Why You Need a Fat Pocket to Own DGT Boards

Are you looking forward to up your chess experience? Becoming a chess champion is the dream of every player. You want to beat every opponent you encounter both physically and online. However, this is impossible without the right gears and devices.

A DGT board is one of the essential devices in the chess game. These smart boards feature unique designs and tech that enhance how you play chess and outsmart your opponents. The board enables you to record and store your moves. Any chess coach will recommend you to get one.

But one thing is clear. The DGT boards are not affordable. Only a few players can afford to own one due to their expensive price. But why are they so expensive? Here are some possible reasons why you will need a thick pocket to buy one:

DGT is a monopoly 

If you understand economics, you know about monopolies. But for better understanding, a monopoly is a firm without a worthy competitor. This means that it is the only supplier of the product in the market.

This aspect applies to DGT. It is the only company capable of making and selling electronic chess sets. No other company can match their board and chess pieces. With this freedom, they have the power to charge customers what they feel is the right price for the device. So, DGT determines the board prices depending on their profit targets and other organizational goals.   

Powerful features and functionalities 

Although they are a monopoly, DGT is not out there to only make money. They design products that are worthy of the high prices. The DGT boards have great features and functionalities that will transform your chess-playing experience. The board helps you to record, store, and retrieve your moves for real-time analysis.

You can use it to play virtually with computer software. Also, it allows you to play against an online opponent. If you have fans or friends, the board comes with a live broadcasting feature. This aspect helps you to relay the games via the internet or audio-visual devices.  Other features include tutor mode, high accuracy, and powerful sensor power. 

With such features and functionalities, you will need to pay more to enjoy their benefits. 

Unique operational and connectivity technology

The DGT boards are not just parts for playing chess but they are transformational devices. The manufacturer fits them with power and unique technology that changes the way you play chess. First, it comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. You can decide on the best connection option depending on your luxury needs.

Also, the board has powerful sensors with a speed of 6 scans per second. This aspect ensures that no moves will go unnoticed. Again, each chess piece features a unique chip for easy electronic recognition.   

In addition, the board has a LED indicator that shows your opponent’s moves. You can connect it with DGT Pi for playing on the go. All these luxurious and smart features will require you to dig deep in your pocket to get these devices.

High-quality and sturdy construction

Features and tech are not the only DGT boards selling points. Its construction also contributes to the high price. These boards are products of high-quality materials and skilled workmanship. Most of the boards feature luxury-oriented wooden material such as rosewood. The manufacturer has a strict material selection to ensure what they offer is durable and sturdy.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the DGT boards are not like any other piece. They employ both crafting and technological innovation to enhance the chess experience. Though the price appears to be high, the features and their quality are worth it.  

Why You Need a Fat Pocket to Own DGT Boards was last updated July 27th, 2021 by George Harrolds

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