Type Studio – Text-based Video and Podcast editor

Type Studio is a Berlin, Germany-based startup which was founded in 2020. Type Studio is developing a new approach to edit your media files. It is called text-based editing. You basically edit the video or audio file by just editing the transcribed text. In previous editors, the editing is usually done in a timeline. The rise of artificial intelligence in the form of speech recognition makes text-based editing possible.

The goal of Type Studio is to make video and audio editing as easy as possible. The text-based approach lowers the barrier to entry, because anyone is familiar with editing a text document. You don’t need to learn a complicated editor program with the help of tutorials or courses for many hours. Type Studio allows you to start right away with the editing of your content. Another advantage is that editing is much faster because you are doing the changes of your video and audio in the transcribed content and you don’t have to skip through the timeline to find the right place you want to edit.

Type Studio’s features in a nutshell:

Type Studio runs online in your browser, so you have to upload your video where it will be automatically transcribed. The voice from your video will be converted into text. When the upload and transcription is done you will end up in Type Studio’s editor. Here are all the features Type Studio is capable of:

Video translation

Type Studio automatically transcribing allows you to translate your video into different languages. It helps you to make your videos accessible to a global audience. With a translated video you can expand your reach by creating content in multiple languages, to be viewed by people from all over the globe. You can add the translated texts as subtitles to your video.

Type Studio supports a bunch of different languages. So the translation works not only for English videos, but also for many other common languages. These are the languages that are currently supported.

Generate subtitles automatically

Since Type Studio transcribes your content anyway, you can easily add the transcript as subtitles to your video. It requires only one click and you have added close captions to your video. If you like you can also customize and style the subtitles by picking different fonts, sizes, and colors. Sometimes the transcription is not at 100% accuracy. Then you can edit the wrong transcribed words in the text and it will also affect improving your subtitles.

Repurpose video content

To get the most out of your video you can use Type Studio to repurpose your video by easily adapting your video for all social media platforms. Choose between different aspect ratios and cut out different parts of your video. This way you can get multiple content pieces out of one video that are optimized for each platform. Optimize your content for all social media networks and post the best performing content. If you want to repurpose your YouTube videos for example you can just upload them to Type Studio by pasting in the URL of your video.

Turn your video into an article

Turning your video into an interactive article is another feature provided by Type Studio. It is a byproduct of the text-based and online approach and works like this:

When you are done with the editing and the video has been rendered, you will be taken to Type Studio’s sharing page. Decide if the sharing page should be set to public or stay per default to private. If you set the page to public, everyone you share the link with will have access to the page and can watch the video online in the browser or download it if necessary. This way you can quickly send your video and share it with anyone.

The special thing about the sharing page is that you can embed the video and interactive transcript into your website or blog. Therefore Type Studio provides a small auto generated code snippet that you can use for the embedding. By embedding the sharing page on your website you optimize your SEO. The search engine can understand what your video is about. At the same time you make sure that your visitors can interact more with the video.

Podcast editing

Type Studio transcribes not only your videos but also your audio files. It’s perfectly made for podcast editing. Work collaboratively on your podcast episode and share them with your guests or listeners. Editing the podcast works the same way you edit videos in Type Studio. You can even create a video from your podcast that you can use to promote your episode on your social media channels.


Type Studio offers an exciting way to edit your content. It’s a whole new concept of editing. The text-based approach brings a bunch of new features to the table. The increased editing speed and simplicity are a clear benefit for all content creator. However, there is also a disadvantage. Type Studio is only suitable for media with spoken words otherwise the engine can not transcribe anything. Music videos, for example, would not be suitable.

How To Improve The Efficiency And Customer Service For Your Business

Good Customer Service Is Not About How Fast But Rather How Efficient Your Is Response

True that fast responses are a crucial part of customer service but efficiency plays even a bigger role in the experience journey of the client. When customers receive good service they are more likely to come back and buy your product or service from you.

Every small change you bring in your customer service can make a world of a difference. Follow some of the tips below to take your customer service experience a notch higher. Or you may contact center software solution by NICE to witness that this platform brings optimized workforce along with AI.

Proactive Support

Good customer service gives you an opportunity to increase your revenue and sales. By being proactive, you can offer assistance to the customers before being prompted. Try to predict areas where your customers will need help and require more assistance from you. Using live chat on the websites is a great tool for enhancing proactive customer service. When your customer is browsing for items, offer more help with variations. In this way, you can even increase your cross-selling and upselling targets.

