The Best Deepfake Apps and Websites in 2024

Deepfake tech whips up lifelike portraits in no time. It’s fun, yet there’s a dark side. If used wrongly, it can defame, especially politicians. Yet, it’s great for hobbyists and researchers in computer vision, machine learning, and image recognition. Imagine using deepfake software for personal stuff, like photos, videos, and voice. You’re handing over your data to app creators who might share it without asking. That’s risky.

But deepfake apps are booming, and there are popular ones for photo and video editing. Check it out:

1. FaceApp

FaceApp is a photo editing tool. This app lets you, your buddies, and your relatives look different. It can broaden smiles, play with age and show younger or older versions of you. You can revamp your smile, change hairdos, smooth your skin, and give prominence to your features. You can find FaceApp on Google Play for Android users and the Apple App for iOS users.

2. Deepswap is an online deepfake website tool that is used to create any face swap videos and images within a few seconds. With over 150 million users, Deepswap is the go-to platform for creating funny and viral face swaps including movie role refacing, gender swaps, face memes, and more. Besides, users are also allowed to enhance, transform, and beautify their visuals effortlessly with Deepswap’s professional-grade editing features.

3. Reface

The Reface application, previously known as Douplicat, specializes in face swapping and can utilize pre-made themes to craft amusing meme movies and GIFs.  You can add or delete your face from a GIF with this software. Just snap a selfie and choose a GIF from the selection.

The efficiency of the overlay depends on the symmetry of the faces and the GIF used, so the result could be better. Because Reface AI, a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) at its backend, is now used, the software underwent a rebranding. The Reface app is available on Google Play for Android and the Apple App for iOS devices.

4. Voila AI Artist

Voila! AI Artists can turn your photos into cartoon-like graphics or avatars, drawings, Renaissance-style paintings, or even portraits of movie stars. You may use your pet’s photos to create adorable wool dolls, imaginative toy blocks, and other representations in addition to human faces. Voila AI Artist is also available on Google Play for Android devices and on the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Voila AI Artist users can also visit on Instagram.

5. MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia makes memories come to life and lets you see the past in moments. It gives faces in pictures lifelike animations, such as head tilts, blinks, and smiles. You may construct a short narrative with the app that the people in your pictures can read aloud. It also allows you to create photographs of yourself in different historical eras and restore photos. Available for free on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and on the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

6. Avatarify

Avatarify makes your face come to life by giving you the aspect of singing or speaking in the voice of a famous person or fake personality. Simply select a clip, submit your photo, and let the software handle the rest of how to use this tool. The Avatarify app is available for download and installation on Android and iOS smartphones. Microsoft Windows PC operating systems can access the desktop version.

7. ZAO

Zao, a face-swapping app that uses deepfake technology, is popular in China but has some privacy concerns. Users can easily exchange their faces in videos for those of people, creating deepfake content. Zao is available for download on iOS (only in China) and Android smartphones, though access can be limited in some areas.


Wombo is another app that takes advantage of Instagram’s immense popularity by providing an extensive selection of music for lip-syncing. Wombo.AI is available on Google Play for Android or iPhone apps. Due to the incredibly user-friendly website, people can participate in what appears to be a growing trend of deepfakes or synthetic media.

9. Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web is an online deepfake creator that uses AI to enable anyone to create face-swapped videos easily. The program requires no software downloads because it runs in the cloud. This cloud-based deepfake software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to swap out faces in films smoothly.

10. DeepFaceLab

DeepfaceLab Web is a cloud-based tool that uses AI to seamlessly swap out faces in videos. Users may upload videos with source and target faces through an intuitive interface, and the software trains the AI model and creates the final deepfake movie. You can readily discover online tutorials guiding you through the fundamentals and essential features. It is accessible Windows operating systems can access the desktop version.

11. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is well known for enabling real-time face swapping with a friend using your phone’s built-in camera features. The software includes quirky effects and stickers for extra entertainment, whether you’re exchanging faces with celebrities or using your images.

According to Face Swap Live, it doesn’t collect, save, or send facial data. However, it does gather certain user data, including your IP address; as a result, it is recommended that you utilize a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN to use the program. Face Swap Live application is available on Google Play for Android and iOS phones.

12. DeepArtEffects

DeepArtEffect tool can create creative images using instructions, even if it doesn’t use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning methods featured in earlier programs and web pages. The functions of this app use stylish art aspects and social network creativity to create original artwork. Available for free on the Google Play Store for Android devices and iOS devices on Apple App Store.

13. FaceMagic

FaceMagic is an artificial intelligence-powered face-swapping application. You can add any face you want to movies and pictures using FaceMagic. Although the in-app increases face swapping, you can also use your pictures and photos as the major part of the face swap. To download FaceMagic, visit the Google Play Store for Android and iOS devices.

