App Study Highlights the Diversity of Mobile Gaming in 2020

Android and iOS-enabled devices are essential tools that play a key role in so many aspects of our lives. However, as well as being vital in a business sense, they have also become a big part of how we wind down away from the world of work.

Both of the mobile operating systems have proven themselves to be effective gaming platforms through the years and new figures have put a spotlight on the huge success that such apps are enjoying.

Huge Success

According to VentureBeat, a new study from intelligence body App Annie has revealed there were 13 billion new mobile game downloads across the globe in the first quarter of 2020. It was also estimated that consumers spent more than $16 billion on such games across the three-month period, with gaming accounting for 85 per cent of spending on Google Play and almost two-thirds on iOS.

However, one of the most striking aspects of the research was how it highlighted the range of different forms of gaming that are doing well on mobile. For example, while the mental puzzle title Brain Out was named the top game in terms of downloads, PUBG Mobile was found to have the most active users.

When it comes to consumer spend, the Chinese version of PUBG known as Game for Peace came out on top, but it was followed by the online battle arena title Honour of Kings. The study also found that established names like Pokemon Go, Minecraft Pocket Edition and Candy Crush Saga continued to be popular with many people. You can bet there will be more options in the future.

Plenty To Offer

Such findings clearly indicate the diverse range of gaming genres which have been able to find a home on mobile.

While it is not represented on App Annie’s findings, Gaming is also expanding the number of games available with online games being embraced on both smartphone and tablet. For example, Betfair is one of several brands which offers it services via apps for both iOS and Android devices, with the software meaning that members can easily play the new Betfair games offered by the company while they are on the move.

Bubbles are one of the most popular “aim and shoot” games in the app store. They’re easy to play, but difficult to master. 

The importance of mobile has also been demonstrated by the fact that so many established names from other parts of video gaming have embraced it in recent times too. Crash Bandicoot has become one of the latest well-known characters to take the step, following the likes of Call of Duty into the area. eSports favourite League of Legends is also on its way as well, with Wild Rift being a version of the game specially built for both mobile and console.

A Key Mobile Activity

Mobile devices are capable of so many different things these days, but it is clear that gaming has now become a key activity that many people are using them for.

The App Annie findings put a fascinating spotlight on the state of play in mobile gaming at the moment and it will be intriguing to see how matters develop in the months and years ahead.

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