Bushwick Nightlife Guide

More often than not, when deciding where to spend an exciting night in Brooklyn, the only inevitable answer is, of course, Bushwick.

Since the early 2010s, nightlife has become an integral part of the identity of the industrial North Brooklyn neighborhood, where rapid gentrification has brought in more and more young people, mostly Latinos. Warehouses turned into clubs, artists and music fans created DIY spaces, and cocktail bars for creative types or local skateboarders lined the streets of the L. HBO’s Girls only cemented Bushwick’s reputation as a party hub, which it maintains to this day.

Before you look for apartments for rent in Bushwick, Brooklyn, you need to know that Bushwick has a variety of nightlife options, including renowned restaurants, where you can find everything from eateries to old family businesses. There are plenty of live music venues and various places to dance or grab a late-night snack. Whatever your plans for the night, here are a few of the best places in Bushwick to enjoy your time.

Avant Gardner

If you consider yourself a true EDM fan, you can dress up in your best rave attire and head straight to Avant Gardner. This spacious three-room venue (actually located in East Williamsburg) is a casual party space transformed into elevated storage. Featuring the indoor “Grand Hall” and “Royal Room” venues, as well as the outdoor “Brooklyn Mirage” venue, Avant Gardner approaches the energy of festivals like Electric Zoo virtually every night. Here, you’ll find impressive lighting, visual displays, and frequent performances by famous EDM artists (in addition to pop, hip-hop, and rock artists who also perform here). When it’s time to recharge after enjoying such a flow of musical beats, the festival continues with a food court offering a variety of snacks from DJ and chef Chris McLaughlin.


Want to meet a great band long before their rise to fame? Stop by Alphaville, and you’ll have the unique opportunity to brag that you saw them before they were famous, performing at Zone One, for example. The bar was previously a casual establishment, but after being closed for a long time during the pandemic, it reopened in 2022 with an inviting arcade atmosphere (even skating!) while maintaining the cozy feel of a local establishment. Tickets for most concerts are still just under $15, but specialty cocktails are now available (and great happy hour deals if you start the night early). You can also enjoy fine dining from fried chicken experts at Chef Sam Braverman’s Lori Jane.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Opened in 2012, the Bossa-Nova Civic Club began as a response to the rapidly changing environment of North Brooklyn. Catering to dedicated techno fans, this stylish rave venue has now become a key player in shaping Bushwick’s nightlife and earning a distinguished reputation of its own. Seating just 140 people, the club is shrouded in the famous fog, creating a mysterious atmosphere inside, where tropical Miami-inspired interiors and Art Deco elements add to the opulence. But at Bossa, the main thing is the music: here, the DJs spin techno and house beats that keep the atmosphere tense until the last chord.

Brooklyn Made

Brooklyn Made is, in fact, the ultimate live music venue for both musicians and fans. Two music industry veterans created this venue with a focus on touring artists. It offers a more comfortable alternative to other venues, including accommodation, several dressing rooms and even a swimming pool. Although access to these venues is limited to the public, the club’s commitment to providing outstanding live performances is clearly evident. Inside, you’ll find sophisticated lighting and retro-futuristic design, as well as a craft beer and cocktail bar, a courtyard, and even a connected eatery with a full menu from Cafe Mez, serving tacos, mezcal, and tequila cocktails. In general, we invite you to enjoy the performances of popular indie artists and spend a cozy evening that will last until late at night.

Gold Sounds

Gold Sounds may seem like a low-key punk bar, but if you walk through the main bar, you’ll find an amazing show in the back room. Whether you’re into shoegaze, pop-punk, nu-metal, or looking for something completely genre-less, Gold Sounds has a performance to fill the humble space. Dinner and show options are also available.

The front bar offers a varied vegan menu with its original style, pool table, garlands and stickers, and TV with nostalgic DVDs. So when you’re done enjoying the music, you can enjoy food like Disco Tots, Mac and Cheese Balls, or even a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, which really brings out the punk culture vibe.

Bushwick Nightlife Guide was last updated February 14th, 2024 by Colleen Borator