What to Spend Money on if You Plan to Own a Villa in Tilal Al Ghaf?

Summer temperatures in winter, an impressive architectural panorama, luxurious real estate and huge shopping malls all make Dubai a desirable destination for those seeking to emigrate. And, of course, the lack of taxes also plays a big role. The neighborhood of Tilal Al Ghaf is one of those beneficial places in Dubai. If you plan to buy villa in Tilal Al Ghaf, you have to calculate possible expenses and evaluate your capital. In this article, we will discuss 7 things to spend money on if you decide to relocate to Tilal Al Ghaf. 

The Neighborhood of Tilal Al Ghaf 

Tilal Al Ghaf is an area that offers fabulous panorama and well-developed infrastructure. There is a recreational lagoon in the center, a school and kindergarten, parks and cultural institutions. The area is mostly chosen by couples with children as it has a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. However, it is equally suitable for those who prefer to live in a secluded place with quick access to vibrant locations. 

The area is located next to Dubai Marina. There is a hospital, neighborhoods with educational, entertainment and shopping centers.

Common Expenses in Tilal Al Ghaf 

The neighborhood of Tilal Al Ghaf is an ideal place for a healthy life full of adventures and happiness. To make the most out of the area and its surrounding any resident needs money. The most common things to spend money on are the following:

  • housing objects;
  • house maintenance; 
  • transportation;
  • food;
  • utility bills; 
  • clothes;
  • entertainment.

Housing Objects

The first thing to decide on when relocating is a place for living. Tilal Al Ghaf offers spacious villas of various footages and designs. Villas are designed by the best modern designers, so they boast a stylish, minimalist appearance and well thought-out interior. Each house has floor-to-ceiling glazing, separate rooms with walk-in closets, a garage for 1 or 2 cars. Nearby there are gardens and parks with landscaping, as well as swimming pools, sports and children’s playgrounds, barbecue areas.

The minimal price of villas in Tilal Al Ghaf is AED 2 million. There is almost no top price as it can reach AED 60 millions. Think beforehand what amenities you want to get and what price is affordable for you. 

House Maintenance

Having bought a villa, you may have a desire to do everything by yourself in terms of interior. There are many showrooms and shopping centers in the city where you can buy the most inveterate and exquisite objects for décor. 

Housewives and fashion lovers, men and women, art connoisseurs and collectors of antiques, Muslims and Orthodox Christians will make their own special purchase. Unique souvenirs, linens from the world’s best designers, specialty utensils, the most authentic oriental carpets and new electronics – all of these you can find in shops and boutiques.

The amount of expenses depends only on your wishes. You can spend up to AED 1 million if you want to change the atmosphere in the house completely or prefer only branded furniture. 


Tilal Al Ghaf has established transportation links with the main attractions of the city. There are no problems if you work in another neighborhood or explore the beauties of the city. You can use your own car, rented car, go by public transport or call a taxi. 

The residents can buy a good car at AED 100,000 and enjoy a comfortable drive. The cost of fuel is extremely low. The only drawback is numerous traffic jams, especially in rush hour. 


This point is absolutely subjective. The amount of money you spend on food depends on many factors. Whether you prefer to dine at home or in the restaurant, what cuisine you like, what products you eat on a daily basis and many other important options influence the total sum. 

To provide some image of the average prices, we give such examples:

  • business lunches – AED 15-30
  • lunch or dinner for one person in a regular restaurant –  AED 80-150. 
  • lunch or dinner for one person in an upscale restaurant AED 250-1000.
  • common grocery budget for one person – AED 500.  

Utility Bills

The homeowners are obliged to pay for utilities. Whether you are a tenant or an owner, the requirements should be fulfilled. The total price depends mostly on footage of the villa. If you live in a villa, the total area of which is 80-85 square meters, then every month you have to pay about AED 600. This amount usually includes home lighting, the use of a gas or electric stove, heating, water and sewerage, garbage disposal. The homeowner has also to take care of lawn care, pool cleaning, etc.


In Dubai your common clothing will change. As there are no cold temperatures, the residents do not wear warm clothes. Therefore, you do not need to spend large sums of money on fur coats and warm shoes. You can buy some suits for different occasions for a professional look.

It is difficult to calculate even the average sum of expenses in this case. Everyone has their own preferences and taste as in the quality of a garment and the place of buying. Branded clothing is very expensive there. 


For this option, we can set it at about AED 2,000 per month. Of course, living in such a place as Tilal Al Ghaf, you have a lot of things to enjoy every day. But if you want to explore the country or the metropolis, go on unusual excursions or experience unforgettable water activities, be ready to pay. 

On the Whole 

Dubai is an expensive city for people with stable income. If you have your own villa to live in, you can save a sound sum of money. Emirates.Estate will help to choose the suitable housing unit for living and renting out in case of need. The abundance of options impresses. Set the desired criteria and monitor the luxury villas in the area. 

Considering the basic aspects of living in Dubai, we can conclude that the prices here are relatively high. However, competitive salaries and comfortable taxation allows people to live in comfort without strict financial limitations.

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