Automate As Much As Possible

Automation reduces the chances of errors which thereby decreases the chance of the customer getting frustrated. Automating transactions by using a POS machine, can take the pressure off the staff by helping them make fewer errors.

For online platforms, chatbots can be of great help when automated on your website. With these tools you can focus more on providing a better experience to customers. You can gather the most frequently asked questions and automate the answers for them. This way the customer can ask any queries at any given point of the day and get correct answers.

Collect Valuable Feedback

This is one of the most efficient ways to know the weak spots in the customer experience. By giving feedback forms or interacting with the customer, you can easily know what areas of customer service need to be improved. Sometimes, when you proactively take feedback from customers, you can solve the problem on the spot and stop them from writing negative reviews online. Be prepared to take any negative feedback and offer solutions in a quick and efficient manner. Be polite and do not lose your cool. 

Training Customer Service Staff

There are many types of problems that different customers can have. The solution for all cannot be the same. The team must be trained to deal with different scenarios and must be equipped with enough knowledge on how to solve them. The most important factor is to maintain professionalism at all times. Staff should be well versed in how to deal with a client without any prejudice or racial behavior. One such method to know how your staff deals with different queries is to take help from mystery shoppers. These shoppers are assigned by you to approach different staff with a problem and then report to you with how they were taken care of. You can then assign individual pieces of training if there are any gaps in your expectations.

Good customer service can strengthen your company’s brand name and win the loyalty of your customers for a long time to come. 

Why Consent Management Platforms Have Already Surpassed Marketing

How businesses handle customer data is a growing concern, and regulations have been put into place to ensure customer data privacy is maintained. Compliance with GDPR gives consumers control and choice on their data collection, uses, and makes it possible for them to consent. The consent management platform is a vital business tool that enhances transparency in data collection and usage concerning GDPR and CCPA. It also ensures that the consumer still has the right to opt-out data collection.

How consent management platforms work

CMP has become mandatory for audience data handlers. Using a consumer’s data without their consent is illegal, and businesses can avoid data privacy issues by first seeking personal data consent from consumers through a consent management platform. Through cookies, a marketer can access consumer data and use it to analyze the target audience. That makes it possible for brands and various organizations to send personalized ads to the target customers and other digital marketing options.

A CMP will give visitors to online sites and platforms options to give consent for data collection. They may either accept or deny the use of cookies or other permissions that the publisher may seek. Giving consent for use of your online identity in digital marketing ensures that the marketer can use the data for online marketing purposes and comply with the GDPR and CCPA.

Reasons consent management platforms have surpassed marketing

1. Illegal use of personal data can be costly

Lawsuits due to the use of personal data in marketing or other purposes could lead to monetary loss and reputation risk. Violating GDPR and CCPA could cost an organization a lot of money and taint its brand name. Getting customer consent before collecting and using their data helps prevent such incidents. Through a CMP, it is possible to filter consumer data for those who do not consent and ensure that the data an organization stores regarding consumers are for only those who have given consent.

2. Highly customizable

Through a consent management platform, marketing directly to the target audience is possible since the visitors who have given consent regarding their personal information have shown interest in your products. Analysis of several visitors and those who permit data usage is easy and makes planning and strategizing for business growth easy.

3. Leverage audience data for online marketing across all online platforms and apps

Monetization through audience data, segmentation, and data extension for various other uses are vital for every business entity. Using audience data legally across all platforms and online avenues can help build a brand reputation and enhance its popularity for higher returns. CMP makes it possible for businesses to leverage potential customers using their data legally.

4. Enhance consumer relationships and build trust

Loyalty in business can help enhance the profit margins due to networking and repeat sales. Potential consumers trust a brand that asks for personal data consent and can trust you enough to buy products and campaign for your brand.

CMP makes it possible for businesses to target the customer base in advertisement and also ensures compliance with privacy rules; hence, it is a more effective way to reach your market niche to generate more sales.

Beware Of These Biggest Mistakes That Can Be Fatal For Small Businesses

People have taken the most out of the pandemic. The majority of people had the time to introspect and start their own passion project which is a small business. While certain small businesses became viral and rose to fame while some just couldn’t blow up much. There are many reasons as to why despite having unique products and services certain small businesses just couldn’t make it. Most business owners are not aware of these problems and later these prove to be the biggest small business mistakes ever made. Even if you happen to have a good plan that would make your small business blow up with time and effort, you have to be aware of these few mistakes which could take your small business right to the bottom.

