How To Secure Remote Devices For Your Enterprise in 2022

Today, many organizations have had to switch to a hybrid and remote working system along with the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The remote working system, which has become increasingly widespread in recent years, can put organizations at risk at some points. Cyber attacks and malicious activities that try to exploit a lack of physical protection can compromise organizations’ confidential data and company resources.

These risks of working remotely can make effective cyber security approaches and measures mandatory. Zero Trust, one of these approaches, strives to provide access to company systems in the most secure way. Thanks to the increase in the use of remote devices in the remote working system with cloud-based technologies, Zero Trust approach has become increasingly important.  

According to research in 2022, Zero trust security had a significant influence on the development of cloud security strategy, according to 34 of worldwide. Thanks to the Zero Trust approach, you not only keep secure your remote devices but also protect company resources, confidential information, and data. With this approach, which is much more useful than a service, it is much easier to protect your entire company system.

What Is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust can be defined as a framework that provides network and security solutions to organizations based on a set of principles. One of the basic principles in this security approach is that a user who accesses the network once authenticates the other accesses. That is, to avoid assuming that anyone who enters the network once will always be trustworthy.

Zero Trust, whose basic principle is “Never trust, always verify”, sets the limits of internal perimeter security. As companies’ systems are now accessible from anywhere in the world and endpoints are relocated from a distributed workforce, authentication is constantly performed across the network. It always double-checks, and never lets any risky activities.

What Are The Benefits of Zero Trust?

Zero Trust, one of the most important security approaches that business leaders should adapt to their business, has many practical benefits. In addition to providing general security for businesses, it also minimizes security risks. It reduces the negative impact on the reliability of businesses in the event of a breach. The main benefits of Zero Trust, which has more influence than these, are as follows.

Protected Data

The value of your network is determined by the level of security of the data it stores or carries. One of the most important features of Zero Trust to know is that it provides comprehensive protection for data on the network. The secure circulation and storage of data are of great importance for the Zero Trust approach. Zero Trust achieves this through its unique features such as traffic encryption, VPN, and data loss prevention.

Advanced Network Security 

Applying the Zero Trust security approach is highly effective in enhancing network-wide visibility. Being able to see from which users, devices, locations, and reputations the access requests come allows us to prevent and repair the problems that may arise from them in advance. Security tools and approaches give you the visibility and control needed to identify where potential problems originate, where problems originate, and where malicious threats come from.

The user identification in question will be denied access if a user, device, or activity cannot be identified. Therefore, network segmentation prevents users from moving laterally across a network, which is frequently linked to system breaches, rather than limiting them to the resources required to carry out their assigned tasks.

Reduction in Costs

Zero Trust simplifies your security strategy, saving you money. You can lower your costs with more integrated tools that are compatible and work with the rest of your network infrastructure. 

The damage from the attack on the network and the decline in customer trust make the Zero Trust approach a good way to invest in the future of your business. Thanks to Zero Trust solutions, you provide security to your business by reducing costs and performing transactions easily.

Less Damage from Breaches

Network segmentation and users are only given limited access to the resources they need as part of the Zero Trust architecture. A violation is, therefore, more likely to have a much lower impact on business interruption.

Therefore, lower-level impacts are further less likely to have a cascading impact that harms a company’s finances, reputation, and ability to maintain the trust of its stakeholders and consumers.

Why Is Zero Trust Necessary? 

Zero Trust plays a major role in ensuring the overall cyber security of companies and in taking effective action in case of possible dangerous cyber attacks or data leakages. These attacks or leakages may not only occur outside the company, but also inside the company. 

Zero Trust, a system that can predict such situations, provides protection by not giving everyone the same level of access. In this way, it minimizes the risks of security vulnerabilities and provides comprehensive protection.

Zero Trust solutions such as multi-layer authentication and high-level encryption allow you to handle the access and data security process in the best way. It is also very effective in identifying possible threats and detecting attacks beforehand. This security approach supported by these high-end technologies should be integrated into the company system by every company, regardless of company size.


Today, with the increase of remote working systems worldwide at a very high rate, cyber attackers are also finding new ways to carry out their malicious activities. Therefore, security systems are essential in preventing or detecting malicious activities before they happen. Keeping your remote devices safe, especially your computers, mobile phones, or tablets, prevents outsider access to the company system.

The security approaches you will acquire to protect your data will also ease the workload of IT teams, thanks to the convenience it provides. Effective solutions of security approaches provide advanced security thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. These security approaches, like Zero Trust, provide a high-level response to actual or potential cyber attacks and security vulnerabilities.

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