How to Convert from iTunes to CompanionLink to securely sync Contacts and Calendar to your iPhone

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After the latest update to iTunes, there is a new message that "Support for the syncing calendars and contacts has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version of iTunes", which means the built-in Outlook sync within iTunes will no longer be available in a future release. For anyone needing Outlook to sync to their iPhone/iPad, CompanionLink offers several Sync Alternatives to link Outlook and your iPhone/iPad.

Transition to DejaOffice and CompanionLink

CompanionLink and DejaOffice offer an easy sync replacement for the iTunes and Outlook Sync. CompanionLink works with any version of Outlook and Office 365. No Exchange account is requires and sync will work with any POP3, IMAP, or Exchange folders. CompanionLink offers a direct USB replacement sync, but does also offer several other Sync Methods. See further down this guide for more details.

Disable the current iTunes Sync

To prevent any sync loops, you first want to ensure the iTunes Outlook integration is disabled. To disable this sync:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Plug your iPhone/iPad into the PC via a USB Cable.
  3. Select the iPhone/iPad within iTunes and choose the "Info" option from the left menu.
  4. Uncheck the "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Calendars" options.
  • Note: You will be prompted to "Remove" or "Keep" the current Contacts and Calendar when disabling. If Outlook is the best set of Contacts/Calendar, choose "Remove" here to ensure all records are synced cleanly from CompanionLink.

Install CompanionLink and DejaOffice


CompanionLink offers 3 different sync methods to link your Outlook data and your iPhone/iPad. You will need the CompanionLink program for your PC and DejaOffice (from the App Store) on your Mobile device.

Install CompanionLink on the PC:

  1. Click Here to download the latest version of CompanionLink.
  2. Once downloaded, click the downloaded setup file and click Install.
  3. Select Yes on the Windows UAC popup.
  4. Select OK to Finish the installation.
  • Note: On some machines, the UAC message does not popup automatically, be sure to check the Windows Task bar for the Blue and Yellow shield.

Install DejaOffice on iPhone/iPad:

  1. On the iPhone/iPad, open the App Store, search for DejaOffice and tap Install.

Click Here for our Guide on Getting Started with DejaOffice.

Sync Outlook to iPhone/iPad via DejaCloud, Wifi, or USB

Sync your Apple device with DejaCloud

Using CompanionLink and DejaOffice, there are three methods of Sync. DejaCloud our hosted Cloud sync service, this allows you to sync anywhere as long is there is some kind of network connection. USB and and Wifi and local sync methods, which means the PC and Mobile device have to either be connected via the USB cable or in the same Local Network.

  • Note: For USB Sync we are dependent on the Drivers Apple installs for the iPhone/iPad with iTunes. For USB sync the ISO version of iTunes must be installed (not the Windows Store version). For more info Click Here.

Sync Outlook to iPhone/iPad via Google

For a sync to Google, you only need CompanionLink on the PC (not DejaOffice). This Sync Method takes your Outlook data, places it in a Google Account, and then, as long as the Google Account is connected to your iPhone/iPad, the data will appear directly in the iPhone/iPad Contacts and Calendar app.

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