How to Repair the Speaker in iPhone 11

IPhone 11 is a mass device bought by technically savvy users and those for whom the hardware part is reduced to a display and control buttons. But, at the same time, the latter often ask, “Why doesn’t one speaker work in my iPhone 11?” If you want to know the answer, consider Howly’s advice. is a real expert. The online service provides qualified assistance online via live chat 24/7. Since only experienced professionals are in touch, you can trust their tips and rest assured of lightning-fast solutions. So, let’s see how to fix not working iphone 11 speaker.

How to Remove the Problem of Non-Working Speaker in iPhone 11

If the speaker wheezes, you should consider the following issues:

  • Third-party Bluetooth headsets may not connect correctly to the iPhone. Thus, the system may think the connection is still on after the user has disabled it. You only need to disable the device again manually.
  • Although Apple doesn’t give independent developers much freedom, sometimes their products can damage important system elements. If the audio starts fading after installing the new app, uninstall it and restart the device.
  • Sometimes, outdated firmware breaks sound artifacts. You should check the device for updates and root the device in this case.
  • Check the mute switch above the volume controls and turn it on if necessary.
  • Check the “do not disturb” function that blocks all sound signals, vibrations, and notifications. Please, disable this mode.
  • Disable AirPlay if you use this mode, sending audio from your iPhone to the TV or other available devices and forgetting to translate the sound from an external device back to your iPhone.
  • Check whether the iPhone does not currently transmit the sound to a wireless accessory (AirPods headphones, smart speaker, portable speaker, etc.). Disable the iPhone connection via Bluetooth. 

Dirty grids are a common cause of non-working dynamics in iPhone 11. Users should carefully clean them or replace them if the contamination is critical. The fall may break the sealing of the case, resulting in the oxidation of contacts and elements. This situation calls for serious intervention on the part of repair professionals.

Do You Need to Fix Two Speakers in iPhone 11?

With the release of the iPhone 11 packed with the stated stereo-sounding, speakers have become the subject of even more questions. For example, inexperienced users think the second speaker has replaced a 3.5 mm audio output. So why doesn’t the second speaker work? The answer is a breeze. Actually, “the second speaker” on the left side of the Lightning connector is a microphone, looking like a speaker because of the same design. The speaker responsible for the stereo is at the top of the body, next to the earpiece. 

How to Repair the Speaker in iPhone 11 was last updated March 14th, 2024 by Christine Thomas