CompanionLink Adds Support for ACT! 2012

We weren’t the only ones with a big announcement yesterday – Sage officially released ACT! 2012 to the public. While I touched on support for ACT! 2012 in yesterday’s post, I wanted to highlight the topic in its own post.

With the release of CompanionLink 5 (currently in beta), we officially support syncing contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories, to-dos and opportunities between ACT! 2012 and many popular Android, iOS, BlackBerry, webOS, and Windows Phone devices, among others.

If you’re already using ACT! with CompanionLink and have upgraded to ACT! 2012, there’s very little you need to do to keep syncing – just ensure you’ve opened ACT! 2012 at least once. This allows ACT! to perform a necessary database update. After that, just make sure you’re running the latest version of CompanionLink and you’ll be set to sync!

CompanionLink Adds Support for ACT! 2012 was last updated September 2nd, 2011 by David Z

2 thoughts on “CompanionLink Adds Support for ACT! 2012

  1. If you are downloading an update to the version you already purchased (i.e. updating CompanionLink build 4049 to build 4050), then yes.

    If you bought CompanionLink on or after July 1st, 2010 then you are also eligible for a free upgrade to CompanionLink 5.

    For all the details, see: