How to Find a Gaming Laptop That Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg

A gaming laptop is precisely what it sounds like. It is a laptop that has been configured with the highest specs possible to handle the most popular games. It has become a lucrative market for many brands, so there are many options to choose from. Nevertheless, these high-quality complaints don’t come cheaply, and the price can increase massively as soon as you begin to boost the specification. Knowing what to look for will help you find cheaper options.

Why Buy A Gaming Laptop?

Desktop PCs have been around for decades, but they’re slowly being replaced by laptops that can do everything a modern desktop can, but in a portable form. Gaming laptops, in particular, are the best of both worlds: you can take your desktop gaming rig with you anywhere you go, but you can also take it with you when you want to work on some documents or spreadsheets. While desktops are far more flexible in terms of upgradability, this is something that many people don’t mind because games laptops are becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, while a hardcore gaming fan will still build a dedicated gaming rig, anyone who plays casually will prefer the laptop’s portability.

How To Find Affordable Models

Although the very top-of-the-line models are costly, there are some things you can look for when searching for more affordable items.


In addition to saving money, refurbished laptops provide you with a like-new device at a fraction of the cost of a second-hand machine. Because you can buy a refurbished laptop that’s as good as new, but at a fraction of the cost, you might save hundreds of dollars even on the most blazing fast models. Moreover, refurbished items are inherently more affordable than new items because you buy a used item that has already been tested, repaired, and put back onto the market. If you want as new as possible but have a limited budget, this is your best option.

Comparison Site

Most savvy shoppers have probably already used a comparison site before. You visit the site, type into the search bar what you want, and see what comes up. Although you will save some money, the variations won’t be as significant as when you shop for a refurbished option.

Black Friday Deals

Traditionally a U.S. marketing term for the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday is one of the year’s biggest shopping days. Businesses traditionally opened at midnight on Thanksgiving to sell their items close to the start of the Christmas shopping season. You can often find deep discounts on all kinds of things, electronics included. The major downside is that it is an annual sale, so you will have to wait a year if you miss it.

Wait for New Models (and then Buy the Previous Option)

Laptops and gaming ones, in particular, have a high turnover rate as new processors and graphics cards come to market. There are a large number of brand-new models that the manufacturer must discontinue. Therefore, if you check sites like eBay or Amazon, you could find the previous models going for far less than before. Furthermore, this is one instance where heading to a physical store may lead to a cheaper option compared to online because they are linked to physical space and should clear their inventory.

Upgrade Yourself after Buying Low-Spec

If you enjoy upgrading yourself, you will save some money by upgrading a lower spec choice by yourself. Ensure that the brand you choose doesn’t have its internals soldered onto the motherboard, as this makes upgrades impossible.

What To Look For

Current gaming laptops are potent beasts, packing some serious hardware into a surprisingly compact design. You get plenty of power, graphics cards, hardware dedicated to memory and storage, and a decent chassis to keep it all safe. That all said, there are still a few things you should look for in a gaming laptop that will prove helpful when you’re looking for a new one.


Price is often the most significant factor that will influence your choice, will be how much you are willing or indeed able to spend. As previously mentioned, these machines can become extremely expensive once you start to configure them. Nevertheless, you can usually find the perfect gaming laptop under $2000 that exactly fits your needs with the tips mentioned above. Anything up to that amount will get you a great gaming laptop that can handle everything up to and including the latest AAA games. Whatever price you go for, you should still ensure that you can upgrade the device as trends change and new internals are brought to the consumer market.


If you want to keep your laptop for several years and still play the latest game releases, you will need to ensure that you can upgrade the parts when possible. Unfortunately, most laptops make this problematic, and it is almost impossible to change the Central Processing Unit (CPU) or the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Nonetheless, the things you can change include:

  • Random Access Memory (RAM): This has a profound effect on the loading times of games. Therefore, as games become more extensive, the amount of memory needed will increase.
  • Storage: There are two options, a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or a Solid State Drive (SSD). Laptops will often come equipped with a fast M.2 SSD that is ultra-fast and stable. You will need to upgrade over time as the dive begins to degrade, or you fill it up with games.


The CPU is an electronic, digital, and electronic computer chip embedded into your computer’s motherboard and performs various operations, such as interpreting and executing instructions stored in programmable read-only memory in the computer’s RAM. You have two options these days between Intel and AMD, both offering up exciting solutions. The latest is their Core i9 processor, a staple in the gaming world for a couple of years with Intel. It can be overclocked (made to run more computations) quickly but consumes large amounts of power and heats up rapidly. On the other hand, AMD has brought to the market their Ryzen chipset, which has more cores and consumes less power than their Intel counterparts.


A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a chip designed to quickly and efficiently perform computations that simulate the visuals of a 3D world. GPUs are used in computers, video games, and other devices that display 3D images. This is arguably the most important thing you need to consider in a gaming laptop. The GPU is the part that will take your gaming from average to 4K resolution at 120 FPS. As mentioned earlier, you will not upgrade this, so make sure the laptop you purchase has the very best you can afford.


During digital information processing, RAM stores information temporarily. When a computer accesses a piece of information, RAM is where that information resides. Without access to the information stored in RAM, the laptop will not quickly access that piece of data and render it to the screen. So, in a way, RAM is the computer’s short-term memory as it is the place that the computer stores information for quick access to it. 


There are two choices for storage:


Hard disk drives are the most popular storage devices today and have been since the dawn of the computer era. Today, you can find those drives in computers, external storage drives, and more. While hard disks haven’t changed much over the years, the data storage industry has developed through a constantly moving target, with many new technologies and storage options coming to market over the years.


  • A large amount of storage.
  • Cheaper.


  • Slower than SSD.
  • More prone to failure.


Solid State Drives (SSD) are non-volatile memory, meaning they can retain data even after power is cut from the device. These differ from hard drives, which lose data once the drive is powered down.


  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Handles bumps and knocks better


  • More expensive
  • Lower storage capacity than HDD


An excellent cooling solution will help you get the most out of your laptop. Keeping it cool is not only for comfort, but lower temperatures mean a faster CPU and GPU.

Display Quality

You will need to decide what resolution and frame rate you want. The two top choices of resolution these days are 4K and 1080. When it comes to a laptop, it might sound like a good idea to get the highest amount of pixels possible, but this is not always the case. For example, the 4K screen will have to work harder and use up more battery in the process. Likely, you won’t even see the difference on such a small screen. Instead, the best thing to look for is the frame rate. It is this that will improve your gameplay experience. You should look for at least 120 FPS and go higher if you can.

A gaming laptop is an excellent tool for gaming, whether it be on the go or in the comfort of your home. It gives you the ability to play your games the way they are meant to be played: on a large screen with a keyboard and mouse. In addition, top models have the power to play any game at an almost maxed-out setting. You don’t have to break the bank to get one of these machines, and you can save some money if you know what to look for.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Gaming Chair

You’ve got the top PC, you’ve got the best games but do you have the right gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are possibly the most overlooked feature of a gaming setup but are the key to lasting those gaming marathons we all love. So, with this in mind, here is your ultimate guide for choosing the right gaming chair.

Health is key

When setting up the ideal gaming room, it is important to understand that choosing to have a gaming chair is not just to make your setup look good but is also essential for your health.  They are designed to help users endure long periods of sitting down while combating the effects of slouching and poor blood flow.

According to Mighty Gadget, gaming chairs are great at preventing fatigue by supporting vital parts like your neck and lower back. Both known to cause post-game exhaustion, associated with long gaming sessions and bad posture, Think about your old math teacher shouting at you to sit up straight and ‘do some work’. This is because posture and productivity come hand in hand. There is actually a medical diagnosis called sitting disease that leads to long-term issues such as increased blood sugars, diabetes and heart disease.

Doom and gloom aside, there are loads of cool features that come included so you can not only impress your friends; you can impress your doctor too.

Let’s have a look at the main features to consider.


When you’re looking for the right gaming chair, you will be mainly faced by two choices; PU leather or fabric. This entirely comes down to personal preference and what your priorities are during your gaming sessions.


Any great gaming session is going to have you breaking a sweat so it is important that your gaming chair has breathability. Unfortunately, PU leather lacks breathability and becomes sticky if you are sweating on a hot summer’s day. This could become incredibly uncomfortable and in some cases, the thickness of the leather can make you feel more hot and bothered.

Fabric gaming chairs have tiny holes between the stitching which allows a little airflow and absorbs sweat so you aren’t going to stick to the chair after a long gaming session. This may require an occasional Febreze from any offensive odors but apart from that fabric gaming chairs are generally more sweatproof.


No gaming session is complete without snacks and drinks to fuel the session but that comes with the risk of spillages. A major perk of PU leather is they are practically immune to stains – just wipe them away! This is great for all your mishaps that come from eating or drinking while you play.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for fabric. Any spillages may demand a good scrubbing and in worse cases, you may be left with some discoloring.


Both the fabric and PU leather are very long-lasting and, with the right treatment and care, will have a great lifespan. Over a period of time, they may start to wear that you may begin to notice but this is to be expected. PU leather does hold the advantage of being able to buy treatments to fix any discoloration and to keep its shine.

Overall, the gaming community seems to agree that PU leather is the better and cost-effective choice for a gaming chair.

To wheel or not to wheel

There are three basic designs of gaming chairs: rocker style, traditional and pedestal. The traditional is best for PC gaming as it gives you the height you need to but traditional chairs are flexible enough to give console plays the chance to kick back and relax.

That’s right, gaming chairs support you leaning backwards without getting the scary feeling you get with office chairs when you lean back. This stability allows you to sit comfortably and safely.

Speakers and connectivity

Here’s the cool bit: you can get a gaming chair with built-in speakers and wifi connectivity to your PC and console for an immersive experience. This means they may vibrate or move in coordination with the game to give you an exhilarating gaming experience. Most gaming chairs are compatible with these settings and, although they are a little bit more expensive, the experience it provides is priceless.

Gaming chair speakers usually come with surround sound and allow you to ditch the headphones that may be uncomfortable wearing for a long period of time.

Head, lumbar and armrests

The great thing about gaming chairs is they are customizable, meaning you can adjust the support cushions and armrests to suit you. The latter should be adjusted so that your arms are supported, meaning that you don’t have to stretch or strain to reach your keyboard. Your lumbar and neck rests should be positioned so they are fully supporting and comfortable.


With all the health and comfort benefits that gaming chairs have, it is without a doubt a great addition to the aesthetic of your gaming setup. They come in every color and shape you can imagine. This means you can choose from the sleek and seductive shape of a Secretlab Titan gaming chair or the impressive build of an X Rocker Monsoon fitted with LED lights. The right gaming chair is the perfect piece for your setup to impress your friends and create the ultimate gaming space.

Key considerations

The best thing when choosing the right gaming chair for you is to think about CRU (yes, I made that up). That stands for ‘Cost, Reviews and Use’.

The best gaming chairs are upwards of a few hundred pounds so you need to think about whether the chair matches your needs and budget. It is wise to do some searching of the web to see what is the best value for money and look for any deals or promotions.

Reviews are a great way to grasp whether it is good value for money and help you make up for your mind before your buy. and are just a few to start with

Finally, it is important to think about what you are going to use the chair for. Are you just going to use it for gaming or is it going to double up as an office chair too? This should give you a hint toward whether it is worth spending more money for better quality and comfortable chair or whether you want to concentrate on built-in features like a headrest speaker for a more immersive experience.


Choosing the right gaming chair is important for any gaming experience, packed with cool features as headrest speakers and ergonomics to protect you against any health-related issue that comes with gaming. This means that you can concentrate on what really matters – the competition.

Happy gaming!

Bored of the Same Old Entertainment? Here’s How to Branch Out

If you’re like most people, you like to watch TV shows, listen to music, go to the theater to watch movies, and read books. But if you’re absorbing the same types of information and retreading the same ground on a regular basis, it might feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

How do you branch out to discover new sources of entertainment?

Branch Out to a New Medium

First, consider branching out to enjoy a new medium. There are dozens of ways to enjoy content in the modern world, and many people limit themselves to only a few options. For example, if you love TV shows and movies, but you’ve never tried listening to podcasts before, consider delving into the world of broadcast audio. If you love reading books, but you’ve never given comic books or graphic novels a fair shake, try reading some image-heavy written content.

You’ll likely find an entirely new set of tropes, expectations, and format peculiarities that give you a brand new experience. Plus, you might have an opportunity for an easy transition; for example, you might find there’s a comic book that one of your favorite movies is based on, or you might find a podcast hosted by one of your favorite authors.

Try Your Hand at Creating

If you want to see the world of entertainment in an entirely new light, consider creating a work of your own. If you’re feeling “bored” of the conventional forms of entertainment you’ve relied on in the past, it’s probably a sign that you’ve read or watched a lot of it – which means you know what it takes to tell a good story.

Consider picking up a musical instrument, writing a script, or even printing your own comic book. If you put a lot of work in (and get a bit lucky), it could turn into a source of income for you. Otherwise, it may help you come to appreciate the creative process – and see the entertainment world through a different lens.

Get Recommendations From Friends

What are your friends into? Chances are, you have at least some of your tastes in common. Talk to them about how you’ve been feeling and what types of things you want to try to avoid – as well as some of your favorites. They might have some strong recommendations to send your way. You might even get a chance to watch/read new things together – which can make the experience more interesting if you’re bored of doing things by yourself.

Join an Online Forum

Alternatively, you can join an online forum or other online community to learn about new pieces of media, new genres emerging, and other interesting bits about the entertainment world. For example, you can join a subreddit or community specifically designed for discussions about a certain genre or medium. You can also find groups on Facebook or other social media platforms where open discussions are encouraged. The caveat here is that you have to be active; respond to other people, ask questions, and get into the community. The more you engage, the better.

Learn a New Language and a New Culture

Consider learning a new language, or the basics of a new culture, so that you can experience materials that would otherwise be inaccessible to an English speaker. For example, after learning to speak Spanish, you could enjoy a host of movies, TV shows, books, and other materials from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America. Entertainment from other countries is often very different, originating from an entirely different set of cultural norms and values, so it’s worth exploring as something new.

Sign Up for Discovery Services

There are also a number of “discovery” services you can sign up for to learn about new sources of entertainment. For example, with Spotify, you can get access to personalized recommendations for new artists to listen to – and its algorithm is both complex and effective.

Try Things You’ve Written Off in the Past

If you’re interested in branching out, you might consider revisiting some of the pieces you’ve written off in the past. For example, are there any books you’ve refused to read because you disagree with the premise or because you don’t like that particular genre? Is there a director you avoid because you never liked their style? This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and try something new.

See Your Old Favorites in a New Light

Of course, if you have trouble finding new things to enjoy, you can also use this opportunity to see your old favorites in a new light. Consider watching some of your favorite movies with new friends and acquaintances or reading a favorite book with new commentary or analysis to guide you. No matter what, opportunities abound for new entertainment experiences. 

The Future Is Now: 10 Fictional Technologies That Became Reality

Once, there was a time when mobile phones and voice assistants were only a figment of imagination. Today, thanks to the brilliant minds of scientists, many of these fictional things have become a daily part of our lives. 

When we look back, creative minds had once predicted the current world we live in with all the fascinating technologies. In fact, these books and movies have played a significant role in inspiring the latest technologies. 

Read on to find out which fictional technologies people have managed to convert to reality. 

Communicators from Star Trek 

Star Trek first aired on TV in 1966, with plenty of unseen and futuristic technologies integrated. Characters in the show are seen using ‘Communicators’ that closely resemble the flip phones that were once the fuzz. 

Today, there are even full-screen foldable 3phones allowing you to work on poem analysis essay examples just like how you would on a laptop. We have surely come a long way from fictional walkie-talkies. 

Video Calls from The Jetsons

It’s almost unimaginable how 2020 would have panned out if it wasn’t for video calls. Whatsapp calls, FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom have become inevitable parts of our life. Our entire workplace and the educational system might have collapsed without them. 

Apparently, The Jetsons predicted such a tech tool long before video calling was common. The popular family cartoon started airing in the 1960s before even mobile phones existed. 

Cyberspace from Neuromancer

The concept of the internet was introduced in the 1960s. However, it wasn’t much developed by the moment Willian Gibson wrote his novel Neuromancer in 1984. 20 years later, when the novel was re-released, Jack Womack even suggested that Gibson might have instigated the further development of the web. 

Thanks to him and hardworking developers, you can get access to critical lens essay examples from the comfort of your home any time you want. In his book, Gibson not only talks about the worldwide web but also discusses virtual reality and hacking. 

PADD from Star Trek 

Yet another prediction that has become true is the Star Trek Personal Access Display Device, otherwise known as PADD. Today, these devices have a close resemblance to the tablets we use these days to refer to a causal analysis essay example or for entertainment. In Star Trek, PADDs had a large touchscreen display and one or two buttons. 

NFC from The Fifth Element 

The Fifth Element has a number of futuristic tools, from flying cars to self-making beds. While these indeed sound really cool and even practical, we might have to wait for a little while to get this done. 

For now, we can be happy about NFC that has made our lives so much easier. In the film, we can see this tech used in an ID card that functions as a boarding pass, bank card, and more. Today’s NFC is more or less the same and allows us to make contactless payments. 

Credit Cards from Looking Backward 

Back in 1888, credit and debit cards were considered futuristic. Edward Bellamy introduced this concept first in his novel. Looking Backward describes a utopian society that has its citizens using a simple card. 

The card is connected to a central bank and allows the characters to make purchases without having to use cash. It was much later in 1950 that we saw the appearance of the first credit card.  

Biometrics from Back to the Future II

Back to the Future II was released in 1989 with some pretty incredible stuff that was far-fetched for the time. Although biometrics was not a new idea, it was not commonly used everywhere. 

The film has a scene where antagonist Biff Tannen pays for a taxi ride using a fingerprint. Today, this is precisely what we do with Apple and Google Pay when we approve payments through the biometric security on our phones. 

Self-Driven Cars in Minority Report 

Driverless cars are no longer a distant reality. In fact, there are several viable models running on the road today. In 1956, a short story named Minority Report discussed self-driving cars. 

In 2002, the movie featured autonomous cars powered by fuel cells. Although there were several self-driving cars designed in the early 1980s, mass production started much later and well past the release of the movie. 

Replicators from Star Trek 

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you will remember the Replicator. In today’s terms, you can relate it to the 3D printers that can instantly materialize almost any object you design. Of course, you cannot pull something out of thin air. But we never know how 3D printing could evolve in the future. 

Holographic Projections from Star Wars 

In Star Wars, we see Princess Leia sending her holographic projection to Obi-Wan asking for help. This is definitely going to be a reality soon. Although we can’t send holographic messages to each other yet, there are companies that are already working on this. 

Base Hologram is a tech company that has actually succeeded in developing posthumous holographic performances of famous musicians such as Roy Orbison and Whitney Houston. 


There are also some other cool technologies that we would like to see in reality from sci-fi films, such as:

  • teleportation to save money and time (at least); 
  • instant subliminal learning (who wouldn’t want to learn French or kung-fu in a matter of minutes?).

For those who grew up seeing the mentioned movies, it would be fascinating to witness such tremendous transformations. In fact, the tech field has evolved at an unparalleled speed over the last decade. It is exciting to imagine what the future will bring – as long as it is not a tech war that takes over mankind. 

How to Choose a Computer Chair

Office chairs and computer chairs have firmly entered our lives. Today, when most of us choose sitting in front of a PC monitor as our main activity, this type of furniture has become of great importance. How to choose the right computer chair or ergonomic chair, so that you can work for a long time, and not get tired?

Key Factors when Choosing an Office Chair

An office chair should be distinguished not only by its comfort and ease of use but also by its reliability, high quality of execution, and practicality. After all, solid office furniture is a sign of the seriousness and profitability of the company, as well as the status of its management. However, chairs and armchairs are chosen not only for offices but also for home offices, as well as for equipping the workplace of students who also spend a lot of time at a computer or desk and want to use high-quality furniture.

