How to Easily Find Top Add-ons You Need for Work

An add-on or a plug-in is an application intended to supplement the needs of a website. It can either support the website or be added as a feature for users of the site. Right now, there are thousands of WordPress plug-ins to choose from, some are free while others are paid software. These add-ons are used for sites tailored for SEO, Social Media Management, Storage, Improve Latency, and many more. Having the right plug-in will help your site increase traffic, improve performance, and help you in your work or business.

If you’re looking for the top plug-ins for your needs, you can read on and choose which one suits best for you. Below are plug-ins highly favored in their respective category because of its efficiency and functionality.


One of the most basic features of any site is to have a contact form. This will allow users to send feedback, inquiries, and other correspondence, it is also important to manage the contents sent through these forms to optimize your work. These popular and widely used plug-ins offer a dynamic and easy way to create and manage your Forms on your site:

Everest Forms

It’s a free contact form creator, it’s a straightforward plug-in that is easy to incorporate into your website. Since this is a must-have add-on, you should install WordPress plugins that offer comprehensive features and are easy to handle. With its “drag and drop interface”, you can design your own form in no time along with the necessary validations (captcha) and easily placed in any of the pages on your site with its short-code.

Ninja Forms

Just like the add-on above, Ninja Forms can be downloaded for free that you can build a fully-functioning Contact Form with. But if you want to get the complete package, you’ll have to pay for them. They include building multi-page forms, Front-end posting, Payments, Integration to email marketing, and more. 


Yoast SEO

If you’re working to improve a website’s ranking this plug-in offers invaluable insights for that. With over 250 million downloads, it’s one of the most useful and powerful plug-ins there is. It’s easy to set-up and it looks through all of your pages with a goal to have useful content for users to drive traffic and sustain your SERP ranking. It also looks at keywords, its usage, usability, and visibility in the search engines.

Rank Math SEO

An easy-to-use SEO add-on that is powerful to help you identify necessary adjustments to optimize your site. It has gained popularity because of its Google Keyword Tracking, 15+ Schema Markup Types, Woocommerce, 404 error logging with a redirection module, and many more.


These add-ons will help you in your efforts to rank high in the SERP.


This analytics tool will connect your site with Google Analytics to provide you with insight into how people view and use your website. This makes it easier for you to track your site’s performance with users in real-time. With Universal Tracking, you can track and generate reports of product performance, visitor demographics, and other interests from different platforms and devices. 

Optimization and Performance

WP Smush

Images are helpful content to garner traffic and user value for your site, however, they can also affect loading speed and performance. Smush can help you compress images to optimize your site’s requirements without diminishing its quality. This helps you in your work to make your website perform better.


This easy-to-use image compressor can save you storage and time in achieving an optimum size and quality for your images. You can automatically or manually resize images according to your specifications.


Wordfence Security

Having a security application you can trust will save you a lot of work from untoward attacks on your website. It offers firewall protection, malware scan, blocking, login measures, and live monitoring. It also has robust protection for admin and user access to your sites.


It offers a comprehensive approach to website security with file integrity monitoring and modification tracking, it also has malware scanning, blocking, activity auditing, and security monitoring. The paid features include a firewall for added security for your site.

Social Media

Integrating multiple social media accounts and content is helpful to get more quality content for your site. It can also be tedious and slow to go to each platform and get preferred posts from those sites. These plug-ins can help you connect your social media account to your site and vice versa.

Social Warfare

This plug-in has attractive buttons that allow visitors to share your content with their social media accounts. It also includes a counter that adds social proof to users. Paid features allow you access to more social media platforms.

Instagram Feed

Instagram has become a very popular social media platform that offers some of the most organic images and multimedia content. This plug-in will allow you to create an Instagram feed on your site to display your posts or other non-private posts from the social media platform.

Email Management

Constant Contact

It’s one of the most effective and convenient email marketing tools for your WordPress website. It allows you to create beautiful emails and newsletters and send them either individually or to an email list or subscribers. Its appeal is in its user-friendly environment that can be used by those who are not that familiar with online tools.


This free plug-in allows you to send up to 200 transaction emails through the Mailgun service.


If you have an online business or working for an e-commerce site, these add-ons will help you make your daily operations smooth and efficient.


This plug-in has over 100 million downloads, making it one of the best ways to create and operate an e-commerce store. You can use this plug-in for physical products or digital content. Aside from its core features, there are a ton of extensions and additional functionalities to help you work on your store.

Easy Digital Downloads

Primarily used for selling digital content, this add-on makes it easy for you to sell and manage your digital store. You can use this if you’re selling images, music files, software products, etc.

Depending on the nature of your work, these add-ons will make your work so much easier and efficient. It will also add features to your site for the benefit of your users. It is common to have more than 10 plug-ins especially if you’re delivering a lot of functionality for your site.

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