Why Is Social Media Monitoring Crucial for Your Business Tasks

It might seem that everything goes as intended. Yet, the engagement rate drops for some reason, and reach expansion is so slow… And then, you use Instagram hashtag monitoring that reveals all-changing data for your business plan.

Free Twitter analytics: the ultimate guide for marketers is the key to your audience’s true sentiments, needs, and wants. You can learn a ton about customers through social media monitoring. But what is the full power of such tools? Here comes the answer!

1. Social Media Monitoring Helps to Enhance Your Customer Service

Customers always want to be heard by the brands they follow. If they don’t get the answer, they will find another brand that will attend to them. Before finding a new brand, dissatisfied customers are likely to write a post about how terrible you are.

Consider using a social media posting tool to help promote your business. This can be a lifesaver when you are managing multiple social media accounts. In addition, a social media calendar allows you to schedule social media posts in advance to take advantage of high-traffic times.

Social media monitoring helps you to be present for every customer that contacts you on social media. You can resolve their issues promptly and prevent them from switching to another company. And you can deal with it faster and more effectively when a social listening tool is alarming you about a social disaster. 

2. You May Identify New Customers Faster (and Grip Their Attention Timely!)

A new customer is a lot like a new love. You always want to be with them, know everything about their preferences, and give them what they need before asking for it. Okay, maybe not so dramatic, but you understand the idea.

Social media monitoring helps you identify potential customers earlier than your competitors do. You have an opportunity to be the first brand they think about when they consider buying something you offer.

To do that, you should:

  • Constantly look for new relevant hashtags to join the conversation;
  • Check what other brands your potential customers mention in their posts;
  • See what kind of content attracts their attention;
  • Engage in relevant conversations and be helpful;
  • Mention your brand from time to time without being too annoying.

3. You Will Understand Your Competitors Better (and Outsmart Them!)

Understanding the competition is a core survival skill in business. No matter your product’s uniqueness, someone will always be selling something similar.

By monitoring social media, you can:

  • See what strategies your competitors use;
  • Check what content they post and when they do it;
  • Check the reaction of their audience to various updates;
  • Understand their target audience better.

This knowledge will help you find a way to differentiate your brand and make it more attractive to the target customer.

4. You Will Get Important Insights for Promotions and Sales

Your task is not only to release a great product but also to make people want to buy it. Presenting and promoting your product matters as much as the product itself.

Social media monitoring will give you ideas about:

  • When to start promoting a new product;
  • How to present the product so that people will want it;
  • What kind of content to post about the product?

In other words, monitoring social media is like having a focus group always ready to give you an honest opinion. The only thing you need is to know how to use this data.

5. You Will Monitor Your Brand’s Reputation

Your constant presence is a key component of your brand’s reputation. If you don’t believe it, ask a company dealing with a social media crisis. It will be enough to convince you.

Sometimes reputation wins over product quality. A rude company’s best-quality services or goods fall to Oblivion immediately. And less materially profitable yet positive-vibe companies get more attention! Of course, that does not work 100% unambiguously. For instance, some ignorant people will be loyal to a rude brand that discriminates against some people. Still, that business loses so many potentially happy customers! So, reputation remains one of the most influential constituents of every brand. And you want to sustain it positively!

6. You May Enhance Your Hashtag and Other Sub-Tasks

Knowledge is more than power — it is everything in our informational era. And knowing the preferences allows you to adjust your components to meet new demands.

By monitoring social media, you understand:

  • What content is underused and can be explored further;
  • What topics are the most discussed right now, and how can you use them to join the conversation;
  • What hashtags are currently trending, and how can you use them?

This way, you make your brand more flexible and open to change. Also, you become more responsive to the latest trends in your industry.

7. You Can Find Influencers and Help Each Other Mutually

Of course, promotion by them costs you some money. But influencers might need your offer right now! Your products or services can become their #1 in the top 10. They get materials for unique content — and you get a noteworthy mention! So, such deals can be an equal win-win for both players.

8. You May Discover that Your Brand Is Interesting to Foreign Customers

Suppose your brand works for the Czech Republic. But your social media monitoring tool shows many positive comments in Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian. Oh! Your brand interests people who live far away from your office, but they choose your offer over anything else.

The most common decision here is to start exploring markets in those countries. But if you want to focus on the initial country only, you can use these people as your brand ambassadors. You might even find a way to cooperate and make them your customers!

9. You Will Know What to Post on Social Media

People in different age categories use social media differently. The same is true for genders and many other factors. Suppose your target audience is business women aged 45-54 who live in big cities. Then, according to this data, you need to adjust your content strategy and social media activities.

10. Of Course, You Will Understand Your Customers Better

When you see people interacting with your brand on social media, you understand them better. Their comments, reviews, and messages show what they want and how they behave in certain situations. You may attain that by conducting a customer survey. Surveys are good, but they are not as effective as real-time monitoring.


As you see, social media monitoring is a beneficial tool for business tasks. Sometimes it reveals unexpected facts that change your schedule and priorities immediately! It allows you to discover new horizons, understand your customers better, and even help other brands that then help you. All of that makes managing your business easier and boosts your sales in the long term!

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