The Sidekick 4G: Now With More Android!

Historically, the Sidekick was always a fairly popular phone. Of course, since the Danger debacle and recent shutdown notice, we’ve seen this popularity fade away to some degree. Don’t expect the slump to last, however. The Sidekick is back and it features some solid specs, including 4G data.

The biggest news, however, is that the Sidekick 4G will be running Android. This opens the door for a lot of potential. Business users who want to move away from BlackBerries, but still want a solid physical keyboard will want to take a look at the Sidekick and its great keyboard design. Those who know a little about the previous Sidekicks might balk at this suggestion, claiming that the Sidekick is not designed to be a business device. Admittedly, it is marketed more towards a younger crowd. However, the Sidekick 4G features a few nice additions, such as WiFi calling and “cloud-based” texting that serve to extend the phone’s functionality and maximize productivity when you’re away from cell signal or at the computer. And, of course, after downloading a few business-focused Android apps, like DejaOffice, the Sidekick can be just as productive as any other Android available today!

Looking for information on how to sync the Sidekick 4G with Outlook and other popular databases. Click here!

The Sidekick 4G: Now With More Android! was last updated February 12th, 2024 by David Z

2 thoughts on “The Sidekick 4G: Now With More Android!

  1. I have this issue and I’m looking for the remedy….I thought maybe its the wind blowing across the sensor/curser thingy. But when I blow on it…nothing happens! I need help as well…its very annoying!

  2. I have had my 4G about a month or so and I had it replaced once because of a scrolling issue. It appears that when your in sunlight and texting using the key pad the courser moves up and down on it’s own. When I’m texting indoors or in the shade I have no issues. Has anyone out there experiance the same thing?