Top 5 Emerging Technologies in UX Design in the UK

UX or “User Experience” Design refers to the process of creating products that would be appropriate to the experience of consumers. Creating UX design is vital to ensure that whatever product you are creating is relevant to your users. 

Being a UX designer is not easy, as reflected in the salary range of UX designers in Australia. In 2021, the average salary of a UX designer ranges from $45,000 to $130,000 Australian. This shows the global demand for UX designers in recent times—especially in the UK.

In the UK, UX designers have been emerging to help people with their products. However, not everyone is capable of becoming one which is why it is helpful to know a UX design agency. There is a notable UX design agency in London that can help you with your endeavors.

In this article, we will tackle several technologies with UX design in the UK that have been rising. These technologies are:

  • AI Technology
  • The Immersive Experience
  • Multiple Device Experience
  • The Technology of Motion Sensing
  • A Personalized Experience

AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is helpful in creating a UX design. AI technology in machines will aid their interactions with consumers. Hence, people would be able to personalize their experience more with the help of AI technology. 

In UX design, AI technology can also help with a product’s ergonomics and comfort features. Your UX design will be efficient for the user and will ensure comfort in their experience. Having this technology will make it easier to acquire information on how to better your design.

Software like Adobe Photoshop now has some AI technology features incorporated into their systems. These updates improve the performance of such software and other applications.

The Immersive Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology has been emerging in the realm of UX design. What started as a technology famous for video games is now used in UX design. AR technology offers many benefits in creating UX design.

Not only that, but AR technology has been taking over the world by storm. It is said that by 2024, there will be about 1.7 billion mobile AR users around the globe. This data shows us how vital it is to use AR technology in UX design since there will be more users in the coming years.

One common way that companies use to present products is through video content. But utilizing AR technology in this strategy will be a better choice. With this technology, consumers would be able to see products in 3D. Making the user experience immersive, enjoyable, and new. This innovation will set your UX design apart from others because it will allow for a more engaging aspect of your design.

Applications like Snapchat and Instagram are already using AR technologies in their features. This technology is evident in these applications’ several filters that users can enjoy.

Multiple Device Experience

Consumers are now fond of products that are accessible across several devices. This is because consumers value convenience and comfort in their experiences. A UX designer, especially a UX design agency, should be knowledgeable about this aspect since it increases the number of users.

In recent times, consumers normally shift from one device to another. Specifically, they change the device they use from a smartphone to a desktop or television screen and vice versa. A UX designer should know the pathway of this shift and create a UX design based on this. By doing so, they are able to efficiently create UX designs that will be effective in their functions.

The emergence of smart devices is also evident in recent times. The focus on desktops and televisions has shifted towards everyday items like coffee makers, curtains, and the like. Consumers also consider if the product they purchase can be connected to their devices for easier control and access. By connecting these devices, they are able to program actions that their devices will be doing at a certain time.

The Technology of Motion Sensing

Applying Motion Sensing technologies will elevate your UX design and products. It deepens the interaction of a user with a product. This technology also increases the immersive and personalized experience of users.

Motion sensors in UX design can analyze the specific actions of users through visual feedback or even animation. The actions sensed by the devices are also used to signal the action taken by a device used. For example, making a certain hand gesture can turn off your alarm or turn your lights on. This technology is evident in Google’s Pixel 4 and other smartphones.

This also reshapes the navigation of a product created with UX design. It promotes a more natural user experience as it elevates interaction. Furthermore, it better displays the function and structure of your design.

A Personalized Experience

Having the above-mentioned technologies can contribute to making your user experience more personalized. But there are more specificities with this aspect and its execution in UX designs.

According to statistics, 74% of certain industries will be able to personalize their users’ experience to some extent in 2021. It is evident that personalizing experience is doable for any UX designer. Moreover, a UX design agency also needs to be knowledgeable in this aspect if they want to create effective UX designs.

Through personalization technologies, a UX-designed product is able to identify a person and provide them with customized features and functions. This type of technology aims to accommodate the specific needs of users through a tailor-made user experience. This customization of experience is evident in Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. These virtual assistants customize their responses based on their user’s interests and queries.

In a Nutshell

AI, AR, Cross-device, motion sensing, and personalization are just some technologies that have emerged when creating UX design in the UK. These technologies may be unchanging or just a trend, but what matters is their effectiveness right now. UX designers, like a UX design agency, will always focus on creating designs that will remain relevant to consumers. This gives way for more technologies and possibilities to emerge as the realm becomes more competitive.

Top 5 Emerging Technologies in UX Design in the UK was last updated May 18th, 2023 by Aleksandra Bondrenko