Office chairs come in several types. There are different types of furniture for managers, employees, and visitors.

Executive Chairs

When choosing a chair designed for the boss, you should pay attention not only to the functionality of the furniture but also to its comfort and appearance, since such a chair will emphasize the status of the boss. Moreover, the director’s chair should be distinguished by the impeccable quality of execution, so it is worth paying attention to the models made with the use of genuine leather. The upholstery of this chair is usually a classic black or brown shade. The executive chair should be ergonomic, equipped with wheels and armrests, and have mechanisms for adjusting the height and angle of the backrest.

Staff Chairs

Staff chairs have more modest characteristics. The main thing in such furniture is quality, practicality, and convenience. An important condition is the ability to adjust the height of the product so that it can be used by a person of any height. These chairs can be operator and computer-based. The operator’s chairs are comfortable and functional. They have armrests, mechanisms for adjusting the height of the seat and the angle of the backrest. Computer chairs for staff are universal. They are characterized by maximum comfort and mobility. These chairs are not only easy to move around the office, but also rotate around their axis.

Visitor Chairs

Chairs for visitors should be comfortable and of high quality. They should not differ in a complex design, but such chairs should have an attractive appearance.

Home Office Chairs

For home use, a desk chair is usually chosen based on its design characteristics and design, counting primarily on the fact that such furniture, with all its functionality, successfully fits into the interior of the room.

Chair Prices

Currently, the catalogs of furniture stores offer a huge selection of such furniture in different price categories. For many, this means a real problem. What should I pay attention to when choosing a standing desk for a computer? Let’s look at a few key parameters that will help you make the right decision.


I think a good chair is the basis for pleasant comfortable work and the investment in it is worth it. The invested money will return to you, but not in the form of bills, but the form of no back pain and good health. The right good chair will last for years and keep you healthy.

Why You Should Spend More Time Near a Fire

Fire is often treated as a natural element, alongside earth, water, and air – a fundamental aspect of nature that’s necessary for life to flourish. There are many good reasons for this, including the fact that fire can trigger the activation of certain types of seeds, fostering life directly, and the fact that humans have harnessed the power of fire to cook food.

But there’s also something more fundamental about the appeal of fire that’s harder to pinpoint precisely. Why is it that human beings are drawn to fire, and why should you spend more time next to one?

Fire and the Hearth

There’s a reason the hearth has become a central gathering place in many cultures. We’ve been using the fire as a gathering point for thousands of years all over the world. There’s even evidence of prehistoric hearths, created and used as a place of social gathering in ancient caves and campsites. In Ancient Greece, the hearth was such an important cultural touchstone that there was even a goddess of the hearth: Hestia.

Today, modern hearths are an inviting aesthetic design choice for our living rooms, adding a layer of coziness and warmth to the most social area of our homes.

The Value of Fires

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider spending more time near or around a fire:

Visual stimulation

First, fires offer a form of visual stimulation with a bright, flickering series of flames. Many people report feeling almost hypnotized by the fire, drawn into it. It’s interesting to watch, and it can break you away from other distractions, like the TV or your smartphone.

Comforting crackling

If you build a wood-based fire, or if you have a fireplace that can replicate the sounds, you’ll hear a distinctive crackling sound that many people find soothing. It’s a bit of background noise to make you feel calm, and it may even work for ASMR.

Natural heat

Fire is also hot, of course, which makes it the perfect addition for an outdoor event in cool weather – or a supplementary source of comfort in your living room during the deep winter.

Smell and memory

Did you know that smell is closely connected to memory? When you smell something connected to a memory, or even a previous time in your life, you’ll often be hit by a wave of nostalgia. Holding a fire regularly can fill your nose with that signature smoky aroma – which by itself, is pleasant for many people. Over time, as you spend time with friends and family members, laughing and enjoying yourself, that smell will be tied to powerful, positive memories you’ll always be able to recall.

Open time for discussion

When people gather around the fire, they’re choosing to eliminate distractions. You’ll have open time for discussion with the people around you, giving you a chance to explore new topics and get to know your loved ones a little bit better.

Cooking and meal prep

Fires are commonly associated with cooking and meal prep; hosting a fire is a great opportunity to cook some hot dogs or roast marshmallows over the flames. You can also think fancier by grilling halibut, steaks, or burgers. These dishes are perfect for a beach party, camping, or an outdoor cookout. And if you ask your family or some friends to join you, it’s another opportunity for bonding as well.

Ideas for Your Next Fire

If you’re not sure where or how to host a fire, there are several ways you can get started.

Install a fireplace

One of the best ways forward is to install a fireplace in your home (assuming it’s legal for you to do so). Today’s fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles and functions, and they can often be installed with minimal cost and effort. Choose a wood-burning fireplace if you want that classic texture, or an electric or gas fireplace if you want some clean-burning efficiency.

Purchase (or build) a firepit

If you don’t like the idea of having a fireplace in the house, or if you don’t have room for it, consider purchasing or building an outdoor firepit. It’s an easy choice that can support your fires for years to come.