14. Lensa

Lensa is a simple and easy photo-editing tool. Like FaceApp, its enhancing filters offer various options to change your haircut, remove bags under your eyes, and polish your facial features. Lensa is different from FaceApp since it has a lot of modern artistic styles and graphic effects that turn your raw photographs into eye-catching masterpieces. Available on the Google Play Store for Android and iOS devices on Apple App Store.

15. Craiyon AI

Craiyon AI is one of a growing number of artificial intelligence picture producers available to the general public. Formerly referred to as DALLE mini, Craiyon is an AI model that can produce images from any textual input, including single words, phrases, or lengthy descriptions.

What is a Deepfake App?

Deepfake AI is artificial intelligence that can produce realistic-looking fake photos, sounds, and videos. Deepfake is generated by joining the terms “deep learning” and “fake,” which refers to both the technology and the deceiving information.

Deepfake applications create realistic-looking fake photos or videos. The program changes your face into a target, an animal, an artificial figure, or a personality by using an original photo that is particular to you. Usually, users can select from different pictures or videos, expressing that they are someone else or performing actions they have never accomplished in real life.

How Does Deepfake Technology Work?

Deepfake technology connects machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate visual and audio data. Deepfake applications produce a realistic style that usually needs many photos or audio samples to be supplied. The most common application among users is deepfake software for cell phones. With these programs, users can cover a different face or overlay their face onto another person’s head.

Are Deepfake Apps Safe to Use?

Deepfake apps are usually safe to use; they are examined for viruses and malware just like other apps before they become accessible in app stores. But the main concern is that the creators of these deepfake apps might exploit users’ personal information. Using these apps frequently entails sharing private information about oneself and maybe friends and family members through images, videos, or audio clips.

Deepfake applications can use your information in various ways, from repurposing it for their ads to holding onto the raw materials for future uses. Some apps may share your data with other corporations, including your preferences and actions. Afterward, these businesses use this data to create advertisements that are specific and directly aimed at you.

Is Using Deepfake Apps Illegal?

Although downloading deepfakes is not unlawful as a whole, creating content in a way that violates the law can make it illegal, such as when someone makes a pornographic deepfake of themselves without asking permission.

Furthermore, accusations of copyright violation could arise from downloading copyright-protected content.

Top Deepfake Voice Generators

1. Respeecher

Respeecher creates synthetic recordings almost like the originals, guaranteeing a natural voice. Produce a speech similar to the actual speaker, making it perfect for video game developers, filmmakers, and other content producers.

2. Real-Time Voice Cloning

Real-time voice cloning uses neural networks and generative models to produce a digital copy of a human speech. The generative model uses spectrogram analysis to create a statistical representation of human voices after training on a dataset of human voice samples.


Resemble AI uses proprietary Deep Learning models to create customized AI voices. It then uses text-to-speech and speech-to-speech synthesis to produce high-quality AI-generated audio content. You can even incorporate other feelings into the discourse, such as fear, rage, or friendship. The synthesized voice gets better in quality as the AI receives more data.

4. FakeYou

You can make audio from a written passage and talk in someone else’s voice with FakeYou. It provides a different range of voices, ranging from those of real-life figures like Donald Trump to fake characters from DC or Marvel.

5. Descript

Descript is a program for altering audio and video. You can input your loved script straight into Overdub, a feature that replicates voices, without producing the entire video. It’s an excellent resource because of its comprehensive recording and editing tools. This makes it highly useful for creators who focus on social media content and photography.


By 2024, a whole variety of apps and websites will be designed for altering images, footage, and audio. These platforms make for some fun and creativity but everyone must be careful. Privacy issues are real and could be problematic. Therefore, it’s so important to pick platforms you can rely on. After all, the wrong use of personal data is a serious matter.

In addition, creating deepfake content becomes lawful when ethical rules and laws are adhered to. Issues arise when discussing non-consensual use, violation of copyright, and potential misuse. As tech evolves, we need to think ahead about the ethical outcomes of both creating and consuming deepfakes. It’s important to encourage responsible use and establish suitable legal rules.


Can any person access deepfake technology?

Indeed, various apps, and tools for deepfake can be found in the general market. Some deepfake apps are available for download if you want to use them for personal entertainment. There are many chances for the use of professional quality deepfake software.

Is deepfake software available for free?

Yes. The primary features of various deepfake apps are free, like high abilities and good prices., Reface, Faceapp, Avatarify, and Voila AI Artist are a few.

How can I get free deepfake images?

Downloading deepfake apps from the Google Play or Apple App Store is the easiest and most advantageous perspective to deepfake a photo. You should be capable of downloading and using these apps for free, and they should produce free basic features. Remember to read the privacy policy of any free deepfake picture source you use.

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