Running A Home Services Company In Texas: Challenges You Can Face

Running a business in any niche will provide challenges for an entrepreneur. Texas is a state that is extremely business-friendly and friendly in terms of taxes. The massive population sports talent in all industries with large cities having the highest concentrates. The influx of professionals has made the state’s business landscape quite competitive. The home services industry is so large due to the population in Texas’ massive acreage. So many businesses are moving their headquarters to Texas that the competitive nature of a local area could change overnight. Below will outline the challenges that certain home service professionals face along with what the industry faces as a whole.


Plumbers will struggle in some regard due to the nature of unlicensed plumbers that advertise their services. Reliable plumbing companies will try to fix issues along with future issues in the most affordable manner possible. Appliance repair companies can play a huge role in the plumbing niche by fixing things like garbage disposals. According to Fixd Dallas appliance repair company, ”The appliances in your home should make your day-to-day life more convenient. If one breaks, especially without warning, then it will do the exact opposite!” Appliance repair companies can manage the repair of multiple appliances along with other areas like HVAC repair.

Being aware of the challenges is the first step in successfully running a home services company in Texas. Equally important is the legal formation of your business. For a detailed guide on the logistical side of establishing your company, check out our resource on how to start an LLC in Texas. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to get your business off the ground legally and successfully.

HVAC Repair And Replacement

HVAC repair is going to come in high demand during the summer months in all of Texas. The state of Texas can be extremely hot along with very cold with ice storms being a possibility in the winter. Austin experienced a brownout during one of the coldest periods in the city’s long and storied history. The need for HVAC professionals was at an all-time high with so many systems failing for various reasons. Keeping in touch with customers via a biannual maintenance plan can help reduce the need for expensive repairs.

HVAC maintenance being handled twice a year can help reduce breathing problems within the home. The breathing issues can be on account of the humid conditions in a number of Texas cities over the summers.


Homeowners also owning lawn equipment is getting more popular for those that want to save money with time. Huge lawns exist in so many areas of Texas that it could cost hundreds to have a crew come in and handle the project. Receiving contracts like that of an entire HOA community can truly change the trajectory of a business. Pitching these committees regularly can allow the business to grow at massive rates as long as customer retention stays high.

The huge amount of competition in certain areas that have companies with hundreds or thousands of employees is vast. Unbidding on contracts is common due to the vast number of landscaping companies. Emphasizing what makes the company better than the competition is a wise marketing tactic. Licenses and insurance should be provided to clients so they understand they are working with a legitimate business.

Roof Repair And Replacement

The Texas sun is quite harsh over the course of time on the home and roof. There are hurricanes on the east coast of Texas that can cause severe damage. Severe weather can lead to a multitude of homeowners needing a roof repaired/replaced, Uninsured repair professionals might try to undercut pricing due to not having overhead costs of licensing. Using unlicensed or uninsured home service companies is a risk to homeowners. A complete renovation might have to be redone after the proper permits have been pulled.

Digital Marketing Can Drive Revenue Substantially

A lack of digital marketing can be a massive mistake when running a home service business regardless of the service provided. Local SEO can allow a company to get some online leads daily. Filling up a schedule for years with repeat services like HVAC maintenance or landscaping is possible.

Content marketing can be so important as this can help dictate search engine rankings. Content on the website and relevant and local publications online help businesses rank. Traffic to a particular page can drive leads quickly if the page is designed well and the sales copywriting is adequate.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can differ in type as corporate cleaning, medical cleaning, and residential cleaning all require different procedures. The hours that are worked for residential cleaning are usually quite reasonable as cleanings happen during the day. Corporate cleaning has to occur outside of working hours. Medical cleaning happens after everyone has left an office or lab for the day. The pandemic led to a massive increase in demand for specific cleaning services. The demand has decreased a bit leading to this industry having a saturated market.

Challenges exist in the growing population of Texas home service businesses. Overcome these with a dedication to the customer along with high-quality work being a staple of the business.

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