Using Spreadsheet or Word document for invoicing instead of Invoice Software

For those who believe that invoicing is just another piece of paper with irrelevant information, think again because you might be making one of the biggest small business mistakes right there. Invoice is supposedly the most crucial piece of document your small business has because it has the information about the sales and purchases of your brand’s products and businesses. 

Not only is it unprofessional but it makes your business look way too desperate to make sales instead of creating a loyalty program among your customers.  There are high chances that you miss the crucial details when creating invoices through Word or Spreadsheets.

Your small business would look more professional if you just invest in invoice software. They are cheap and user-friendly.

Not realizing the power of SEO or an SEO specialist

One of the biggest small business mistakes is not to invest in the optimization of the website through SEO. Search engine optimization has the power to make your website search engine friendly which would attract potential customers with intent.  Every time a user searches for a keyword on the search engine that shares the same niche as your business, then chances are your website would spear on the top of the search engine results online if you have worked on the organic search visibility through SEO. 

In simpler terms, organic search visibility or SEO visibility determines the degree of visibility your website has when people look up for certain keywords organically. It mainly fins the scope to improve the optimization of your small business’s website. 

You could hire an SEO specialist to look after the SEO of your website because your website is the only platform that allows users to see your products and services.

Register your business

One cannot emphasize more the importance of legalizing your business. Protect your business by registering and legalizing it. Business registration will allow you to have a brand name. The brand name is your small business’s identity; it is how people would come to know of your business. You also get entitled to tax benefits when you decide to register your business.

These are the biggest small business mistakes that most small business owners overlook which results in the downfall of their business in the future.

Is it Worth Starting a Business if you are Still a Student?

Stories about young entrepreneurs do not impress the public anymore. Even quite the opposite. The digital adaptation of the business environment has increased young people’s chances of success. After all, they feel much more confident in this space. The story of the founding of Facebook, which turned the main character into a twenty-year-old billionaire, is the most famous, but not the only example of it. Many people want to make money, rather than sit for hours writing boring term papers. And that’s understandable. Young people have more reasons to get economics homework help, and instead spend their time making money – as if it were their own business or an ordinary job. In addition, many students need work due to a lack of money. The latter case sometimes leads to the ironic story of how need turns a person into a millionaire.

However, despite the lyricism of some success stories, not all students dream of following the same path. The combination “work + study” often seems unrealistic, because it is impossible to manage everything at once. That is why many still want to get a quality education without being distracted by external factors not related to their studies. To some extent, both are right. Business isn’t just about hard work. It’s also a fortunate occasion. And so if such an opportunity happens to be during your college years, you shouldn’t give it up. It is better to think about how not to lose the chance.

Why do I need to go to university if I can do business now?

University (institute, college) is the next element of the standard chain of adulthood after high school. And even though higher education is being criticized more and more every year, no one is going to give it up globally. Anyway, nowadays the value of higher education remains unchanged. What is changing is how it is interpreted. The technological world has a demand for narrow-profile professions. No one cares what is written on the diploma – it is much more important what a person can do. Higher education has lost its nominal value. If an institution does not offer practical knowledge, it is useless.

This trend has also transformed the educational program. Many universities offer business courses. The list of disciplines is replenished with subjects relevant to the current agenda: Internet marketing, project management, entrepreneurship. So even if you think that staying at university is a waste of time, you should not deny the accompanying fact of benefit. Business practice is valued most of all. But the value of theory has not been canceled. Your business is not going to suffer if you listen to a series of lectures about accounting, marketing, or management. At least this knowledge will allow you to understand what kind of environment you are going to be diving into.

Should I combine business and work?

Before making this important decision, be sure to consider the pros and cons.


  • Extra finances that will help cover living expenses, meals, and out-of-pocket expenses;
  • Experience that is sure to be useful, even if something doesn’t go according to plan.  
  • New skills, knowledge, and abilities that are sure to be useful in the future.


  • If you work immediately after your studies, you will have limited time to do your homework and rest.

Of course, the idea of making money is always a great one. But don’t forget about your primary mission: learning. If you do decide to combine, then try to pay enough attention to your studies, and also do not forget that everyone needs a rest.

Where to start if you have no experience?

The first step in starting your own business is to create a business plan. This advice is clichéd and obvious. Nevertheless, many people reject it. It does not matter whether you are making a business plan for yourself or for investors you want to attract – it must include basic information about the company. What is the service or product? How much money do you need in the first phase? What is the payback period? In addition, you need to analyze the market, make a marketing plan and define the goals you want to achieve in a given period.

