Best Plagiarism Checker Apps for Android and iOS

If you want to know the importance of plagiarism is, remember that plagiarism can ruin your life and career, which is why most IT professionals use the plagiarism checker to stay away from any consequences.

Bloggers consider it one of the important tools they should use before posting the article on their blog because they usually have to upload the articles regularly and if plagiarism is found, they could be punished by the search engine.

The plagiarism checker is not only beneficial for bloggers, but also for teachers, writers, students, and professionals in their field. For example, students use it to verify the originality of their assignments, while teachers use it to find the uniqueness of the work submitted by students.

The plagiarism checker technology has made life easier by helping to honor the efforts of the original author. Now, imagine the freelancer you assign a typing task to, and he only delivers by copying and pasting the text. You can easily use the plagiarism checker to verify whether he wrote or copied.

With the flow of technology, counterfeit detection is also helpful directly from the mobile phone, in the form of applications available for both Android and iOS.

Since we know that many business activities are done on your phone, it is better to install the plagiarism detection app on your phone. In this article, we will discuss some of the best apps for Android and iOS that would definitely help you carry out activities.

How do mobile applications help in training and application?

There was a time when freelancers, students, webmasters and many other professionals had to use the computer to verify the originality of their content, and they had to open the website to verify the plagiarism checker.

But now most students and freelancers send their files directly via their mobile phone, and in this sense, the plagiarism checking application is very beneficial. However, business people usually use their mobile phones to send emails or business context. To do this, the same application can help verify the emails and other writings directly via their mobile phone.

The copy checker requires an Internet connection and is usually available for free download. After downloading, you can insert the text or upload the document to immediately verify its plagiarism.

Here are the top apps to check the plagiarism directly from your phone:

1. Prepostseo (

One of the best applications on Android and iOS smartphones is Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo, which offers an amazing user interface and a perfect result for your query. This application has many features, including:

  • It works very quickly and precisely to give you the exact result
  • This tool is very safe to use because the app does not store your data in its database
  • It allows you to upload files in various formats, including Doc, Docx and PDF files. In addition, it offers to insert the content directly into the app to keep your result original.
  • The most important thing about this application is that it compares the result by checking every sentence in your context.

This application offers users a limit of 1000 words for free users, but for premium users this application allows to check the plagiarism of words up to 5000 words with a single click.

2. Grammarly (https:/

Grammarly is one of the most common applications normally used to correct typos, grammar errors and copyright infringement in your article. It is considered the best tool to edit your article, as all the basic composing devices of this brand are accessible.

The use of Grammarly is usually free, but offers more highlights with fewer restrictions on first-class playback. Most bloggers and content writers use this software because it is a comprehensive bundle that makes your composition great. Inside the application, it provides the proof reader to modify the content you have checked for literature theft. In the event that you receive duplicate content in your composition, this proof reader can be used to modify the article that can be used to eliminate copyright infringement.

The Premium Grammar account gives you more punctuation control, jargon suggestions and fake verification marks. Basically, the free literature theft checker is best suited to bloggers and academics, but financial organizations and money managers should use the extraordinary record to address their problems.

Grammarly also has a website that is one of the best known, but the application is best to use when you use your smartphones to do your own tasks.

3. Plagiarism Check ( is aimed at educational institutions, students, and corporations, and it comes with a number of useful and economical services.

You simply upload and check various written works with a single click.

The plagiarism checker uncovers major similarities between your essays, book reviews, capstone projects, and a slew of other types of writing, highlighting the parts that need to be edited.

It is a helpful plagiarism checker for teachers, but it also saves students time by providing free rapid checks and extensive plagiarism reports.

4. Plagly (

Another smartphone plagiarism checking app is Plagly, which is often used by students and teachers as it is completely free to use. Some of its features are explained below:

  • Firstly, it gives you the immediate result of your composition. Secondly, once you have entered the text or uploaded the file, it would be to generate the ration based on the originality of your writing.
  • It compares your entered text with the published articles on the Internet.
  • It uses modern technologies, including highly efficient algorithms that check your content.
  • To verify the plagiarized documents, this application uses natural language processing technology to better verify the contents.

It’s a free application, but if you want to get a few extra features like increased queries or word count, go to Premium Accounts. The plagiarism offers various memberships that are affordable and efficient.


Checking plagiarism directly from your mobile phone has enabled authors to check instantly and in a better way. Moreover, thanks to the latest technology and algorithms in the application, the examiners have also enabled efficient and accurate checking. Applications mentioned above are very amazing because they compare each of your sentences in content and generate the result accordingly.

Some of the features in the above applications are free and suitable for students and teachers. However, if you want to use them for professional exams such as authors, freelancers and webmasters, you should purchase premium memberships. And if at some point you run out of time to handle academic tasks yourself, our writing service will help you out with both writing and plagiarism checking for you.

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