Will Anyone Use the Apple Vision Pro Headset or Is It Too Heavy and Expensive?

Futuristic and revolutionary tech are the words that come to mind when we look at the Apple Vision Pro headset promo. The way it blends digital content with our physical space and eradicates the need for any other device seems definitely a game-changer.

If Apple promises to deliver what it has presented, then Apple Vision Pro Headset is about to disrupt the whole tech market. But here’s the catch, do you know the estimated weight of the headset is around 453-680 grams, and it will cost a whopping $3,499? Well, both of these aspects doubt the success and useability of the headset. Therefore, this article thoroughly explores Apple Vision Pro Headset and highlights its main concerns.

Apple Vision Pro Headset – A Quick Overview

At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 on June 5, Apple introduced its first-ever headset called Vision Pro with a ski-goggle-like design. It is a mixed-reality headset showcasing augmented reality content overlaid on the real world. It features 4K micro-OLED displays with 23 million pixels combined, over a dozen cameras, eye/gesture tracking for navigation and control, 6 mics, and 2 hours of battery life.

Vision Pro is coming with its own operating system called visionOS, which Apple says is the first OS designed for spatial computing (AR/VR experiences). Apple has even introduced a visionOS software development kit (SDK) to enable developers to create apps for Vision Pro.

Although there are many features of Apple’s Vision Pro headset that other competitors are not offering, its Digital Crown feature takes the game to a new level. This feature allows you to switch between viewing the real world and virtual reality while wearing the headset, providing a better look at the surroundings. Moreover, Vision Pro promises an immersive experience watching video content that even supports 3D movies and feels like a 100-feet screen.

Apple’s Launch Plan for Apple Vision Pro Headset

Vision Pro is a new product category for Apple after the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015. As per the company’s current claims, the launch of Vision Pro is set for early 2024. However, things are a bit messy inside the Apple development center.

As per reports, Apple is cutting its first-year production goals for Vision Pro headsets by 50%. Apple is now looking to prepare less than 400,00 units in 2024. The reason is mainly due to the gadget’s complex design. According to Fortune, two components suppliers from China have said that Apple had demanded components for only 130,000-150,000 units in the first year. Moreover, the plans to build a cheaper version have also been delayed.

Overall, we will likely see Apple Vision Pro headsets in the market next year, but the supply will be limited and may be available in a few countries only.

Major Concerns with Apple Vision Pro Headset

Now that we have looked into all the official details we have heard from Apple and other news platforms, let’s do a deeper forensic of the Apple Vision Pro headset and highlight its three major concerns.


The first concern we like to point out is the heavyweight of the gadget. According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple allowed many employees to test the headset after the WWDC unveiling. However, many employees have reported it to be heavy.

The headset is estimated to weigh around 453-680 grams, which seems quite heavy to hold on the face for a long time. The heavyweight is mainly because the gadget is made of glass and aluminum instead of plastic.

To deal with the heavyweight issue, Apple has designed an additional strap that goes over the wearer’s head. This strap will reduce the pressure on the face. However, Apple seems to sell that strap as an extra accessory, just like Zeiss’s corrective lenses required for users wearing prescription glasses.


The next major concern with the Apple Vision Pro is its unrealistic price, starting at $3,499. This price excludes the extras you have to pay for other accessories or purchasing paid apps from the App Store.

Apple is known for its high price products, but it has shocked everyone this time. Even the headset developed by its competitors is mostly below the $2,000 price range. So, the price tag of Vision Pro will make it unaffordable for millions of Apple users. However, Apple is likely going to release a cheaper version of the headset, but the plans look delayed for now. The company is currently emphasizing the successful launch of the first version of Vision Pro and then might head for cheaper versions gradually.


The Apple Vision Pro headset has an external battery pack attached to the headset by a cable plugged into the port behind the ear. Despite being an external battery pack, it will have a battery time of just two hours on a single charge. This means you can use the headset without plugging into a power source for only two hours. That’s not even enough to watch a full movie or last a flight.

For extended hours of usage, you have to use the headset while plugged in. However, it is believed that Apple will gradually improve the headset’s battery life in future iterations of the product. But for now, it will be a concern for the product’s initial users.

Wrapping Up – Will Apple Manage to Make Apple Vision Pro Headset a Success?

The Apple Vision Pro headset is like a fantasy turned into reality. Soon after the announcement of the Vision Pro headset, the company also managed to become the first U.S. publicly traded company to close above a $3 trillion valuation. Considering Apple’s commitment to premium products, it is likely that we will see a realistic version of the Vision Pro headset in the market soon. However, its weight, price, and functionality will be the main decision maker in the product’s success. So, let’s sit tight and see how Apple manages to launch its much-awaited headset next year.

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