But the main thing that should be in your business plan is specialization. What is the uniqueness of the offering? What kind of consumer problem do you want to solve? You can understand this by carefully studying the market: whether its demographics match your target audience and how similar services are represented in it.

You shouldn’t forget about your exit strategy. Planning a negative outcome for your business may seem illogical and pessimistic. But at least this way you’ll prepare yourself for a difficult situation and avoid making random and irrational decisions.

Where do I get my start-up capital?

Start-up capital is the main problem with almost any business idea. It determines to what limits your imagination can develop. And its absence is often perceived as an obstacle to starting something at all. And how true this depends on your ability to balance opportunities with expectations. Start a business with nothing is possible, but at the same time, it is necessary to understand that the big income will not come right away. This factor is the very argument that encourages early entrepreneurship. The student has two resources necessary at the initial stage of building a business: time and lack of financial commitment. The second is what makes up for the lack of start-up capital. Yes, the student has no money, but he or she also has no debts, loans, or other significant expenditures. This allows you not to focus on the desire for quick profits, but to develop the business slowly and in stages.

At the moment, many activities do not require start-up capital. Or at least allowing a small amount of it. The business has migrated to the Internet, where any expenses are quite small. Even such an important tool of online entrepreneurship as a website has become a cheaper (and sometimes free) alternative in the form of social networks. 

This has made more accessible platforms for distributing services, making it easier to find a target audience and, most importantly, made marketing cheaper. In addition, a huge layer of profile information became available. It is possible to find the advice you need, listen to a training course, or study a successful case for free on the Internet. 

Internet globalization has unified experience, generalizing not only business trends but also the market itself.

Are there any other options? 

Of course, an enterprise with an initial investment has a much better chance of success than without it. But you should not give up on your idea just because there is no money for it. What’s even worse is not taking advantage of the opportunity to get it. There are plenty of venture capitalists willing to consider new ideas. Obtaining their favor, of course, is a daunting task. Every day, hundreds of people from all over the world apply for venture capital. But if you consider that on the other hand there is a pass to the world of big business, the attempt looks quite justified. In addition, there are government subsidies and preferential lending programs for banks, which together form a policy to stimulate entrepreneurial activity.

What type of business is suitable for beginners?

There are no specific industries that are right for beginners. The choice comes, as mentioned above, from the resources you have. These can include your knowledge, interests, and contacts. But not just them. Knowing what your target audience wants is an important success factor that will allow you to leave your competitors far behind. You can determine this by carefully examining your surroundings. If you are studying, your environment is students. Understand what they want, what their needs are – that’s the key to creating a unique offer. From there, choosing your niche will be much easier.

How to USB Sync Outlook to iPhone now that iTunes has Dropped it

Did you panic when you saw this message?

"Support for the synching calendars and contacts has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version of itunes".

Do not worry! There is a 3rd Party product that has supported secure USB sync from Outlook to iPhone and iPad for more than a decade.

USB Sync is Secure and Safe

Face it, the reason people use iPhones is because Apple Devices are more secure than the competition. The most secure way to move your valuable customer information and schedule is to use USB Sync. Information on the Cloud is subject to hackers and man-in-the-middle attacks. While iCloud itself has not had a massive breach, individual iCloud accounts are commonly hacked and the data distributed by rogue players. Once your account is known, everything you store on iCloud is visible to the cybercriminal.

For years, iTunes has had good support for Outlook Contact and Calendar sync to iPhone. You simply connect your phone, let iTunes Sync run, and your phone list and calendar are populated with your Outlook data.

It is worth remembering that Apple, masted in Cupertino, California, is still frienemies with Microsoft based in Redmond, Washington. While they publicly support each other, they continue to be competitive in many markets including Gaming, Streaming TV, Streaming Music, and at one time Smartphone Operating systems. Apple has also had a longstanding war with cables, seeking to free their phone from any sort of connection that may carry viruses or breach the security of the phone. By focusing on iCloud and internet-based connections, Apple feels they can better serve people who desire security.

CompanionLink to the Rescue!

CompanionLink shares the value of ensuring that your Contact and Calendar data is secure. A company strongly rooted in the Palm Pilot days, CompanionLink has supported Outlook Sync from the first-month Outlook was released. Their strength is that they work with any type of Outlook Folder, POP3, IMAP, Exchange and Office 365 folders, and with all versions of Outlook.

The CompanionLink for Outlook supports USB Sync to Apple iPhone and iPad. It can easily synchronize your Contacts and Calendar to the native iOS Contacts and Calendar. It can do this securely and easily. CompanionLink is easy to set up, with only a few settings screens needed to establish the sync system. After that, you just hit a button whenever you need your data updated.

