Boost Your Restaurant Sales: Create and Promote a QR Code Menu for Food Carts and Restaurants

The use of QR codes has been growing, too, especially in restaurants, where they consider it an innovative way of improving customer experience. Those are two-dimension bar codes that can be scanned using smartphone cameras. QR codes have been used widely in restaurants for the purpose of menu ordering, payment of bills, and loyalty programs because they are being considered as contactless ways to reduce the spreading of coronavirus.

Use of QR codes can also be done in food carts and restaurants so that sales can be increased. They are fast, convenient, and easy to use, where customers can browse through a menu and make an order over the internet. They are crucial in saving restaurants time money, and ensuring that there are few errors in the order-taking process.

What is a QR code menu?

A QR code menu is a digital menu that can be accessed by scanning a QR code on a customer’s smartphone. PDF or webpage of the menu can be displayed with all information about the dishes being served within them, including ingredients in the dishes, prices for them, pictures of them, promotions being run around them, as well as its dietary restrictions associated with the dishes. QR code menus, unlike traditional menus, are a form of contactless replacement to paper or laminated menus that many customers touch.

Setting up a QR code menu

Choosing a QR code generator

The first step is to use a good quality QR code generator. Oddmenu gives you a great start at crafting a QR code menu easily.

The second step is to create the menu in PDF or digital format.

Once the QR code has been generated, this should be printed out and displayed in a suitable place that is easily accessible for customers with their smartphones. It may be enlarged to make it more visible and can be disinfected as appropriate. While some restaurants choose to create their QR code menus manually using design software, others leverage user-friendly digital menu software that simplifies the process. This software can help create visually appealing menus, integrate with existing ordering systems, and even track menu analytics.

Promoting the QR code menu

QR code menus are not only convenient for the customers, but very cost-effective for the restaurants. The popularization of the QR code menu could be done in following way:

The QR code can be displayed over the food cart or restaurant

The QR code needs to be displayed using your digital menu software to some of the most visible places in the restaurant or on the food cart. Placing it near the entrance might serves as of any help, and placing it inside every dining area can cause more customers get interested in it and use it.

Embedding the QR code on social pages

It can also be spread over social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In this way, more and more customers can be targeted in order to facilitate them to visit the digital menu.

Explaining the use of the QR code to customers

Some people may not be accustomed to the use of QR codes hence, their customers should be explained how to scan and navigate steps to reach the digital menu displayed on their mobile devices. They can have it spelt out on their website or social media pages.

Benefits of a QR code menu

Customer convenience

QR code menus give customers the ability to leaf through a menu and even pay bills without touching them, hence ensuring good hygiene and safety. Additionally, there will be less waiting time if there’s no need to distribute printed covers to guests.

No ink or paper waste reducing printing cost

QR code menus are going to reduce the need for unwarranted paper menus, and therefore the menu printing costs. It will go a long way in reducing the carbon footprints produced by restaurants.

Increased sales potential

QR code menus can help increase sales at the restaurant by also helping the ones ordering for the food, assisting them in easy and efficient ordering simultaneously. Due to this ease in placing and getting an order processed, many orders can be taken care of within less time and with fewer hassles.

Integrating QR code menus can be a vital aspect of the restaurant business plan, optimizing customer service and operational efficiency.

Challenges and Solutions

Some restaurants could be lacking the technological infrastructure that is needed for the implementation of menus through QR codes. Like, a restaurant may lack an internet connection that is stable enough or may not have a smart phone or tablet with which they can come up with and display QR codes. The solution is to invest in quality hardware and software or reach out to an external provider for assistance. Remember, not all customers could own smartphones. Restaurants should avail a different mechanism to access the menu such as printed menus that will enable everyone to place an order.

Restaurant employees should inform the customers about QR code menus for their convenience. This mostly means giving advice on how to scan the QR code and use it, dealing with minor technological malfunctions of scanning or payment, and receiving payment in the digital form.


QR code menus in restaurants and food carts have attained popularity as they help in reducing contact between people and, therefore, protecting their customers during this COVID-19 pandemic period through contactless ordering and payments.

Apart from ensuring protection for their customers, the use of QR code menus has other great advantages to their businesses too. QR code menus in restaurants help to save on printing, and paper waste, improve the process of order taking and keeping lists of food, as well as payment. And that will save time for both restaurant staff and their customers. These QR code menus can also prove a source of increasing sales and making the customers experience a more convenient, safer, and faster dining experience for them to be able to return. In conclusion, QR code menus are essentially modern and convenient ways of enhancing the experience of the customers and ensuring that the profits within a restaurant increase. The restaurants should think of investing on technology, hence implementing digital menus to stay ahead. By doing so, they would be in a competitive position that differentiates them from other food establishments that do not offer such sophisticated dining options.

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