What are the advantages of Clinic Management software?

Clinic management software comes with a suite of features that can help a clinic in many ways. Thanks to a wide range of features, the software can conveniently hold patient and medical records such as gender, age, allergies or weight. It can also easily manage your clinic’s workflow by scheduling appointments – including video consultations and online bookings – or even keeping a record of the medicine stock. To add to that, this type of management software can keep structured treatment records; efficiently invoice all product sales; monitor and export revenues and even set automated messages and emails.

Here’s a list of good reasons to make the switch to Clinic Management software:

  • Paperless record system
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Speedy service
  • Multiple languages
  • Cost-effective product

Fast and secure access to your records anywhere, anytime.

Clinics need to have their records stored in a way that is easy to access and retrieve anywhere. It’s especially important to do so in an eco-friendly manner, minimizing the carbon footprint. A paperless clinic management system is the ideal way to store all types of info – be it a patient clinical or treatment record, a schedule of appointments or even a clear and customizable revenue map. This type of system can be used in any kind of device, even mobile ones, opening the door to the possibility of using a mobile clinic app on a tablet or smartphone to manage every little detail while on the go.

The advantages of using a clinic management system do not end here. Apart from the user-friendly interface that helps your clinic manage all its aspects in a fast, seamless way, security is another really important aspect of this type of software. Being cloud-based, all the info is stored in highly secured servers and encrypted using a 2048-bit SSL protocol. This solution complies with all industry’s security standards, guaranteeing that all the data is stored, and also transmitted, in a safe environment. If this wasn’t enough, servers are ISO27001 certified and all your information is backed up in two separate locations.

Improved Efficiency and Seamless Coordination Between Different Departments

Using management software for clinics will improve the overall efficiency of your daily workload. With this kind of platform, all the areas of your clinic will be streamlined, which makes it easier to provide top-notch services. Even medical appointments are made easier with the tool, as they can be booked online directly by the patient. A link to the appointment is included in the confirmation email and sent via SMS, reducing time spent with bureaucracies and increasing the number of people interested to consult a medical doctor from the comfort of their own homes. The operating cost of the clinic is reduced and the general staff efficiency is improved.

Accessing and checking patient’s records is also easier. Besides being a great way to organize all personal and clinical information in a safe manner, a clinical management software also allows to customize the records according to each patient’s needs. Practitioners can have a clear overview of all aspects of the past and current clinical history, making it easier to access it in an interdepartmental way. Running the everyday life of the clinic is a lot easier since everything in the organization is automated. That way, the need of using paper is instantly reduced, opening way to safe, error-free, daily routines.

Your focus on your patients

A clinic software comes with a lot of benefits that will help your clinic provide better services to its patients. With this software, clinics can easily save time and money on the administrative and management areas. As a result, doctors can focus on what’s really important – treating and providing care to patients with your full focus. As your paperwork is handled for you. To sum up, a clinic management system is a good move for every clinic or health care center.  Whether a clinic management software or a platform like Experity Patient Engagement, implementing one of these systems guarantees a hassle-free way to manage the daily life of a clinic in all its aspects.

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