Water Vapor Fireplace

Install a water vapor fireplace. There are numerous other advantages of water vapor fireplaces, such as their low energy consumption and environmental friendliness, but the bottom line is that they provide stunning flame realism that rivals gas while maintaining the safety and convenience of an electric fireplace.

Rely on others

If you don’t have much space in your current house/apartment, consider getting a friend to host the fire, or keep an ear out for invitations.

Head to a campsite

Consider going to a local campsite and setting up a fire of your own; there are often rings or firepits you can use to build a fire from scratch. Just make sure you read the rules of the campsite prior to starting one.

After you have a successful fire and bond with the people around you, you’ll likely want to repeat the experience again in the future. Hopefully, if the others are on board, you can turn this into a regular event – and relieve stress while connecting with the people most important to you. 

6 Ways to Download YouTube Videos

As the world’s largest video site, YouTube has become the source of popular videos on various social platforms. It is a comprehensive video-sharing website with many professional and interesting videos on it, and many users upload original videos with very high quality.

For work or entertainment purposes, you may have a need to download videos from YouTube. Although it is not possible to use the Chrome extension to download YouTube videos, there are many other methods to make it. Here are 6 useful methods to download YouTube videos for free. Let’s read through this article now.

How to Download YouTube Videos on PC/Mac

To download YouTube videos on Windows or Mac in a safe and stable way, VideoProc is exactly what you need. It’s an impressive video editor that also supports downloading YouTube videos to computer, editing video clips, recording computer screen and webcam, and converting videos in all formats.  

To download YouTube videos on PC or Mac easily, you just need to copy the YouTube video link and paste it here and then it will download YouTube videos to your local disk within minutes. Let’s check some features of VideoProc below:

  • Free and Safe: It’s free to download YouTube videos and all your files will be safe and secure cause VideoProc will never keep your data.
  • Easy to Use: It offers safe encryption technology and intuitive interface to let you finish downloading YouTube videos within steps.
  • Undisturbed: No ads and it’s light-weight without bundle software.
  • GPU Accelerating: It makes it super fast to download YouTube Videos.
  • Editing Features: After downloading YouTube videos to computer, you can edit your YouTube videos like trimming, splitting, adding watermark, merging and more. If the downloaded video contains the watermark or channel logo you do not want to see, you may use SoftOrbits Watermark Remover software that can remove watermark from the video or photo easily. Watermark Remover has a batch mode that can process multiple downloaded videos in one go.

Step 1: Free download and install VideoProc to your computer and run it. Click Downloader icon in the main screen.

Step 2: Click + Add Video and paste the YouTube video link here. Click Analyze to continue. You can also add the address of a YouTube Channel or a playlist.

Step 3: Hit Download Now button to download YouTube videos now. You can also set the export format and resolution before downloading YouTube videos.

Download YouTube Videos Online

1. YT1S YouTube Downloader

YT1S YouTube Downloader is an online free YouTube downloader to help users download videos from YouTube for free. It’s 100% safe and clean, and you can download as YouTube videos as much as you can without limitation. Check some features below:

  • Full file format supported: You can easily convert YouTube videos to MP4, WMA, MP3, 3GP, M4A, FLV, WEBM and MO formats, etc.
  • Full platforms supported: You can download YouTube videos on Windows, Mac or Linux, Android, iPhone.
  • Cloud support: It supports uploading the downloaded YouTube videos to your Dropbox and Google Drive.

2. Y2mate YouTube Downloader

Y2mate is one of the most convenient YouTube downloaders that allows you to download YouTube videos online in high quality. No matter you want to watch a YouTube video offline on a train, on a airplane or outdoor sports. Here are some highlights of it:

  • Fast and simple: Without any registration, it can download YouTube videos to your device in a fast way.
  • All file formats: YouTube can be downloaded to MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, WEBM, and MO formats, etc.
  • No limitations: You can download videos using the service an unlimited number of times.

3. SaveFrom YouTube Downloader

SaveFrom is also an easy and fast downloader to save YouTube videos online for free, and it also supports downloading video from Facebook, SoundCloud, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo and more sites. Check some features below:

  • Free and fast: It only takes a few clicks to download YouTube videos to your computer and it’s completely free.
  • All formats supported: You are allowed to download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, WEBM, 3GP and more formats.
  • All browsers supported: It works well in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.

4. X2Convert YouTube Downloader

X2convert is another useful online YouTube video downloader that has helped many users download videos from YouTube and other websites. You can copy the link of the YouTube video you want to download to this tool and choose the resolution and video formats you want. Here are some main features of this tool:

  • High-speed: It only takes several seconds to analyze your YouTube video link and you can download your YouTube videos in a while.
  • Video and audio: You can download YouTube videos as well as audio to your computer for free with all formats like MP3, MP4, etc.
  • Free and simple: You can download YouTube videos for free without any software downloading or installing.

5. FreeYouTubeDownloader

FreeYouTubeDownloader is a free online YouTube downloading service that can help users download all types of YouTube videos for free. From 1080p, Full HD to 320*240, aac, amr, mp3, mp4, etc. all resolutions and formats YouTube contains we can extract them for you. It has some highlights as well:

  • Free, free, and free: It’s still a free online YouTube downloader and you don’t need to download or install any application to your computer.
  • No ads at all: Unlike other online video downloading tools, FreeYouTubeDownloader does not contain any ads.
  • All quality and formats: It allows users to download YouTube videos in all formats like MP4, WEBM and all resolutions like 1080P, 720P, 480P, and more.

