What Are The Best Computer Jobs For 2022 And Beyond?

Are you thinking about a career in computers and IT? The computer jobs listed below are in demand in 2022 and should be popular in future years, too. 

Software Engineer Or Developer 

If your goal is to be one of the best software developers, you have an excellent career path before you! Demand for software developers and engineers will rise as technology advances and software and apps become more complex and demanding. 

For instance, the fast adoption of the cloud and related technology is increasing the need for software engineers who know how to build cloud programs that are scalable. Plus, the growth of complex computer systems will spread as smart devices become more prevalent and complicated. You can expect a lot of job possibilities if you decide to earn a degree in computer and science and become a software engineer. 

Data Scientist

A data scientist leverages technology to learn insights from the massive amounts of data they collate. In this field, you need a solid grasp of quantitative reasoning, statistics, and computer programming chops. Plus, it’s essential that you have superb communication skills so you can present findings to non-technical stakeholders. 

A data scientist truly is a scientist, just a different one than those who use chemicals or other substances to create things. Instead, the data scientist relies on data and sometimes text to address challenges and solve problems. 

Database Administrator

A database administrator uses software to organize and store company data. The professional must ensure that the data is open and accessible to authorized users but unauthorized people cannot get to it. 

Database administrators also determine user needs to build and maintain databases, and they test and modify databases as the organization grows. Also, many databases contain important financial and personal information, so you also need to be highly focused on security. 

Web Developer

As a web developer, you will work as a freelancer or full-time employee to develop websites. Depending on where you work, you could focus your efforts on developing the front-end that users see. Or, you might concentrate on back-end development, which means writing computer code to make the website function well. 

A web developer also can serve as a webmaster who maintains the site, adds content, and provides troubleshooting when necessary. 

Information Security Analyst

As an information security analyst, you will safeguard critical information for all types of organizations in their computer systems. Your major job is to protect critical computer systems from cyberattacks and cyber criminals breaking into the systems and stealing important data. 

In your day-to-day work, you could install and manage firewalls and software that does data encryption. Other vital job duties are to find risks and cracks in a company’s network and stop a data breach if it ever happens. 

Every type of organization in the country needs information security professionals who know how to prevent and stop cyber crimes from happening. 

Computer and Information Research Scientist

These are highly trained and skilled computer workers who invent and design novel approaches to technology and computers while also finding new uses for existing technology. These computer professionals can work for technology companies, businesses, healthcare facilities, and much more. 


There are so many computer-related career paths to choose from in 2022 and beyond. If you are thinking about working with computers and technology, a good first step is to get your degree in computer science or information technology. With that undergraduate degree, you will have the skills and credentials to get a job in one of these fields. 

What Are The Best Computer Jobs For 2022 And Beyond? was last updated October 5th, 2022 by Alex Sanders