Why Does Your Business Need to Integrate Emails With Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the most widely used platforms for managing customer relationships. It enhances sales performance and offers a wide range of tools and services that make marketing easy.

The integrated tools boost the organization’s capabilities which enhances efficiency. Your sales team spends less time reading or responding to emails. There are many good reasons why you should integrate your emails with Salesforce.  

Enhanced Productivity:

To enhance productivity, your sales team requires you to work with a system that automatically updates all information. This makes sure there is no duplicated information in the system and that it is consistent throughout the organization. It makes communication and sharing of data between teams easy. 

The Activity Capture by Revenue Grid ensures seamless email integration with Salesforce for automatic data capture. It is a complete automation tool for CRM that ensures improved productivity of your teams. The tool allows you to sync your calendar, manage your email sidebar, and effortlessly schedule meetings.

Improve Customer Experience:

Salesforce email integration avails customer data in real time. This makes it easy to get timely insights and make the right decisions on time. Your sales team can analyze the data to help them understand customer experiences, complaints, and needs. This information helps them create solutions that leave the customer satisfied. 

Create Automated Workflows:

Working with manual processes takes time and drains energy from your sales team. Businesses today are considering automation as the best solution for performing different tasks. It helps minimize mistakes made by human beings and the need to keep correcting errors. Email Salesforce integration helps create automated workflows. 

Improved Reporting Strategies:

Creating excellent sales reports is determined by the amount of available data. The data gives them insights that help them create detailed reports. Salesforce integrations help consolidate large amounts of data from multiple sources into a central place. This data can be used to generate detailed reports. 

This will also require to have a well-structured system. Make sure to find some tips on organizing and decluttering your inbox to keep your data organized. With a clear and organized email inbox, the process of integrating emails with Salesforce will be smoother and more effective.

Improved communication: A company cannot succeed in its growth strategies if its communication channels are poor. All stakeholders must seamlessly communicate to ensure no one lags or any important steps are overlooked. Integrating email with Salesforce makes this goal a reality.

A lot of companies integrate Salesforce with other tools to reap more benefits and enhance productivity.

Other Reasons Why Salesforce Email Integration Is Important:

Create Calendar Events, Sync, and Share Them

Your email calendar contains every event that you are planning. It is easy to create events by opening your calendar and creating different data fields. In each field, provide details about the event, such as who you are meeting with, the date, time, and agenda. These can be events for the entire week, month, or day. 

Before you schedule a client or employee, you can share with them the dates to let them confirm their availability. Sync the events with Salesforce so that you can get reminders that there is an upcoming event. Send reminders to the participants to confirm if they are still available for the meeting. They can share their agenda and expectations for the upcoming meeting. 

Work With a Less Stressed Team

It is stressful to create data manually and enter it in Salesforce daily. The team spends nearly 30% of its time entering or generating data. The level of stress generated during this activity keeps building. Eventually, your team could experience burnout or procrastination. Integrating your email makes the process automatic, and thus you will work with a less stressed team. Their productivity will remain consistent, which will bring more income to your business. 

What Does Data Integration in Salesforce Mean?

Integrating data in Salesforce means to avail data from another system into Salesforce. This data can either be inbound, outbound, or both. Salesforce is cloud-based, but the data can be coming or going to another cloud-based application. Salesforce doesn’t create multiple copies of the data but ensures the data available in the source application is the same as what is available in it. It is not a must for the data to be from the cloud. It can be from other non-cloud-based applications. 


Most businesses today use Salesforce to consolidate their data in one place. Integrating it with email improves the performance of your sales team by creating automatic data syncing processes. The benefits that a company gets range from improved productivity, vibrant reporting, and better communication. Salesforce leverages various integration solutions to boost data capture, sync emails and calendars, save contacts, and auto-create Salesforce objects. 

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