Best 10 Automation Testing Conferences in 2022

As the software testing field is remarkably growing, the thirst for information in this valuable area is also rising accordingly. Thus attending conferences is one of the best ways to enhance and keep up on the latest software testing information. The industry-leading conferences provide the software testing organization with valuable content from esteemed industry speakers, leaders, and strategists.

If you are eager to attend automation testing conferences but are confused about choosing what conference to attend this year then this article is going to help you to decide.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 conferences on automation testing taking place in 2022 all over the world (USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, India, China, Australia, etc.). These conferences feature events on-site and online. For your ease, the conferences are sorted by date, starting from the earliest to the latest, so that you can find them using upcoming and past conferences scheduled in the next months.

Before we go ahead with our list let’s first understand the reason to attend a conference and what are the things to keep in mind to get ready for a conference.

Attending automation testing conferences allows you to enhance your test automation methods and competencies as well as makes you familiar with real-life use cases and solutions so that you can implement them in your organization.

Conferences are a great way to improve your testing skills and techniques, keep up on the latest in software testing and quality, and of course, they enable you to connect with your peers in the larger communities. Attending software testing conferences offers you an opportunity to get to learn about the modern tools and technologies in the testing industry, as well as meet and exchange ideas with industry leaders. If you want to know more and enhance your knowledge about the software testing industry, the best way is to attend the conference on testing.

But due to the past situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), attending conferences has become a bit different than in the past few years. Some in-person conferences are coming back again safely, but there are still a lot of conferences going on online to become better informed and more well-rounded.

Every year there are a number of automation testing conferences held. If you are given a chance to attend an event, then feel privileged and go for it. But before you decide to participate in any, it is important to ensure that you attend the one that will help you as a person as well as your organization.

Things to Keep In Mind Before You Register

There are checklists to be followed before you plan or register for a conference or event. Going through the points mentioned below will help you to be in a better position to decide which conference would be the best to attend.

  • Go through the respective website carefully to get all the information about the conference thoroughly.
  • Check the schedule, and the topics to be presented to get an idea. Think whether attending the conference will be worthwhile for you or not, because at the conference you will be spending a big amount additionally, some conferences demand some prerequisites to be followed.
  • Check the venue to ensure it is feasible to attend.
  • Know a little bit about the speakers in advance.

Now when you already know how to do things while deciding to attend any conference. It is equally important to know the reason for attending conferences so that you can decide wisely.

Benefits From Attending Software Testing Conference:

  • Attending Conferences helps in meeting professional goals as it focuses on current challenges.
  • Allows getting to know about the latest tools and skills that are important in a leading industry.
  • Helps in collecting ideas for improving existing knowledge about the testing process and developing new solutions to existing problems. Because it shares best practices and real-world case studies.
  • Conference/Events provide the testers an opportunity to increase their expertise in software testing and its techniques.
  • It provides professional networking opportunities by giving chances to meet skilled and experienced Industry leaders.
  • Offer an opportunity to get recognized among peers and networks by sharing ideas, experiences, thoughts, and learning.

Testμ Conference By LambdaTest

The Testμ pronounced as TestU Conference aims to bring software testers, developers, influencers, and community builders together to discuss comprehensively the future of testing. It is a yearly three days conference that provides an excellent opportunity to the audience to network, learn and upskill themselves from some of the best minds in the industry.

The Testu conferences are organized by LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based cross browser testing platform and also an independent learning hub that provides training on a wide variety of topics in the IT space.

This year it was held from 23rd to 25th of October, 2022. The discussion topic was Unit Testing, API Testing, Mobile Testing, Automation, Selenium, Accessibility, Visual Regression, Cross Browser Testing. It also includes keynotes, tutorials, and sessions, all presented in an interactive format

It is an online conference that comes up yearly with more than 30 speakers. the main Speakers at Testu conference are, Maaret Pyhajarvi (Principal Test Engineer, Vaisala), Richard Bradshaw (CEO, Ministry of Testing), Chaithanya Kolar (Managing Director & Quality Engineering Leader, Deloitte US), Maneesh Sharma (COO, LambdaTest), and Manoj Kumar (VP Developer Relations, LambdaTest)

If you have missed Testu which took place this year in 2022, there is no need to worry because it provides on-demand videos of the whole event. So that you don’t miss the chance to become the hero of your organization through your testing skills.

Automation Guild online Conference 2022

Automation Guild organizes a yearly Online Event in February. It is an Online, community-based event intended for all software automation testing and software development needs. This year it was held from the 7th to 11th of February 2022.  It is committed to helping testers succeed with all Automation Testing efforts and attain reliable and less flaky automation.

It provides lifetime access to the completion of a 5-day live event held annually.  It features the latest and most relevant topics, tools, and techniques. The sessions and topics are covered by skilled trainers and the world’s top E2E automation experts. It provides a  community of more than 2000 expert testers to ask questions and get feedback.

It organizes events for improving the tester’s existing testing skills, learning how to automate tedious testing processes, getting equipped with actionable principles and techniques, creating the art of testing in your company, and becoming the most valuable part of your team. You can register for any of the events and get the information, resources, and education to enhance your talent and skills. The price you will pay for the registration will be worthwhile.

