Improving User Attentiveness Using Just Six Mobile Content Tips

These days, a mobile phone has literally become a device possessed by everyone. When it comes to creating mobile content that is top-notch, one essential skill required remains copywriting. Most online content created are usually aimed at being easily accessed on mobile. However in spite of this, there are certain other factors that have to be considered in ensuring that these content can get the viewer’s attention and pique his interest. Doing this would require taking certain measures.

1. Use Less Images and More Text

On the average, humans are attracted to images rather than written texts. This is due to the fact that images can easily be looked at and understood without requiring further study of any kind. Therefore, the use of images should be limited except that is all you require to pass your message.

Removing or limiting the number of images you use when publishing your content ensures that mobile viewers actually read the content. When reading blog posts, press releases or web contents on mobile devices, users would easily get distracted when they see an image and would tend to focus and spend more time on the image.

Therefore, if images are not entirely necessary to use with your content, then do not use them.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Intro

Since mobile users can easily swipe away anything that disinterests them, one way to ensure that your content is read is by starting with something that would catch their attention and captivate them. Once you have gotten their attention with your introduction, you can be pretty sure that they would read through.

“Bringing your best points or details forward to the beginning of your content ensures that after their attention is captured, they subsequently continue to read through till the end. Making your intro something lacklustre would effectively drive the user’s attention elsewhere and they would end up not reading your content,” says William Lefevre, a Content manager at Stateofwriting and Eliteassignmenthelp.

Therefore, an effective way to capture user attention is the use of powerful and impactful intros.

3. Use Only Necessary Words

When creating mobile content, one very effective way of making users lose interest is the use of unnecessary words. The use of complicated words and sentences in places where simpler statements could be used is downright unnecessary. The use of mobile keywords should be your paramount interest and goal.

Whatever message you intend on passing across should be done using relevant facts before users lose interest and swipe away. The faster you get to the point, the higher the likelihood that your mobile user has gotten the message you are passing across.

The only way you can achieve this is by ensuring that you do not include irrelevant information before they get to read the actual content.

4. Create Easy-to-read and Friendly Content

Keeping in mind that you are creating content for mobile, you should ensure it can be easily understood. To create very explicit and easily understandable content, use these tools:

Via writing and Academ advisor are some guides which would assist you in creating user-friendly content.

Academized is a content editing tool endorsed by Australianreviewer that helps remove unnecessary stuff in your content.

Study demic and Writing populist are online tools that help you proofread and eliminate errors.

Paper fellows and Australian help are content formatting tools that assist you in getting your content into the best format.

Mywritingway is an online grammar checking tool that ensures your words and sentences do not have grammatical errors.

Bigassignments and Oxessays help you generate captivating titles and subheadings among others for your content.

5. Ensure Availability of Your Content

To guarantee that your content is having the type of impact you want, you need to ensure that it is easily accessible by a wide range of mobile users. This implies that you have got to place your content on strategic websites and pages that are visited by a very wide range of mobile users.

Since just about everybody makes use of a mobile device, you should make deliberate efforts to ensure that nobody is exempted from seeing your content. This is a step you can take by placing your content on virtually every channel and device they make use of until their attention is drawn to it.

Exemption of any channel implies a number of people who do not have access to your content.

6. Use Concise and Captivating Headlines

The heading of any article or write-up goes a very long way in determining whether or not readers would end up reading the content. A dreary or lifeless headline would effectively kill the morale of mobile users so much that they would not have any interest in determining the contents of this article.

The use of an attention-drawing heading makes mobile users very interested in wanting to determine what the remaining part of the content has to say before they swipe away. When mobile users see a captivating headline, they are encouraged to go beyond just the headline and end up reading your content. Also, in creating the headline of the content, you have to ensure that it is something a wide range of mobile viewers would be interested in.

Basically, these are some tips that would help you capture mobile user attentiveness. Using these tips, you can effectively engage reader attention while ensuring that their attention actually lasts long enough to get your message.

Improving User Attentiveness Using Just Six Mobile Content Tips was last updated September 28th, 2021 by Freddie Tubbs