6 Business Benefits of Using IoT Applications

The cycle of innovation that started from a mere wheel has reached its peak right now as we see advancement in nearly every field. Technology has made such a huge impact in today’s world that it has become entirely impossible to live without it. One of the major gifts of technology is the internet of things (IoT), which is everywhere today. 

Simply, put IoT is a network of objects that works through the internet. There are some applications on this network that prove to be more useful than others, which is exactly what we are going to discuss today. If you are running a business, you need to manage every aspect in the best way, which is what IoT lets you do. In this article, I am going to highlight six business benefits of using IoT applications so that you can improve your business operations. 

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Tracking

The very first and one of the biggest reasons why businesses need to employ the use of IoT applications is to optimize their supply chain. If you belong to the manufacturing or production business, you might already be facing a lot of challenges in regards to your inventory and supply chain. With the help of IoT sensors, you can easily track your product as they are shipped across the world so that you can notify your customers in real-time. 

Safer Workspace

IoT sensors aren’t only great for keeping an eye on your products, but they also work very well when it comes to creating a safer workplace for your employees. IoT sensors can be installed in your machines to watch if it is operating correctly or not. These sensors can reduce workplace accidents and make sure that your employees get an early warning sign in case something goes wrong. Moreover, you can also use different IoT features to prevent any data breaches in your workplace. You can make sure that your company secrets don’t get into the wrong hand so that you can continue doing your business without any worries. 

New Business Opportunities 

IoT enables you to extract data, which in itself is one of the greatest assets a business can mine these days. In a world that is full of information, the ability to collect data and analyze it gives you a much-needed edge and helps you oversee any mistakes that you are making. You can easily get in contact with a proper agency to help you build an IoT dashboard through which you can monitor everything. You can then use it to sample all the data, bread down your services, and use it to create new opportunities and revenue streams to grow your business.

Tune Services and Products

It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, the services you are offering, and the products you make are your biggest assets. If you want to grow your business, you have to invest in these two things, which is exactly what you can do through IoT applications. Today’s market has become so competitive that customers demand a lot for business. For example, if you belong to the electronics business, you have to bring innovation to your products. A simple implementation of IoT in the electronic business is a light sensor build that automatically turns on when someone enters the use. You can use a similar concept to tune most of your products and provide your customers with something unique. 

Enhanced Customer Dialog 

Making good products and launching efficient services is one thing, but if your customers don’t know about what you are offering them, you will never be able to reach your sales target. Due to this exact reason, customer dialog is one of the most important aspects of running a business so that your customers know exactly what you have in store for them. You can use IoT applications to improve the level of dialog and interaction with your customers by enhancing your marketing efforts. You can use important data to see what your customers want from you and then work on that aspect of your business to make them happier. 

Better Predictions 

Last but not least, one of the hardest parts of running a business is to identify and act in accordance with market trends. If you keep on following decade-old practices, your competitors are eventually going to take you over, which is why you must make accurate predictions about the future. You can easily use the data insights gathered from IoT applications to predict opportunities even before they arise. By analyzing the collected data, you can build on historical trends and repetitiveness in the market to put you ahead of your competitor. It can add a lot of value to your business, and you can act on the changing market scenarios faster than anybody else, which is going to earn you more customers. 

Find Out More About Free Movies Online

Free Movies online is the best way of watching any movie legally without spending anything. There are many websites available on the Internet that offer free movies online. All you have to do is search the word “free movies online” and you will come up with thousands of websites that will be offering you movies at no cost whatsoever. Many people love watching movies on DVDs and these websites can help you enjoy watching all your favorite movies on DVDs. You will not have to subscribe to anything or sign up for an account to watch free movies online without any charges.

But yet the streaming sites do not know much about you.

Thus they will charge some money from you. The good news is that you can easily watch free movies online by subscribing to one of the various streaming services available on the Internet. You can also add any other program such as a television show, news, or sports programs on your computer to make it a better listening experience.

Broadband Internet is one of the best things to use if you want to stream movies through the net. You can choose from any of the numerous streaming services available on the Internet. Some of the most popular streaming services include Hulu, My Net TV, and Vevo. All these websites give you free movies online and all you have to do is visit their website and then choose which movies to download.

There are many websites on the internet that give you a chance to view various popular television series and movies on DVD. These websites include Amazon, Netflix, My Play, and Hulu Plus among others. These services provide you with a chance to view thousands of movies on DVD. You can even download or buy the movies instantly using the Amazon streaming movies service. On the other hand, if you want to view the latest movies on PC, then My Net TV is the perfect choice for you. You can also find TV to live stream.

All you need to do is to select a popular TV series like Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 or movie to watch and then start watching. You do not need any special apparatus or software in order to stream movies online using these websites. In fact, you do not even need a computer to be able to view the movie streams online using these websites. As long as you have a broadband Internet connection, then you will be able to see your favorite movies using your PC. There are even some people who use their mobile phones or PDA mobile phones to be able to stream online films.