Codeless Test Automation Conference Online

When the world is moving speedily, and technological advancements are evolving, the need for cordless codeless test automation comes into the picture. This solution helps in relieving the coding load, allocating extra programming resources, and maintaining test scripts. Automation testers can use codeless testing as a tool to accelerate their work. As they don’t have to spend all of their time creating code to automate regression tests. 

This global conference organizes events every year to help the testers to enhance their test skills and speed up the planning and execution of tests even for the most complex test scripts.

This year it was held on the 9th and 10th of April  2022 at Global Research. It arranges events for all testers, novices, test automation engineers, community leaders, and all those interested in knowing how the world’s latest testing technology can help to move forward. Through the global conference, you can Learn as much as you can to be a Codeless Automation Pro.

This conference covers topics on the Test automation approach, Web Codeless automation, Mobile Codeless automation, Latest testing tools and techniques, and QA best practices.

Using a free testing management tool can simplify any engineers daily routine.

User Conference On Advanced Automation Testing( UCAAT)

UCAAT is a yearly conference and it was hosted this year on 13-15 September by Siemens Munich in Germany. This is a well-established event that addresses the practical challenges faced by the industry in testing and test automation. It is devoted to all aspects of automated testing with unlimited scope.

Rapid technical advancement in application areas such as information and communication technology, industrial automation enterprise information technology, as well as DevOps practices and machine learning techniques applied to software development are ever increasing the demands on testing. Hence testing has become an urgent task that needs to be addressed by appropriate methods, tools, and processes. UCAAT 2022 has discussed all the aspects concerning the trustworthiness of systems and how they can be tackled best in testing.

It offers a unique opportunity for practitioners, test service providers, test engineers, designers, automation test experts, developers, and researchers from different application domains to come together to learn and upskill modern test automation techniques, methods, and tools. It also allows the attendees to exchange on the latest advancement in the industrial use of test automation.

AutomationSTAR 2022 Conference

AutomationSTAR is coordinated by the EuroSTAR Conference Team. It is a yearly conference and this year it will be held in Munich on the 17th and 18th of October 2022. This conference brings together international software testing professionals with a program to explore automation testing. It is the perfect place for sharing experiences, and perspectives, sparking new ideas and shaping the future of test automation

This is a great space where you can. It is a 2-day, 2-track (dual language) conference for software testers, one track is in English and another track is in German.

This conference is all about the latest insights, new ways of working, progressive ideas, and new approaches from thought leaders, global experts in testing, expert opinion makers, and trendsetters. They share their ideas, skills, and techniques and talk about automation in software testing.

Attending this conference will allow you to discover and learn the most up-to-date and actionable techniques and test tools, Improve testing processes, network with your peers, and learn from transformative sessions and talks.

OnlineTestConf 2022

OnlineTestConf has been running online for the past 6 years. This year it will be held on November 29th, 2022 all over the world. Since it is online it does not come with the limitations of scheduling, expenses, and traveling. Attendees join from all parts of the world, and its hosts are well-known experts as well as young presenters, who discuss everything related to Testing and QA.

It provides all the advantages of attending professional QA-related conferences, personal learning, testing, networking, etc.

Attending this conference does not involve any charges/fees to attend this conference anyone who sees themselves involved in testing and the testing community can join.

Selenium Conference 2022

The Selenium Conference is a non-profit event presented by members of the Selenium Community. The aim of this conference is to bring Selenium developers and enthusiasts together from across the world to give out their ideas, socialize, and work together to move forward with the present and future success of their Selenium testing projects.

This conference is for product leaders, ground-level testers, automatons, product developers, or those who use Selenium, and even for those who are not exactly Selenium-centric but are part of test automation.

This is an online annual conference. This year it was held in India from 29- 30 July 2022, by Selenium professional/experts and Practitioners from around the world. This time there were pre and post-conference workshops, as well as opportunities to get Selenium advice and tutorials from experts.

Agile Testing Days

Agile Testing Days is a fascinating event for software engineers, testing professionals, and agile practitioners. The speakers at the conference deliver unforgettable and engaging words by using sound, visuals,  and technology. It is a fun platform to learn, connect, share ideas, evolve professional/personal skills, and network in the agile community. Anyone with a software testing background, software architects, application developers, IT managers, and software engineers can attend this conference.

This year this conference is going to be held in Potsdam, Germany from the 21st to 24th of November 2022. Join this conference to listen to 90 expert speakers and 100 sessions.

Testit 2022

Testit is an annual, one-day IT conference to be in Malmo this year on the 13th of September 2022. This conference is particularly focused on software testing. This one-day conference offers interesting and inspiring sessions to the testers, by testers with various specializations and knowledge levels. It offers and shares various skills, knowledge, presentations, workshops, and sessions on testing with some of the best expert speakers both (local and international) in a particular field.

International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation

At the International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation all the leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars come together to discuss and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of software testing, verification, and validation. It is a two days conference going to be held in San Francisco, California, USA, on the 27th and 28th of September 2022.

All the Students, academics, educators, industry researchers, and practitioners interested in or involved in software testing can attend this conference.


You may have understood from the above discussion that the best way to upskill and enhance your knowledge about software testing is to attend the conference on testing.

Hope these conferences are going to help you to enhance your software testing skills and techniques. Attending these conferences will provide you with a chance to explore new tools and technologies that enable you to share your ideas with industry leaders.

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