How to Reset Firestick and Make it Sleep after You Are Done Watching

The tech industry is developing streaming devices with unique features to suit the user’s daily routine, from watching live and free content to the sleeping ability of the Firestick device. This control feature is easy to set on when one is not using the gadget. It’s an intelligent technology that saves power for the user. However, Firesticks are designed to sleep after few minutes if left idle.  The feature is among the many Firestick controls which offer the ultimate experience. Most users don’t know how to reset Firestick and utilize the sleep feature since it automatically goes to sleep after 30 minutes.

Firestick remote to set the Firestick to sleep

Every Firestick comes equipped with a remote. This helps the user get a better experience on the streaming device. The remote has several controls which function differently. On the remote, there is the home button in the middle of the remote. First, press and hold it down for few seconds; this will open the home menu.

The menu will display some options, one being a moon-shaped figure. Click on the option; this will put your Firestick on low power mode. Note the option is like turning off your device. The new Firestick version has a power button making it easy to turn off the device.

Using an app

Besides the remote control, you can utilize the app to set your Firestick to sleep. Use your smartphone or tablet to control your Firestick. Download the Amazon Firestick app on your Google play store or App store. Launch the app to access some Firestick icons on the app. click on the Firestick remote icon to convert the app into remote mode.  The page will look similar to the remote; click the gear icon on the page to proceed. Next, click the moon-shaped icon or sleep tab to convert your Firestick from active mode to sleep mode.

Importance of sleep mode

The sleep mode is significant to the Firestick gadget as it saves power. The user doesn’t have to shut off the device entirely but can leave it to sleep and move to other activities. The device automatically goes to sleep mode after 30 minutes. One doesn’t have to wait for 30 minutes but can do it immediately. It helps save the remote batteries and power. The device will stop functioning, but the software will be active. It will be easy to update anything when it’s on sleep mode.

Using the remote from sleep mode

Now that we know how to put the Firestick to sleep. It’s also easy to use and continue watching your favorite content. The gadget is always in ready mode; press any tab and continue from where you left.  Suppose you’re using the Amazon app as the remote press any icon to activate the device.

Firestick not going to sleep

Some technical hitches might arise, and the Firestick refuses to respond to the sleep command. You can give it time to go to sleep automatically or just reset the Firestick by turning it off and on again.  You can restart the Firestick and try pressing the home button to get the menu. Now you can click the sleep icon to put the Firestick to sleep. It is typical for the Firestick not to respond to any command. You need to restart or reset and try again.

Other features which make Amazon Firestick unique

  • The shortcut menu for easy access.
  • Alexa voice
  • Smartphone as screen or remote.
  • The parental controls ensure receive safe content.
  • Expanding your internal storage to accommodate games, video, and other apps.
  • Connection for Bluetooth
  • Personalized screen saver.
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