4 Best Features Of A Motorcycle Tracker

Motorbikes are some of the easiest to steal when talking about vehicles. This is because some of them can be easily carried and their engines tampered with. For this reason, you should place extreme caution on your motorcycle, and one great way to do that is by attaching a tracking device to your bike.

Some may say this action is over-the-top, but when you have invested in a motorcycle, you would want to make sure that it is always safe and has the features to alert should it come into contact with unfortunate events. Therefore, it would totally make sense to also invest in a reliable motorcycle tracker.

A motorcycle tracker is widely available in the market. However, not all of them can live up to the expectations they claim.

It is better to purchase from high-end brands like Rewire Security so that you can be sure that your motorcycle is equipped with the best tracking device containing exceptional features.

Understanding What A Motorcycle Tracker Is

Thinking of purchasing a motorcycle soon? Or maybe you already have one but are currently considering additional modifications for it. Whichever the case is- the idea of installing a motorcycle tracker should be lingering in your mind hence why you are reading this article in the first place.

So what is a motorcycle tracker? Well, if you have a car, you would most likely be familiar with the GPS. Most likely, even without a car, you are already familiar with the said system as we use GPS in our day-to-day lives even without knowing it.

So much like how it works for vehicles or even people, a motorcycle tracking device is used to monitor the location and determine whereabouts in real-time.

These devices are attached to the motorcycle and come in very compact sizes. They are also equipped with amazing features. Let’s find out what they are!

Features You Should Look Forward To In A Motorcycle Tracker

1.   Tracking Software

A motorcycle device tracker comes with software that can be installed on a computer or downloaded on a smartphone. This application will allow you to access real-time results and as well as enable you to utilize features that come with the tracking device.

They are usually purchased as a subscription and collect data like location logs and diagnostic alerts.

You can look at a tracker Manual, the biggest data base of user manuals, operating guides and service manuals you can view and download to see all the features your tracker offers.

2.   Alert System

One of the top reasons why a bike owner like you should purchase a tracking device dedicated for your motorcycle is because of the motion alert system it has. Should there be any suspicious movements like someone attempting to tamper with the bike’s engine or trying to move it from where it is currently parked, the system will immediately alert you.

Other alerts such as SOS in case of emergencies are also enabled so police can be alerted right away in case of theft.

3.   Avoid Overspeeding

Sometimes when we’re in our zone, we tend to get carried away. And with a handsome motorbike, that can absolutely be the case! Driving a beast around can get us all amped up that we sometimes do not notice that we’re going too fast.

With a motorbike tracker, we can avoid this from happening. You will be alerted once you are overspeeding so you can avoid a ticket from the patrol or, worse- an accident on the road.

4.   Geofence

One of the best and most advanced features of a tracking device is its ability to set a virtual border. Once the motorcycle crosses or exits the said fence, the application will automatically alert the owner.

Final Thoughts

Thieves frequently target motorcycles, and this is proven by reports showing that motorcycle theft in the UK is only expected to increase this year. They are popular targets because they are easier to maneuver away than cars.

Because of this, you should always keep in mind that even before you buy a motorbike (or in case you already have one), attaching a motorbike tracker from excellent brands like Rewire Security should be of top priority and one that you should never skip on.

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