CompanionLink Software Updates

CompanionLink 8 for Act! v20

CompanionLink 8

  1. CompanionLink for Google - new simpler setup system, realtime sync performance.
  2. Outlook - Revised faster folder load, better realtime sync performance
  3. Act! - Act! v20 Support
  4. Dedupe Option for all Apps and Handhelds
  5. Automatically checks for program updates
  6. New tech support email system with automatic logging

Upgrades to CompanionLink 8 from an older version are free for all Licenses purchased after August 1, 2016.
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If you have an older version of CompanionLink, you are free to continue using that version. Downloads are available below.

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CompanionLink - for Mac

Release Notes

CompanionLink 8 for Mac
(Build 1011) - Added February 15, 2018

Release Notes

CompanionLink 6 for Mac
(Build 981) - Added December 08, 2017

Release Notes

DejaDesktop Calendar Wallpaper

Release Notes

DejaDesktop Wallpaper for Windows
(Build 1042) - Added February 9, 2018

Release Notes

DejaDesktop Wallpaper for Mac
(Build 1041) - Added January 25, 2017

Release Notes

CompanionLink 3.0

CompanionLink 3.0 for Google
Customers get a free upgrade to CompanionLink 4.0 for Google