MacBook Air Parts: Trends and Developments in Hardware Innovation for Emerging Technologies

The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s most popular laptops. Once it was considered an excellent portable gadget for undemanding tasks, but now the new generations have combined high performance and long battery life.

Apple is constantly updating and improving its laptops to keep up with the latest trends and developments in hardware innovation for emerging technologies. This article examines some of these innovations and their benefits for MacBook Air users.

Apple M2 Processor: A Revolution in the World of Laptops

In 2020, Apple presented a SoC of its design based on ARM architecture. M line chips have a heterogeneous layout of cores. It means that the processor uses several high-performance cores that process heavy tasks, and additional energy-efficient cores perform typical everyday tasks, consuming less power.

In addition, the chip’s design has changed: most of the MacBook Air parts, including a GPU, RAM, Wi-Fi module, and NPU, are now inside the processor. It allows the chip to run faster than the top Intel solutions, generating less heat. Air became the fastest-performing laptop with a passive cooling system.

The M processor’s graphics processing is on par with discrete graphics cards in other laptops. Air’s battery life breaks all records. The Apple M2 processor in the MacBook Air 2022 has an even better graphics subsystem and even better battery life per charge:

  • 20h of online video playback;
  • 17h of browsing;
  • 10h under load.

With the Apple M processor move, MacBook Air has retained the ability to run x86 applications. The Apple M processor supports Rosetta 2, which lets you run applications designed for Intel Macs with speed and quality. MacBook Air is now versatile enough for everyday scenarios and professional and creative tasks.

Unified Memory in MacBook Air

The new layout of the processor allows the laptop to use Unified Memory. Previously, the RAM chip was located on the logic board, but now it is soldered directly to the processor. It is a smart hardware development move. It has helped to achieve greater hardware acceleration and has increased the bandwidth to 200 GB/s. The GPU can freely use this memory to process graphics tasks, which explains the high performance of the integrated graphics card in video editing, 3D modeling, and uncompressed photo processing.

Cooling System: Passive, Quiet, and Efficient

The MacBook Air can deliver fantastic performance without noise or overheating, thanks to the high-efficiency chip. But the internal design must also be clever to keep the chip cool for a long time.

The device uses a passive cooling system with heat sinks and vents in the lid hinge. This system allows the natural exchange of air and heat between the internal components and the environment, keeping the notebook at an optimal operating temperature. Passive cooling requires no maintenance or cleaning of dust and dirt, which in theory, extends the life of the device and makes it easier to maintain.

Changes to the Display

In 2022, the laptop received a redesigned display — a cutout at the top, similar to the one used in the iPhone. It allowed to increase the usable area of the screen and now more information is placed vertically. At the same time, the diagonal has grown, the frame has become thinner, and the device’s size has not changed. Webcam for video calls is located in the cutout. Its resolution is increased to 1080p, improving video transmission quality.

The screen has a resolution of 2560×1664, the pixel density is 224 ppi, and the maximum brightness is 500 nit. HDR 10-bit, P3 color gamut is supported. It means that the user gets a more precise and more saturated image.

The Sound System Meets the Immersive Effect

New Air features a four-band sound system with two woofers and two tweeters that deliver powerful, clear sound with rich bass and treble. This sound system also supports Spatial Audio, which creates a surround and realistic sound effect when listening to music or videos on the built-in speakers.

The device is equipped with a set of three microphones that use directional beam shaping to record and transmit high-quality audio during FaceTime chats, podcast recordings, or text dictation. The microphones are designed to clearly and distinctly pick up your voice.

Environmentally Conscious Laptop Body

The MacBook Air M2 looks stylish, modern, highly durable, and lightweight. Its body contains 100 percent recycled aluminum, making it hard and scratch and dent resistant. Aluminum is also one of the lightest metals around, which is why the MacBook Air M2 weighs just 1.18 pounds and is 1.13 cm thick.

MacBook Air M2 is also an environmentally responsible product that helps conserve resources and protect the planet. Using recycled aluminum in manufacturing reduces energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, MacBook Air M2 meets ENERGY STAR energy efficiency standards and is EPEAT Gold Certified, demonstrating its low environmental impact. MacBook Air M2 is also free of harmful substances such as beryllium, brominated flame retardants, PVC, phthalates, arsenic in display glass, and mercury.

Apple continues to innovate and develop technology in its laptops. They may not look as flashy as in years past, but the company is not standing still and creating technologically advanced gadgets ahead of the competition.

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