Dedicated App for your Outlook Data

The CompanionLink system features DejaOffice, which provides Tasks and Notes support. Apple iTunes has never fully incorporated Tasks or Notepad. CompanionLink also can preserve Outlook Calendar colors on appointments, something that not even Microsoft’s Outlook App can do. You can download DejaOffice from the Apple App Store today. This is a free app.

The task of switching from iTunes to CompanionLink is simple, and takes about 15 minutes. Follow this handy guide.

CompanionLink offers Secure Wi-Fi Sync as an alternative – in case you are ready to ditch the cable connection. They also provide an internet based Cloud sync called DejaCloud which is useful for offices that update your schedule while you are traveling since the data moves from your office to your phone without regard to what state or country your phone is in.

You can download a free 14-day trial of CompanionLink for Outlook. If you need help, the company provides free technical support by calling +1(503)243-3400 or by emailing support@companionlink.com.

CompanionLink for Outlook
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Average rating: 4.86 out of 5 based on 601 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $14.95 3-Mo Subs - $69.95 One-time License.

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Professional SEO Specialist for Your Business

The last place you want to be mysterious these days is on the internet, where you have all the opportunities to put your business out there to consumers. Search engines are such a big deal in today’s world, and hiring a professional SEO specialist is always advised to help you navigate the process.  

Most internet users never go beyond the first page of google, and some don’t even reach the bottom of the first page. This is the So, your potential to reach new customers and increase your profits lies in first-rate SEO tactics. If you have a well-designed website, it is not enough if you are not getting enough traffic. Sure, you have the option of promoting your website with Ads, but nothing beats organic search traffic because it gets you the most benefits, even if your business is not online. 

Check out some of the reasons why you need to hire a professional SEO specialist for your business. 

Hiring an SEO Consultant Gives You a Better Result

The reason we call SEO consultants professionals is that they have knowledge. SEO tactics require someone with years of experience. The SEO specialist at Edge Marketing says drawing organic traffic to your website is no small business, but that’s what the SEO agencies do; they use their expertise to save business owners some troubles. So, you can be confident that they will deliver.

It is likely that your business is not the first of its type that they will work on, so they know quite a lot about how to reach your target audience and how to optimize your website to attract them. 

How do they do this? One of the many things that SEO consultants are versed in is keyboard research. It means they know the right words that are popular and most searched and how they can strategically include them on your website to increase your visibility on search engines. 

Besides this, one of the many things SEO professionals are good at is building links. What’s link building? It is getting standard backlinks from websites. And the more quality they are, the higher and better your website will rank. Building backlinks is not very easy to do; it is the most strenuous part of Search Engine Optimization. If you want to create backlinks and get that organic traffic on your website, hire an SEO expert today!

Increase Sales by Providing Value to Your Customers 

The goal of every business is to make a profit, get more sales and provide value for their consumers. Getting a website that’s well advanced and operating to its full potential as it correlates to search engine performance increases the possibility of the success of your business.

These days, many large and small-scale businesses are using SEO experts to help them enhance online customer conversion and acquisition. If you choose to relinquish hiring an SEO expert, you stand the chance of making irreversible mistakes and losing customers to businesses that employ the service of SEO experts. 

Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors 

As a business owner, you should have it at the back of your mind that you have competitors that will go the extra mile to put their business out there. Your competitors are using SEO campaigns and techniques to move their business forward. Hence, if you are still doubting investing in SEO experts for your business, you might lose a lot of your customers to your competitors. 

Investing in SEO should be a non-stop process because algorithms are forever changing. It is crucial to employ an experienced SEO expert to keep your business ahead of the game. Never underestimate the importance of an SEO experience, else you get to lose your market shares to your competitors.

It Saves Time

Everyone knows time is precious, especially in business. As much as you can teach yourself these SEO techniques, it will always be better to employ the service of SEO experts as it will save you time and stress. Moreover, if you choose to optimize your website or content SEO for yourself, you can find yourself making some irreversible mistakes.

By outsourcing your SEO tasks to an expert, you have more time to build your business and even have more time to yourself. Use your time for other productive things and sleepless nights by hiring an SEO professional

If you are intentional about it, SEO is a powerful technique for growing your business. It improves the profits you make, and it also allows your website to generate organic traffic and function ideally.

Learn Why Every Company Needs IT Support

Many small businesses will start out with a small IT sector which usually consists of a few people who have some experience in solving IT problems and fixing bugs. While this may be alright in the very early stages of your company, you can soon find out why this isn’t sustainable in the long run. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why every company needs IT support.

