7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Signage

Digital signage has transformed so many different aspects of the way different businesses operate. While the first digital signs were just electronic versions of traditional posters or promotional banners, the technology has developed far beyond that. 

These days, digital signage offers so many benefits to different businesses that it is vital that every company knows about the advantages which this technology offers in terms of promotion, advertising, customer information, and increased sales and revenue. To help business owners understand why it is so important, here are seven reasons why your business needs digital signage. 

1. Connect Store Locations

Many businesses have more than one location and digital signage is ideal for connecting those stores and displaying synchronized media. While early digital signs had USB ports to input content, you can now create and schedule digital content on a cloud account so that it appears across all your digital signs at the same moment. This means that all your stores will show the same promotion or give the same information to create one cohesive message. With more and more franchise businesses opening up in recent years, this is very important. 

2. Run Effective Advertising Campaigns

Previously, ad campaign material had to be created by a specialist design team and then printed at great expense. Now with digital signage, your design team can just create the whole campaign on a computer program and launch it simultaneously on all of your digital signs. This process is far cheaper and less time consuming as it doesn’t require any staff to work overtime decorating the stores. Using digital signs in this way has now long been shown to be a very effective form of in-store advertising so the customers benefit too.

3. Keep Customers Informed

There is various information which is useful to customers but is subject to change. In large department stores, it is important to have store maps for each floor so that customers can locate the store they want, but stores come and go and often move positions. Rather than printing a new map every time, there is a change, with a digital sign you can simply update the map and display it on all of the signs in the store.

4. Promote Specific Products

There are often times when retail stores or other businesses will want to push a particular product. This may be a food item that is about to expire or a piece of clothing that is about to go out of season. A really quick and effective promotional campaign can be created which is then displayed on the digital signs in your business offering customers a big discount. This will enable you to clear old products and move on with new ones.

5. Change Menus Instantly

Many restaurants and cafes have different menus each day or for lunchtime and dinner. Using digital signs means that you can instantly switch between menus so that customers know exactly what is on offer when they come to order. For chain restaurants, a cloud-based digital signage system also enables you to make menu changes or even roll out a new menu altogether across all of your stores at the same time.

6. Use Multimedia Resources

Advertising has changed and the old methods of print and radio copy are now all but obsolete. Modern consumers expect to see different forms of media and react far more positively to advertising and promotional campaigns which incorporate much more than just text in a colorful font. Video, audio, and moving graphics can all be used in digital marketing campaigns and displayed on your digital signs. This is the most effective way to engage with customers and promote your products and services.  

7. Promote Your Business Outside

When paper posters were used for promotional and advertising campaigns in the past, business owners were only able to display them inside their stores as rain would destroy them. Plastic signs were later developed which could be used outside but these are costly. Anyone who has ever been to Times Square in New York knows how effective outside digital signs can be. The same is true for your business as you will be able to display everything from special offers to opening times.

There are so many fantastic opportunities with digital signage that every business needs to make sure they take advantage of this technology. From connecting your store locations to creating new and exciting multimedia advertising material, digital signage offers a tremendous amount to every type of business. If you have not yet implemented this technology in your business, now is the best time to look into what it can do for you.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Signage was last updated March 9th, 2023 by Charlene Brown

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