Free software update works with Google's new Contact API

Google has updated their Contacts API.  CompanionLink just released a free software update to ensure complete compatibility with Google’s changes.

Users who meet the following two criteria are advised to update their software to CompanionLink build 3076 or higher:

1. You currently use CompanionLink to sync contacts with Google, and

2. You currently use build 3075 or older

How to update your software

This update will only work if you have a registered version of a CompanionLink product.

1. Download latest version of your product from here

2. Once downloaded, launch the file to run the upgrade wizard

That’s it!  All your settings should remain the same as before.

If you need additional help, CompanionLink offers a 12-month Premium Support service.  This service allows a CompanionLink technician to log into your PC and configure and/or fix any problems you’re facing.

Free software update works with Google's new Contact API was last updated September 23rd, 2009 by Rushang

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