To solve complex problems

Finding solutions to any number of problems can prove to be quite difficult to ascertain without expert assistance from those who are professionals in their field no matter the size of your company’s information system. Just how valuable IT support is can be manifested in their ability to find the cause of the problem almost in an instant, and allocate the measures to respond to it. What’s useful is that they go beyond the surface symptoms to identify solutions, as well as to evaluate and incorporate measures to ensure you that these problems never show up again. Another great aspect is that they have a lot of experience and it takes them a few seconds to identify the problem and solve it efficiently. This timelessness and efficiency of how IT support addresses the issues that prevent downtime also translates to saving you from losing great amounts of money during unforeseen downtime. 

Better security

No matter what kind of company you own, your data is of utmost importance. This is why it’s crucial to support your company data with very reliable backup systems. In addition to this, you should also have a more than decent cybersecurity expert on your hands. This is exactly what good IT support can provide you with, should you decide to outsource the IT management and tasks. With their assistance, you will be guaranteed the confidentiality of your customers, employees, as well as company data. Furthermore, your business will be effectively safeguarded against cyber attacks. If any data should still get lost for any reason, IT support should be able to retrieve it without much difficulty. IT support not only guarantees the safety of your business and the confidentiality of your workers and customers, but it also helps maintain the technological integrity of your business above all because who will want to do business with you if you’re not reliable.

Improved efficiency

No matter what kind of business you own, and it doesn’t either matter how big it is, the chances are you are probably always thinking about how you can improve its efficiency throughout the whole company. One of the most determining factors of your company’s efficiency is the technology it uses, and the expertise of the personnel behind it. As Houston’s best IT management service suggests that IT support can ensure that the usual efficiency that comes from using technology is maximized, which ultimately decreases your company’s efficiency due to bugs and consistent issues. Furthermore, IT support can offer you wish IT services specially designed to best suit your business, some of which you probably don’t know you need. With a dedicated support team, you can skip the problem-solving part and focus on reaching the company’s targets and on identifying areas for growing more quickly, which is ultimately the end goal of all businesses.

Great customer service

Last but not least, another great advantage of having IT support expertise at your service is that they will be present 24/7. Yes, we mean all the time. There is no real reason why you should spend some of your working hours dealing with software management, unexpected downtime, as well as security patches. On top of that, who has time to maintain hardware and software or train personnel to do it when you can simply hire the professionals for it. They will better understand how to use your IT resources. Moreover, statistics show that over two-thirds of companies use and outside IT support. Even the companies with an IT department found the additional knowledge quite resourcefully, efficient, and it will pave the way to great customer service. If you have constant IT support, your customers will always be welcome to ask questions about your business and make complaints that can be met head-on, thus proving you appreciate their input since you are so fast to respond and during any time of day (or night).

From increased efficiency to better security, IT support can offer a wide array of IT services and can solve complex problems that you would otherwise have problems solving. It can also improve your customer service, and will ultimately give you more time to grow and brand your business.

The Era of Empathy Marketing: A New Tool To Connect With Customers

What are the items that customers check off their list when making a brand their go-to for buying items? Back in the day, a lot of stuff like brand prestige and royalty, pricey goods and services, trends, etc., mattered when it came to making a brand number one. Now, all of that is replaced by a single item; empathy and emotions. The days when royalty mattered are long gone; now is the time for companies to make an attachment with their users on a more personal level in order to sell their items, and that is precisely where empathy marketing and branding come into the picture.

It has become highly crucial for businesses these days to associate with their purchasers and have their company speak for itself when it comes to selling their items in the market. That is why, in order to make their customers feel all the sentiments, they are connecting with them and pushing them towards buying their goods with the lending hand of empathy branding. They convert all the feelings we as humans feel into a campaign (in a good way) and use the same to market their products.

Such campaigns allow marketers to understand their target audiences better and know better about their needs and wants which they can then use by providing them with what they want, thereby marking their way towards customer loyalty.

No amount of data collection through digital means like artificial intelligence (AI) can help you know your buyers better. At last, all that matters is whether or not do you have connections strong enough for them to select your organization over your rivals, and this is where brand empathy will help you. Machines might aid you in understanding their buying behavior, but the human touch is what is required for you to build your relations better with your purchasers.

Let us first understand what empathy branding means.

What Does Empathy Marketing Mean?

