Sync Outlook to Windows Phone via Windows Live


Sync via Windows LiveGreat news for those of you using Windows Live and Outlook: Sync via Windows Live is now in beta!  As you might expect, it works like our Sync via Google option: just put in your Windows Live credentials and we’ll wirelessly sync Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks from Outlook to Windows Live. From there, the data syncs down to your Windows Phone 7 or any other device configured with your Windows Live account.

This feature is currently in beta, but you can try it for yourself today by downloading the latest build of CompanionLink 5 (build 5004). When you select Windows Phone 7 as your device, you’ll see Sync via Windows Live as one of the sync options. Just follow the prompts from there and you’ll be set to begin syncing with Outlook or any other CRM system we support.

I should note that you can also opt to sync directly to Windows Live by selecting “No Device – Sync with Windows Live – BETA”. This allows you to sync Outlook to any device that your Windows Live account is set up on. And it’s not just Outlook – you can sync ACT!, Lotus Notes, Salesforce, and more with our new Sync via Windows Live option! So go ahead and get started today.

We’d love to get your feedback on Windows Live sync! Send us a message at or leave a comment below!

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24 thoughts on “Sync Outlook to Windows Phone via Windows Live

  1. Sync via Windows Live or Sync via Google are the only ways we’re currently able to sync Outlook with Windows Phone. At this point, the tools just aren’t there for us to do what we do with DejaOffice on Android and iOS (like WiFi and USB sync).

    Other than Exchange, I’m not aware of any other options, either. Sorry – I wish I could have offered more help! Hopefully things will change and we’ll be able to build DejaOffice for Windows Phone. If that happens, you’ll definitely hear about it on our blog.

  2. Just bought a new HTC Windows phone this weekend. The salesman told me that i could sync my Outlook…..I don’t have Exchange, is there a fix to this problem yet? Oh, and i don’t want to upload all my info to hotmail/windows live. Please advise….Thanks!

  3. Unfortunately you have to pay for this. For those of us who bought a Windows Phone 7 device thinking, naively, that it would sync effortlessly with Outlook this is total BS. Windows Phone 7 is a nice mobile os. It is a shame that Microsoft did not give us that much. It is the reason I gave up and bought an iPhone.

  4. If your goal is to get data from your work Outlook to your home Outlook, it may be easiest to simply add the work Exchange account to your home Outlook. If that’s not possible, or not what you want to do, then you can use CompanionLink to sync between your home Outlook and your phone.

    See for some helpful tips on getting started and be sure to let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. David


    My phone syncs to my outlook at work via exchange, but does
    not sync to outlook on my personal laptop. 
    I want to get all of my contacts from my phone onto my personal laptop
    even as they are changed and added at work.

    I am concerned that if I start syncing I will loose what I
    have on my phone or on my personal laptop. 
    Can I go forward to sync the phone to the laptop Outlook without worry,
    and will the changes updated on my phone from work Outlook automatically go to
    the personal laptop Outlook.


    The Outlook at work and the one on the personal laptop are
    from two different e-mail addresses

  6. I have installed companionlink and synced it to windows live. My phone shows contacts, but no categories (it is a Windows 7.5 phone). What do I do next to get the categories?

  7. @8ce9e210597627b0ab164aa3d908f282:disqus @twitter-282479556:disqus This is something we’re keeping an eye on, but the latest update I’ve heard from development is similar to what Chris said above. If and when this changes, I’ll be sure to update the blog.

  8. Yes, this is a big comlaint, but there is no access for third party developer to syncronise the Outlookcalendar via USB directly… the only way is with a homebrew solution, but i think that is not a feasible way for CompanionLink, i guess

  9. David: Thanks for the quick turn-around. That’s disappointing. Hopefully, MS will offer recurring tasks via their Live services (seems silly they don’t now)…

  10. It turns out that Windows Live doesn’t currently support recurring tasks. We’ll keep an eye on this, though, to see if anything changes!

  11. David, Thanks for your help. I was able to sync my Tasks from Outlook 2007 to WinLive and then to my Android Phone (I was using HTC Task which supports Exchange Tasks). I noticed a problem (I’m not sure if the problem is with WinLive or with your software): It appears that recurring tasks are sync’d as a single event (not as a recurring).

  12. This is what I’d much rather have too, namely, direct sync between Windows Phone and my local Outlook PST file via a USB cable or other connection which does not loop through any cloud provider whatsoever. 

    There have been MANY MANY complaints about the lack of this capability in WP7, so if you were to provide it, it would be a very nice marketing benefit for CompanionLink!

  13. I haven’t heard about a contact limit. We have a test device with over 1400 contacts on it right now, so I can say for sure you can have more than 1000 in Windows Live.

  14. Robert – thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass along your experiences to our development team so that they can look into these errors.

  15. Yes, we do offer upgrade paths. To upgrade from CompanionLink for Outlook, visit and select the upgrade link for either Express or Professional (Express offers 2 profiles, Professional offers 5). 

  16. by the way: great job you did so far … first time to see my tasks correctly in Win7-Phone
    Robert again

  17. Hey, new BETA with WinLive-Sync looks great. I just did set up a test-outlook, connected and it did work properly so far. Would have loved to stay tuned with WinLive
    …. BUT: I pushed the sync-Button and all Calender-Entries were sent again to WinLive, and again, and again, and again …. having four of the same calender-entries — I had to stop
    …. SECOND: at least three short-calender-entries i did in my outlook were not synchronized with WinLive
    …. THIRD: having “server errors” during sync (maybe this is the reason for missing entries)

    IMPORTANT (if you havent allready thought of): Don’t ever overwrite Fields in Outlook which can not be overwritten during sync-process. Sync Google 2 Outlook does so, for example with meeting-members which are edited in Google-Calender >>> they are deleted in Outlook fields and written to Text-Field.

    Whenever these Errors are fixed, let us know via Email for a next BETA-Test.

    Robert / Vienna / Austria

  18. Do you have plans to create a way to sync directly from Outlook to Windows Phone, using USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, or whatever (except NOT the cloud!)??

  19. Will I be able to sync more than 1000 contacts by this? I was told a Live has a 1000 contacts limitation.

  20. I’m assuming that I can upgrade from my existing CompanionLink for Outlook license (I’m hoping you say “yes”).

  21. Yes – you can definitely do this, though it requires a specific setup. You’d need a copy of CompanionLink Express or Professional, as those versions feature Profiles. You’d then configure Profile 1 to sync contacts and calendars via Google, and Profile 2 to sync tasks via Windows Live.

    If you have any questions on that, or need further explanation on how to set it all up, just let me know.

  22. Will you be able to sync to different accounts? For example, could I sync my contacts & calendar to gmail and my tasks to my Windows Live account?