The Best Social Media Post Design Tools

What are the best tools online for creating a social media post, and what features are there? Read this guide to learn about popular options and design tips.

Did you know that the first social media site,, went live in 1997? Since then, social media has evolved to become a staple in most people’s lives. 

Over time it has become apparent that you need to do more than just post a good photo and caption to get noticed. Luckily there are tools to help elevate your social media posts.

So, keep reading to find out more about the best social media post design tools available today!

Canva for Template-Based Design

Canva offers an all-in-one solution when it comes to graphic design tools. You also don’t need any graphic design experience with Canva since it’s a great entry-level tool.

Canva isn’t just a site to create social media graphics on, it’s an entire design suite. You can create anything from business cards, logos, flyers, newsletters, menus, and much much more. Canva also allows you to do basic photo editing.

One of the best things about Canva is that if you’re unsure what type of posts you want to create, Canva has a whole gallery filled with social media post ideas and templates for you to work off of. Once you’ve picked a social media post template, you can customize it to match your aesthetic and personal brand before downloading the image.

You can even build a brand kit on Canva to easily keep all your colors and fonts in so that all your images match your branding. Gone are the days when you need to remember what shade of blue your personal logo is.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re looking for more in-depth tools for graphic design where you can create and manipulate images, then the Adobe Suite might be your best bet. 

While Adobe Creative Cloud can’t compete with Canva when it comes to templates, the quick actions and advanced features that you get with Adobe more than make up for it. While you might not find a template that perfectly matches what you want to create, the Adobe Suite offers you so much creative freedom that once you’ve mastered the tools, you’ll never need to use a template again.

Adobe also offers a great background remover with Adobe Express. Not only is this tool free to use, but since it’s powered by Adobe Photoshop, you have more control to refine and customize your cutout. Once the background is removed, the tool can also be used to add a new background to make your image truly pop!

Create a Social Media Post Easily

Creating a social media post has never been easier than now. With all these tools and social media post ideas available at your fingertips, you can quickly create interesting and interactive content. So start playing around today to find your social media posting style.

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The Best Social Media Post Design Tools was last updated February 24th, 2023 by Edward Brown