational tool that is designed to improve collaboration in every organization. The interface is based on boards, cards, or lists. Its design is very similar to Pinterest, but it is about productivity.

The best thing about Trello is its appealing design and easy-to-use features even for beginners. You can make to-do lists, add attachments, reminders, and keep everyone updated.

Additionally, you can assign tasks to team members by giving due dates and reminder messages. Maybe the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers in The TwinSpires Edge NBA odds can use Trello to remind their players that the season has already started!

Invoice 360

Having trouble creating invoices for your business? – Those days are long gone if you plan to use the Invoice 360 app. The app will allow you to input customer information directly and create a very appealing invoice template.

The best thing is that you can build an inventory with prices and stock in the app, which will speed up the invoice making process. After you’ve made an invoice you can save it as a PDF and send it through e-mail with one click.

It is time to make a change and transform from paper to digital invoices (if your country allows). That way you’ll keep everything organized and make the tracking process much easier since the apps track every invoice you make.

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