CompanionLink 6 ships with new Sync Dashboard, DejaOffice CRM Live web portal, 12 months of DejaCloud wireless service, and more!

CompanionLink 6 is now available with an optimized sync engine that supports the latest Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices with ease. An exciting list of features and services are bundled with CompanionLink 6:

  • Sync Dashboard shows results of your last sync
  • DejaOffice CRM Live web portal. Optional, but this service lets you store and access your data from any PC or mobile browser. It also serves as a convenient backup should you lose your phone or corrupt your database.
  • 1 year of DejaCloud service for automatic push sync between 5 phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • New Setup Wizard with visual feedback about your configuration settings.
  • Direct sync with Office 365 Cloud accounts and Outlook 2013 desktop software
  • Support for Act! v16 and Company records
  • Support for Windows OS 8.1, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • Support for Salesforce CRM Team Accounts


Sync Dashboard

Get a summary view of your most recent sync when you launch CompanionLink 6. See how many records you are syncing, when the last sync was, and what your configuration is currently like.

Sync Dashboard in CompanionLink 6 shows results of your most recent sync.

DejaOffice CRM Live – access your data from any web browser

DejaOffice is now available as a web-based CRM. If you decide to use our DejaCloud service to sync data, you will get a functional cloud CRM service that automatically integrates with phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and other web services like Google and Office 365. Use any PC, Mac, or mobile browser to access your data online.

12 months of DejaCloud service for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry

DejaCloud push sync keeps CRM data automatically updated between phones, tablets, and computers. This works for all modern smartphones and tablets. No need to tap or click synchronize – things just work!

Visual Setup Wizard

A new wizard visually guides you through your setup and shows the data security measures available for the different ways you can sync data using CompanionLink.

Act! v16, Office 365, Outlook 2013, Salesforce CRM

CompanionLink supports new Act! v16, Company fields, and direct integration to Office 365 cloud accounts and Outlook 2013 desktop software. Support for Salesforce CRM is now included in all versions of CompanionLink.

CompanionLink 6 ships with new Sync Dashboard, DejaOffice CRM Live web portal, 12 months of DejaCloud wireless service, and more! was last updated November 8th, 2013 by Rushang

14 thoughts on “CompanionLink 6 ships with new Sync Dashboard, DejaOffice CRM Live web portal, 12 months of DejaCloud wireless service, and more!

  1. The illustrations did not come through on my email (Thunderbird). Since I sync an Android phone with Outlook 2013 I gather that all I need to do is download the new CompanionLink. Is that correct?

  2. 3rd Reply – sorry to keep posting, but all this is happening in ‘real-time’ as I ‘try-and-check’…’
    I turned OFF the new feature”Use Calendar v3 API”, and the Google Calendar works as before. Evidently Google is not ready yet. I flip it back ON on Nov. 17th.

  3. 2nd reply – Google Sync quits before finishing. Calendar is missing many parts.

    Any way to undo update?

  4. Jake – please email me ( with your phone number. We’ll have someone call you to help. Also, please include in that email the current device you are syncing to. I’m unsure if it’s Kindle or something else. Thanks.

  5. It appears the ‘sync Tasks’ is still not working. I did a ‘Wipe and ReSync’. Changes I had made still showed on old date; many were not showing.
    Also, is there a plan to provide a Kindle version for the latest mobile/tablet app? I have a Kindle – First (original) generation. It is stuck on Version 265 ?256 (I deleted). I needed the latest sorting for Todays view.

    txs… ‘jake

  6. Correct, you will have no problems with your existing operating systems. All of our products are backward compatible with operating systems supported in older versions.

  7. Thanks for that Rushand. I am happy to update, just wanted to check first that it is still going to work without any probs when I don’t have the latest operating system?

  8. The advantage to upgrading is that the sync will work uninterrupted if you ever update your HTC One XL to the latest Android OS 4 (KitKat). Also, if you buy a Windows 8.1 computer, CompanionLink 6 supports that.

  9. So can anyone confirm for me, if I dont have a 2014 phone (I have a HTC One XL) will this update create any problems? As what I have is working just fine, so is there an advantage to upgrading?

  10. is anyone using CompanionLink 6 to synch between outlook 2010 and google calendar? If yes are there any substantial differences/advantages to version 5 (which I am using at present)? TIA David

  11. Congratulations on the new release! Can you please tell me a bit more about the Mac support – Does it mean that Companionlink can sync between Outlook for Mac and Google Calendar or the Mac calendar (iCal) and Google Calendar?

    Keep up the great work!