Google Task Sync: Coming Soon to CompanionLink

As some of you may already know, we currently handle the synchronization of tasks via Google by converting tasks to Google Calendar events. When moved to the Calendar, tasks are dated by the due date in Outlook or Palm Desktop. Past Due tasks are moved to a special entry on “Today” so they are on the date of the last sync. This will remain an option in CompanionLink, but soon we’ll be adding an alternative option.

Recently, Google released an API for Google Tasks. This means that we can more closely interact with Google Tasks data. Within the next month or so, we plan to add the ability to sync tasks from programs like Outlook and Palm Desktop to Google. For people looking to sync their CRM database to the Google cloud, this will be a great option. However, for those looking to sync tasks from their database to their mobile device, this is not yet an option. Google Tasks doesn’t sync natively to any phone (not even Android!).

If you’re looking to sync tasks to your phone, your best choice is to use CompanionLink to synchronize via Wi-Fi or USB, directly to your Android or iOS device. With these sync solutions we are able to provide Outlook-like tasks on your mobile device and are not limited by Google’s Task limitations. For example, Google Tasks don’t have Priority and Reminders.  DejaOffice, on the other hand, provides a full set of features including priority, recurring tasks, reminders, categories, status, and more.

To learn more about DejaOffice, head over to

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17 thoughts on “Google Task Sync: Coming Soon to CompanionLink

  1. In CompanionLink:
    1. In the first selection box, select “No device – sync with Google”.
    2. Click on the Gear icon next to that selection box.
    3. Checkmark the “Sync to Google Tasks (Beta)” option.

    That should do it.

  2. I just downloaded the free trial of Companionlink and my Outlook tasks are syncing to my Google calendar as events, not tasks. It is placing them on my calendar which I don’t care for. Also, I can’t find the Google tasks anywhere on Outlook. What am I doing wrong????

  3. Aaron – with the Task list open, click the icon in the lower right corner just to the right of the trash can icon. That should bring up a few options, including the ability to rename the list.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi David:

    I’m dealing with the same issue. But I don’t see an option in Google to rename my task list. It uses my user name instead – in my case – Aaron’s List. Should there be an option somewhere to rename it in Google that I’m just not seeing? Thanks.

  5. Glad it worked out for you. I’ll check in with our Support Manager to help ensure we’re checking for this early on in the call when an issue like this comes up. I apologize it took more than one call, but I’m glad tasks are syncing smoothly for you now!

  6. Yep you fixed it!  Thank you mucho.  I did the same renamed my list back to “Default List” and it worked both ways, picked up the task in Outlook and the 2 tasks in Google and now I have 3 tasks on each! 

    I cannot wait for multiple renamed tasks.  I have always used, and I am sure everyone else at least two, business and personal.

    Thanks again David!  You might want to tell that to first line support so they don’t have people calling twice, then escalate the call for a 3rd call for such a simple fix.

  7. That was it! After renaming my default list back to “Default List” it works great. Thanks David Z!

  8. @cd44610aa630dcd878e8cc866a0a4319:disqus @1047e26d507c9a57e774cba791ff24e6:disqus @c3fcb04c63853678ed7081ff83c50c47:disqus It sounds like all 3 of you are seeing the same issues. I’m wondering – have you renamed one (or more) of the task lists in Google?

    Currently if a you are syncing with Google Tasks (beta) and you rename your task list to something other than “Default List” the sync will fail. If you have one or more task lists, and none of them are named “Default List” one list needs to be renamed “Default List” – that’s the one that will sync. 

    In the near future we plan to update CL to work with renamed task lists and multiple renamed task lists. Watch for updates on this, and let me know if the above solution fixes the sync issue for you!

  9. I just upgraded from 4.0 Pro to 5.0 Pro Build 5004 in the anticipation to be able to use tasks again.  I cannot get it to work.  I have Outlook 2010 and Syncing with Google.  I have place 2 test tasks on each side, I cannot get any one of them to show up on the other.  When syncing it states it is syncing tasks, but no numbers go by like calendar or contacts.   I have called support twice and they have escalated the call on the second call.  So far, I have done everything they have said.

  10. That does sound odd – what version of Outlook are you using? I’d like to look into this further for you to see what’s going on.

  11. Hello, I configured the new product version (build 5004) to synchronize calendars, contacts and tasks.

    Calendars and contacts are synchronized, but tasks are not synchronized.

    Outlook tasks are not sent to google and google tasks are not sent to Outlook.

    However, I did check the “Sync to Google Tasks (Beta)”

    Thank you for your help because this function is very important to me.

    Best regards

  12. André,

    Google Task sync is built in to our latest build (build 4047). As I mentioned above, it is considered a beta feature and is therefore disabled by default. To enable it, simply click the Google Settings button, then checking the box for “Sync to Google Tasks (Beta).

    As for your question regarding leaving Outlook – it really depends. Outlook offers more advanced options that Google does, such as those you mentioned. If really comes down to finding the solution that meets your needs. Right now, it sounds like that’s Outlook for you. That may change if Google adds a few new features though!

    Hope that helps!


  13. how’s the google task syncing feature coming along. I have already have Deja Office, but am thinking of leaving Outlook completely. Will there be any real advantage in using Outlook for tasks and calendar? I need the categories for the calendar part and reminders for the tasks.
    Hope hearing from you soon
    Best regards

  14. Sorry for the confusion – I didn’t mean to imply it wasn’t possible to sync Google Tasks to Android at all. What I meant to convey was that it is not available as a “native” option as Android does not have an official Tasks app at this point.

    As for when CompanionLink will support syncing to Google Tasks, the answer is very soon. Our latest in-house build supports it, meaning it will make the next release. I can’t say for sure when that will be, but you should see it in the next few weeks.

    It should be noted, however, that the Google Tasks API we need to use is a feature of “Google Labs” – meaning things can change at any time. As such, sync to Google Tasks will be labeled as a beta feature in CompanionLink until Google graduates the Tasks API from their Labs.

  15. Hi David.  I look forward to getting my Outlook Tasks synced with Google.  In your post above you stated that “for those looking to sync tasks from their database to their mobile device, this is not yet an option.”  This is not true.  Plenty of apps, includign GTasks, enables uses to sync Google Tasks with GTasks on their Android device.  Any idea what date is the new version of CL comign out?