How to Download and Install iTunes for Windows without using Windows Store version

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If you receive an error to "Please install iTunes on this machine", but iTunes is installed, you might be using the Windows Store version of iTunes. For a USB sync to Apple devices, you will need the Non-Windows store version of iTunes.

Installing the Non-Windows Store version of iTunes

1. Open a browser and navigate to:
2. Scroll down and select "Windows" under the "Looking for other versions?" header.
3. Scroll back up to the top and the link will change to "Download now (64-bit)".
  • Note: You will need to uninstall the Windows Store version of iTunes before installing the Non-Windows store version.

This is the Non-Windows Store method of installation for iTunes and should resolve the "Please install iTunes on this machine" message when using USB sync.

Uninstalling the Windows Store version of iTunes


1. Click the Start menu of Windows.
2. Click the Gear Icon on the left to open Windows Settings.
3. Select "Apps".
4. Scroll down the list of Apps that opens and find iTunes.
5. Click iTunes and select Uninstall.

Once removed, use the steps at the top of this guide to install the Non-Windows store version of iTunes.