Will Roblox Turn The Marketing Game 360 Degrees?

Roblox has over 90 million users and a venture funding of $150 million from its investors. The platform is looking forward to increasing its user base to a billion users in the coming years. It has developed a space for Metaverse, EdTech, Content Creators, and marketing personnel. It works on four important models: Value Model, Technological Model, the Distribution Model, and Financial Revenue Model. Moreover, the platform makes millions with advanced Roblox game development services and an internal ad network.

Roblox and its Role in Marketing

Roblox has been launched in many countries globally, with Europe and North America having the maximum users. The user base growing at 17% yearly tells its incredible engaging story. The revenue is stated to go up by 30% year over year. (Bloomberg Metrics Report). May 2022 has set the parameters for Roblox to seek future engagements and fulfill its current user’s expectations. Big brands like Nike, Disney, etc. that are making Metaverse are becoming game ready with this intuitive gaming platform.

Most brands are selling their products in between the ads on Roblox to increase their sales. Like, Nike experimented on this platform by customizing their Air Max virtual sneakers to be sold as an in-game purchase. The presence of kids makes these platforms provide them with goodies and products as in-game purchases for leveling up in their games. It has made brand promotion increase manifold.

Other famous brands like Hasbro, KidZania, Gucci, etc., are also entering the brand creation race on Roblox. They are making their products available to kids and youngsters in this digital entertainment space. Gucci even launched an event named ‘Archetype’ on Roblox that was like a visit to the brand’s garden. These famous brands include Metaverse and Roblox as sources for marketing. Apart from this, the engaging graphics and catchy music also glue the users to the brand’s products and in-game purchases.

A Useful Platform to Market Your Games

Roblox is not restricted to the dimensions of the online gaming platform. It is now helping gaming brands to build an audience for themselves. This platform does not develop games on its own, but they have an integrated community of game developers. Even big and small brands have entered this race by developing engaging games that can help them earn a good amount of money.

This gaming platform does not allow commercial advertising, but with the virtual events, it promotes the gaming brands. Roblox is helping brands build an immersive experience through virtual concerts and events that let them get noticed by the users. Whether you are into EdTech, fashion, music, kids’ business, sports, etc., it gives you an edge over Metaverse and other marketing platforms.

Roblox has made its name among the users, being a highly supported platform, unlike other social media channels. It is a unique marketing tool for marketers and developers who understand its motive, safety, and privacy.

Roblox: Pacing Fast Because of its Forward Thinking!

Roblox has become one of the audience engagement platforms on which most of the users, especially kids, spend more than one hour each day. Brands looking forward to Roblox gaming development and marketing services can reach out to experts at Pearl Lemon Games. They understand clients’ business and their objectives and customize the strategies accordingly. 

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