From Sharing to Collaboration: Unleashing the Power of Intranet Apps

What does it mean for your employee base to be in a truly collaborative setting? It is more common than not that you have employees working from a variety of different locations. Even if they are in the same office, they are likely in offices or open workspaces where there is a need to collaborate and share things virtually. This is where the power of an intranet app comes into play.

Intranet Apps Gaining in Popularity

We at Simmplr have seen the power that intranet app have been able to bring to organizations. It used to be that these apps were only set up for the largest organizations due to the complexity of their roll-outs. This is no longer the case as organizations of all sizes, even the smallest of businesses, have the potential to get a lot out of intranet apps.

Understanding the Value

So what is the value that you can expect to get once you start to onboard intranet apps at your organization? The value is spread out across a variety of different buckets, each bringing forth a whole set of positive attributes.


The first major value point when talking about unleashing the power of intranet apps has to do with communication. You want your employees to be able to communicate in real time, on the fly. This does not mean having a landline at their desk that you need to call to talk to someone. Instead, what this means is having them in a virtual and collaborative setting via intranet apps that allow them to communicate with who they need to, on the spot.

Intranet app choices allow for instant communication in a variety of different settings. It could be setting up a virtual teams meeting, setting up a conference call, or making a one-on-one call using voice technology. The alternative is the ability to use chat messaging, group chats, and so on to communicate in smaller pieces. Even communicating within documents is made possible thanks to Google Workspace, Office 365, and other platforms. The same goes for many of their workflow-related tools and apps available.


You want to be able to collaborate at your place of business. Why send multiple versions of documents back and forth when you can collaborate on them together in real-time while using communication tools that go with it?


Communication and collaboration lead to a higher level of engagement. When employers have a high level of engagement, they are going to be much more honed in on what their tasks are daily, and also understand how what they are doing is going to help the organization achieve the long and short-term objectives that it has set out. You want a highly engaged employee base so that they can bring three best selves to work every single day.


Lastly, the more you allow employees to feel a high sense of engagement and can collaborate and communicate freely, it will mean that you have the more productive workforce. You want to allow your employees to be creative in how they work, using the power of intranet app choices to make it all possible. Intranet apps can unlock possibilities and break down boundaries so that employees can work together to achieve results faster and with a higher level of focus.

Start Down the Path of Intranet Apps Today

You want to begin your organization on the path of intranet apps if you have not already done so. There are so many options out there and you want to present a suite of options to your employees so that they can find the best ways to work to unlock their fullest potential.

From Sharing to Collaboration: Unleashing the Power of Intranet Apps was last updated March 2nd, 2024 by Sandeep Bhola