Brand empathy can be termed a way of promoting that organizations are using these days to feel attached to their buyers. Brands these days want to know the genuine and actual emotions buyers feel towards purchasing their goods and to understand the same better, they are making extensive use of empathy marketing. It not only helps companies build better relations with their users but also helps them know how customers feel regarding their company.

It is a much-needed step for organizations to take these days because brands need to deeply understand the emotional connection between customers and their commodities. Empathy will help them know it better and improve their buying decision. The main aim of it is to help businesses reach a broader seller base and improve their sales numbers.

Why is Empathy Needed in Marketing?

It doesn’t matter how much time and money you spend perfecting the best marketing strategy to attract your target shoppers; if it doesn’t bring you the returns you expected, it would. That strategy is just of no use to you anymore. It won’t matter how costly or cheap it is; if it doesn’t do its work for you, you know you won’t be able to utilize it again.

With empathy, though, this scene won’t be an issue. It is the most accurate tactic and will surely bring you the most successful results. With its help, you can design something very touchy and sympathetic with very few resources available. By focusing on the best kind of empathy strategy, you can quickly turn your market around and make your promotions beneficial not only to you but also to your buyers. Focusing on your shoppers’ feelings can do wonders for you.

How To Use Empathy As A Marketing Tool Effectively

Given below are a few ways how you can make successful use of empathy as a robust marketing tool-

Customer First, Always

You have to set your priorities right by putting your consumers’ needs first and offer them the solutions they want and require. Your sole focus shouldn’t just be on providing them with the following best answer to their problems but should instead be on giving them precisely what they demand. You should take care of their issues as one of your own and show interest in providing answers to them. They came to you with the hope of finding a solution; it is your duty to give them what they need.

With the help of emotional drivers like empathy, you can know what drives them towards buying your goods, what necessity it is. Once you know that, it will be easy for you to give them just what they require, and they might even become your permanent shoppers. There is no sensible logic to emotions, and by focusing on their feelings, you are achieving the same by attaching with your consumers through your goods and services.

Emphasize Equal Focus on your Employees

Staff and customer engagement are directly proportional to each other. The latter will only cease to exist if you have the former intact and in place. Disengaged staff members can become the main reason for you losing significant market shares because their loss of productivity will lead to your users not getting what they want, thereby decreasing their satisfaction numbers and losing some of them altogether. Therefore, if you’re going to achieve maximum buyer satisfaction, your initial focus must be on your employees.

By showering them with opportunities to showcase the best of their skills and talents, engaging them in training and development activities by curating programs for them with the lending hand of the best human resource management software, and recognizing their efforts by appreciating them for their work, you will push their productivity levels up to a lot. You will also increase their will to stay engaged in their work. Doing all of this will lead to them feeling more positive towards their work, which will reflect in their performance, resulting from refined user experience and client satisfaction.

Trigger your Shoppers’ Emotions

You should know that while your merchandise is capable enough to cater to the necessities of your clients, it should also trigger their sentiments and touch them on a more personal level. Your product should depict more than just fulfilling their demands and wants since emotions are what will differentiate users’ purchasing behaviors. You can also trigger their feelings by focusing on why they need to buy from you and not just the what and how much of the same. You must not only care about bringing better returns to the business but should instead delve deep and give shoppers a more empathetic reason to stick to your organization. If you sympathize with your users on a personal level, it will make them relate to you and stick with you for a long time.

Listen, Listen, and Listen a little More

You know you have achieved the utmost amount of client satisfaction with the lending hand of the best marketing tactics when you listen intently to the commands and demands of your consumers and offer them exactly what they want. By acting upon the wants of your users, you are showing them that you care not just about earning money but also about giving them what they require and that you are gaining the same through your commodities. You show them that you put their feelings and emotions beyond your profits, leading to naturally upping your sales numbers with minimal attempts.

By lending your ears to your users, you are actually caring about them and are interested in making their life easier with the aid of your business. You understand what they are trying to say by decoding their emotions through actively listening and communicating through your products. These empathetic signs will make them come to you and change their buying patterns.

Focus on Bettering your Customer Relations

You should remember that your focus shouldn’t just be on earning profits but also on bettering your relations with your customers. You have to make sure that the time, money, and efforts you put in to build a strong market don’t go to waste. You can never not need enough consumers to boost your sales. Hence it is important that you focus on delivering prime value through your commodities to your users even after you have started earning big numbers.

You can boost customer relations by giving them discounts, newbie offers, early access to sales and discounts, etc. This will be advantageous not only for them but also for you. Providing deals and other offers will lead to you attracting both new and existing consumers, thereby aiding you in achieving new clients and improving user relations successfully at the same time.

