WordPress For Beginners: All Tips You Have To Know

Founded in 2003, WordPress is used by millions of the most popular websites in the world. It is the most popular publishing system for websites and blogs. Each user can manage his site without the knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. So, good intentions and a bit of motivation are enough to acquire knowledge in the field of creating websites. There are a lot of materials on the Internet. You can visit Web Monkey Online for WordPress tutorials and tips.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) to develop websites. It’s a foundation for your site or store that allows you to build anything you want. When the foundation is solid, what you’ve made will last for years. WordPress is just such a solid foundation for the development of your brand on the web. WordPress is a system that allows you to create websites and online stores. It is so popular because it is free, and WordPress itself is an organization based on an engaged international community that works on the development of the system.

Domain and hosting selection

Before your WordPress website can be officially released on the Internet, you must select the appropriate domain name. The domain name is actually the name of your business, so you need to think about it carefully before making a decision.


The first step to install WordPress is to download the WordPress installation package. The script is downloaded only from the official WordPress website – you should not risk downloading it from any other sources. This can be done using any FTP client, for example, the FileZilla application running on any operating system. Files should be sent to the public directory of our server. It is most often called “public_html” or “www” – if you have a problem with its location, it is best to look for information in the documentation provided by the hosting company hosting your server. To start the WordPress installer, simply enter the address of your not-existing page in your browser. After entering the website, the installer’s welcome page will appear. In the next step, a form will appear, into which you must enter the details of the connection to your database (ask the server administrator for this data).

Search Engine Visuality Option

You can discourage search engines from indexing your site. This site option at the bottom of the page determines whether your page will be visible to search engines. It tells search engine robots that you don’t want your site to be included in their indexes. Disabling this option makes sense when you are still working on the page and do not want it to be visible in search engines. You can change this setting in the administration panel at any time. If the installation was successful, you would see information about its completion with a button redirecting us to the administrative panel of your newly created page.


The Settings menu has six sections: General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, and Permalinks. Those sections have themed configuration options. Additional sections added by plugins may also appear here. The General section contains the most basic settings of your site. It is where you set the title of your website, and provide the email in order to receive notifications. Writing settings are associated with creating entries.

The Format block will allow, for example, that the entered emoticons are converted into the corresponding images. In the Reading Settings, we determine the way entries and pages are displayed, as well as their visibility. You can decide here what will be displayed on the main page of your website. You can choose from a list of entries and a static homepage. If you want the second option, then from the visible lists, we have to select the page that will appear on the main page. Using a premium plugin can help create and insert visual aids such as tables and chart.


WordPress is incredibly simple. All this means that anyone can start using it. All you need is a little willingness and knowledge, and you can quickly run WordPress on your first website. It is a completely free platform for creating shops and websites developed by an extensive online community. It is a platform full of possibilities and easy to use, which is used to build simple websites as well as comprehensive portals and e-commerce modules.

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