As there are many different kinds of movies being streamed, you can choose the ones you want to watch. There are many free movie streaming sites that let you choose from the best and most popular films. Most of these movies are available in English and other languages. The good news about these websites is that they offer new titles every week. So, if you miss out on the new releases, then you will never be spoiled for choice when it comes to the movies.

If you are looking for something fresh to watch, you should try Vudu. This is one of the newest inventions when it comes to TV shows and movies. Instead of choosing from the TV episodes or the movies that are already released, you can browse through thousands of brand new movies and TV episodes. You can also add your own DVD movie collection and watch them whenever you want to.

Another thing that you can enjoy is the ability to download TV shows and movies to your computer. The great thing about this is that, you get to save money from renting or buying movies instead of downloading them. As there are many TV channels that offer streaming services, you can actually find your favorite TV show and solar movies. This is probably the most common feature offered by these streaming websites today.

Is Kodi Legal? Is it Possible to Use Kodi Safely and Legally?

The legality behind Kodi is based on the type of Kodi addons you opt to implement. Kodi is a legal open-source media player, which is compatible with different devices and hardware. It’s used to stream online content through various devices such as Firestick. Some companies use Kodi as a preinstalled app to help the user enjoy more content.

However, Kodi’s legal terms are compromised by introducing third-party apps such as addons and builds.  Some addons have malware or tamper with the privacy settings on the streamed content. This exposes your Kodi software to the government, ISP, and hackers.  It also causes slow connections or closure of some accounts.  However, the internet has some of the best Kodi addons, which users can install on their Kodi for a better experience.

Whether Kodi is legal or not is an answer determined by many factors. Here we learn several details about Kodi, which will help users decided if Kodi is legal and safe or not. Kodi is available for various devices such as Xbox, IOS, macOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Amazon Firestick, and more.  To utilize the Kodi streaming services. The user needs to implement a good Kodi VPN to hide your identity and location.

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is a legal open-source; many devices use it. However, the types of addons installed compromise its safety.  Kodi has inbuilt add-ons which don’t work, pushing users to install third-party addons. Some which go against copyrighted content, thus risking your device and data.  However, Kodi is working with big streaming channels such as Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and others.  This reduces piracy through Kodi apps making users enjoy the online streaming contents.

Kodi addons (third-party addons)

These are unique software or apps which provide Kodi with media content. Using the Kodi addons, users can enjoy live sports, music, movies, and TV shows.  Kodi addons offer users free online content from different websites. The user can get the content from the Torrent site or various streaming sites from the internet.

The third-party addons try to provide premium content for free. It is risky but worth the fun; this makes Kodi legal and illegal. However, the user should use a VPN all the time to keep your data safe. It’s illegal if the users use unofficial Kodi addons. The addons assist the user in accessing high-quality online content for free.

There is an order from the European Union’s court banning some of the Kodi boxes, which are purchases with third-party Kodi addons. However, the process is safe if the users install the addons compare to when it’s preinstalled.  Again ensure to include a Kodi VPN to stream at no cost and free from surveillance.

Legal and Illegal Kodi addons

Kodi software has implemented ways to help the user distinguish between legal and illegal content. To access the legal Kodi addons, the user should check from the Kodi repository. Here there are different types of addons from various online providers.

Official Kodi addons

The internet has both official and unofficial addons where some work while others don’t.  It’s the user’s choice to select the best for their device.

  • PBS kids
  • Com
  • Nasa
  • Fox Sports Go
  • NBC live extra
  • iPlayer WWW
  • Plex

Unofficial Kodi addons

There are popular unofficial Kodi addons that provide free TV shows and movies.  The addons require a VPN to hide identity and location.

  • Genesis Reborn Kodi
  • cCloud TV Kodi
  • Fantastic Kodi
  • Mobdro Kodi
  • Oculus Kodi
  • Placenta Kodi
  • Gurzil Kodi
  • Poseidon Kodi
  • Exodus Kodi
  • Covenant Kodi.

These are just a few; the internet holds a variety of working third-party addons.

The legality of Kodi addons and Kodi

The installation on Kodi addons pretty much determines the legality issues.  The user should understand that Kodi cannot work without addons. It’s just an open sour media player who only functions with the help of addons.  The platform allows the user to add apps or addons to help stream online.  To achieve free streaming, the user should invest in a VPN for easier access.

To get the legal or official addons Kodi offers and installation package from the official repository.  The repository contains the default apps and installed Kodi addons.  Kodi also allows for unofficial Kodi addons. Ones that enable the user to watch copyrighted content.  This might stir up legal trouble if the users don’t work on introducing a VPN.


The user’s choice of the installation determines the matter of legal or not legal. Kodi is legal and safe software. However, it also acts as an illegal app if installed with wrong or unofficial addons.  The addons assist in streaming live content for free and sometimes tampers with copyrighted content. The user can use the addons without interfering with restricted content. One can also use a VPN to cover their tracks and enjoy the live stream. However, addons change with time; some get in the hands of authority during crackdowns, and they are shut while new evolve.