Four Ways to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom into a More Grown-Up Version

As you will know yourself as the parent, godparent or other loving family member, children seem to grow up fast and right before your very eyes, making it a constant struggle to ensure that they’re wearing the correct size in both school uniform and trainers alike.

When it comes to your child’s bedroom, as they get older, the Paw Patrol or Harry Potter theme that they’ve absolutely loved for many years may tend to become dated and not entirely in keeping with their new passions and interests.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn four effective ways of transforming your child’s bedroom into a more grown-up version.

Upgrade the Internet

Unless you have deliberately decided to bring your children up in the way that you yourself were no doubt raised, in that there was absolutely no sign of technology during playtime or school, chances are that your child is already addicted to their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The more attractive that you try to make your child’s newly transformed bedroom, the more likely they are to want to spend time at home and therefore, it would be in your interests to upgrade your broadband connection to fiber internet at home.

Place a Renewed Emphasis on Comfort

Obviously, it isn’t as if you were making your child lie on a concrete bed, but there’s a tendency to go for aesthetics over functionality when it comes to younger children’s bedrooms.

Now that they’re a teenager, you need to create a safe and comfortable space, as even though you are aware that being a teenager is much easier than being an adult, they don’t, so they need a comfortable space to de-stress and collect their thoughts.

Think bean bag chairs, comfortable blankets, oversized throws, and a multitude of cushions and other soft furnishings that will truly make them feel as if their bedroom is their own.

Let Them Decide!

Unless your teenager or young adult has expressed a desire for black curtains, carpet, and walls (which would be detrimental to both their emotional and physical health), you should also remember to listen to them when it comes to the design and décor.

Perhaps you could give them a budget and task them with compiling a mini plan of what they’d like and where they’d like to put it, and let them take the reins with color and theme? After all, this is your child’s bedroom, not yours, and the more independence and freedom you give them, the less likely they’re to feel as if they need to rebel.

Include a Studying Zone

Finally, whether your teenager absolutely loves school, and you never have any trouble chasing them to check if their homework is done or not, either way, your child needs a quiet, relaxing, and focused space that they can study in.

This doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, rather, all you really need is a fresh set of stationery, a spacious desk and comfortable office chair, and plenty of storage space for their work.

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