Offer your Target Market Something they cannot Refuse

Putting your users’ commands first, listening to their demands and wants, etc., is of no use if you don’t have what it takes to be the perfect marketer and seller. Markets today are and always have been consumer-centric. So, if you don’t bring them what they actually require and offer them the same items already available in the market, you might not even get the desired amount of interest in the first place.

Consumers not only want a product that fulfills their basic necessity, but they want something that is solely designed keeping their demands in mind. You need to bring forth an item that is unique from the crowd, is sure to catch their attention, and is something your markets won’t easily be able to say no to.

In The End,

There is enough hate in the world already. If you are helping make it a little less hateful and more loveable by understanding your shoppers’ feelings and catering to their sentiments, you are setting an example of yourself. You are standing out among the crowd by offering your purchasers what they need. You yourself are building a pathway towards success by doing the same.

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6 Good Reasons Why Every Business Should Have Reliable IT Support All the Time

To make the most of your IT investment, make sure to diligently shop around and get trustworthy recommendations and referrals before committing to any IT service department. Look for an IT company that can provide your business with fast, friendly twenty-four-hour, seven days a week, year-round reliable, secure computer network monitoring that allows you to forget your technology troubles so you can focus on your business. Shown below are six reasons why your business should have an IT Support system you can count on all the time.

Information Technology Can Improve Profit by Lowering Costs

A solid information technology department can improve profit and save company costs over time. Hiring reliable IT support can bring about a higher return on investment and drive growth by eliminating extra fees or unexpected costs for repairs and software updates. With tech support, you won’t have to worry about sketchy software investments, and paying a flat rate that is flexible with your budget will give you peace of mind. An empowered information technology department can drive growth for your business by providing proactive solutions to issues before they become a problem. This will save your business money, time and improve profit by minimizing costly downtime.  

Information Technology Innovations Keep Companies Competitive

If a company is unable to adapt to cutting-edge technology, it will be left behind and become irrelevant. Information Technology professionals have skills that can transform and streamline your company’s process and bottom line. The professionals at frontlineinc note that having a qualified information technology department available at all times can help a company outpace, out-deliver,  and outsmart its competitors. They can do this by making improvements to interface design, fostering application development,  and innovating analytics for your business. 

Having a reliable information technology department also enables a business to process large amounts of data using extraordinary amounts of processing power, deft human analytical skills and complex computer software that will propel your company forward. 

Information Technology Support Keeps Companies Safe

A good information technology department should maintain a healthy blend of hardware and software-based knowledge. Doing so allows IT professionals to properly deploy and configure software applications that will run efficiently on the best hardware that a company can afford. Outdated software and hardware can threaten the security of a company because they are unable to deliver optimal performance and prevent malware.

Improve Customer Service

The more companies innovate, the higher the bar is raised for improved customer service. The era of Digital Transformation, with constantly growing technological advances, has fueled and increased exponentially the needs and expectations of customers and consumers. Having a reliable information technology department is important because if a company is not quick to adapt to cutting-edge technology, they will be left behind and become irrelevant in their industry. Therefore, a good Information Technology Department should always recommend the best cloud service that will provide customers with the best experience. They should also recommend the best network bandwidth needed to support video hosting for video conferencing, as well as the best hardware and software to drive company growth and make customers happy.

Implement Technology to Advance Company Goals

An information technology department that is sharply aligned with an institution’s goals will empower members in all other departments to understand and provide valuable input that is aimed at achieving the company’s strategic objectives. A good IT support team can introduce cutting-edge technologies that can maximize your business potential. In turn, these technologies can then be used to advance your company’s goals. You can also use these technological advances to research other areas for expansion and growth.

Maximize Business Efficiency

A good information technology department can help businesses achieve strategic objectives by applying technology to solve business and organizational difficulties on a broad scale as well. Today, most IT departments are designed to maximize productivity. 

When you invest wisely in IT support, you are making sure to invest in a highly efficient service that strives to give you the best return on investment possible. A professional information technology department will provide your institution with customized service, tailored to what your company needs and how your business operates.

To maintain a standard level of service, security and online connectivity, most successful businesses today rely heavily on computers and networks that connect them quickly to customers and suppliers. Therefore, without a competent information technology department  any business will fail to grow. To drive strong company growth and cutting-edge innovation a strong information technology department should always be encouraged to recommend the best hardware and software available. Finally, make sure to hire an IT partner invested in your company’s success as well as their own.