Exploring The Trends and Workflow Of Mobile Development In NYC

When you opt to work with a cross platform app development company in NYC, there are certain things that you should take care of, and maintain further in project finalization. 

The in depth review of the modernized technologies trends, and the workflow that mobile app development companies prefer is way too important. 

A steady, professional app development firm will always keep an eye on the trending techniques, and changes in the technologies for training their staff and asking them to use those in the design and development. 

In this blog, we are going to explore the process workflow of mobile development in NYC, and how any app development company could use those techniques for their betterment. 

Are you ready to explore it with us? 

But before we jump into the main topic, let’s explore some interesting facts about mobile development in NYC. 

5 Interesting Trends Of Mobile Development In NYC

In this section, we are going to explore the interesting trends of mobile app development in NYC and how these trends are necessary for every app developer to use in their work. 

  1. It’s seen that React Native is widely used in NYC by the app developers as one of the leading cross platform app development programming languages to build apps with a single codebase.
  1. Both AR and VR technologies are widely used by app developers in NYC, to create authentic, and enhanced user experiences across multiple platforms like gaming, healthcare apps, real estate applications for houses overview, and other relative apps.
  1. The app developers in NYC are turning into PWAs in order to provide users with responsive, and native like experiences.
  1. On demand app development for client’s businesses, like medical, food delivery, real estate, logistics, etc.
  1. Focusing on security, and privacy of the application’s development. Implementing all the encryption and decryption techniques for protecting sensitive user information.

Process Workflow Used By App Developers

Let’s get into the process workflow followed by a software development company new york:

1. Ideation and Market Research

The first process of the mobile development workflow starts with ideation where the client thinks of different ideas. 

Whatever comes to your mind first isn’t the right ONE. You should always think of the second or third option, whereas, once you’ve gathered all the ideas in your mind, think of the best ones. 

Finalize the app idea using different metrics like; 

  1. Which one will be a hit in the coming 2 to 3 years?
  2. How much will this app design and development take?
  3. Are you capable of marketing this application? 

If you get the answer to these questions then you’re good to go with the app idea. Once you’ve an app idea, start with market research. 

The market research will let you learn about your target audience, and what are their likes and dislikes. 

For instance:

  • What are your target audience likes?
  • From which region they are from?
  • Which type of app do they like to use?

These questions will help you better understand your audience, and create an app design and development roadmap based on real time data analysis.

2. App’s UI/UX Design

Second, we’ve application UI/UX designing where the app designer is responsible for sitting with the team designers, and asking them to share their insights on the projects. 

The app designer works on the wireframing of the application, and uses the best colors for the app’s screens and buttons. 

Moreover, in the prototyping stage, the application’s core features are shared with the client so they can share their feedback. If any changes are indicated, the app designer implements them for a seamless and transparent user experience. 

3. App’s Backend Development

The third phase in app design and development is app development where modernized technologies, and frameworks are utilized to develop the application. 

A react native app development company uses cross platform app development technologies to build applications using a single codebase. Hence, the application will appear the same on all devices. 

A professional app developer will use the best technologies, and frameworks to build apps that are 100% responsive, and don’t pixelate when they are used on desktop or any other application.

4. App’s Testing

In this phase of the process workflow, the Q.A experts do detailed testing of the application. From white box testing to test the frontend of the application to black box testing to test the backend of the application, and gray box testing for entire rigorous testing of the application. 

The Quality Assurance experts ensure that none of the bugs remain unsolved, and users don’t find any issues while accessing the application. 

5. App’s Launch

On the fifth, we have an application launching process where the application is delivered to the client in the real time environment. 

Once it’s approved by the client, we submit the application to the app store. There are different processes to submit an application to the App Store. 

For iOS app store the criteria is entirely different whereas, for an Android Google PlayStore it’s different. The app developer should have expertise to deal with both.

Once the application is submitted to the app store, the marketing team starts working on the marketing of the application. How they’re going to market the app to the right audience, and what will be the marketing tactics.

App’s Maintenance and Support (Additional Workflow)

Lastly, the application’s maintenance and support services phase which includes the top-notch post delivery maintenance for the application. 

In this phase of the workflow, the maintenance experts stick to the client and solve their queries if anything is reported.

This is one the most important phases, because most of the app development companies don’t offer post-delivery maintenance services that is why they ain’t making much like other app developers who offer maintenance services at a reasonable rate. 

And we’re done for the day. We covered enough information that is necessary for you to learn and implement. However, if you still have some queries feel free to share your thoughts. We’re eager to hear it back from you. 

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