10 PR Tools for Boosting Your Brand

What R Tools for PR

To ensure effective operation, PR professionals resort to the use of various means and tactics. Generally speaking, public relations mechanisms include associating with the media, issuing press releases, communicating with your team, and other techniques which may become time-consuming.  

In sum, a PR tool is a means of delivering promotional information right to the media. Marketing experts are unanimous: relevant PR automation makes marketing actions more profitable, measurable, and, most essentially, adjusted to your customers’ needs. PR, in conjunction with traditional marketing such as signs, banners, etc., is very powerful. That is why PR specialists need reliable services, platforms, and tools to help them up their marketing game. 

10 Proper PR Tools

Modern PR tools significantly save time and effort on day-to-day image management. They create positive attitudes toward your brand and help you strengthen consumers’ interests. Here, we’ve gathered the most famous PR tools to promote better and boost your brand

1. Brandwatch

Being one of the most respected participants in the media monitoring market, Brandwatch is very potent in data analytics and can significantly assist you in your PR strategy. The tool automatically examines the content through essential keywords and performs sentiment analysis. Brandwatch uses web crawler technology to surf the web and analyze various pages.


  • Implements many modern AI-based features;
  • Makes influencers’ identification as easy as possible;
  • Supports multiple options and integrates with the most popular operating systems.


  • No free trial;
  • No mobile application;
  • No clear price indication.

2. Cision

One of the most accepted PR tools, Cision is employed to monitor and analyze data collection. Within this service, your team can generate a catered list of media experts and connect them straight when you need their cooperation, thus avoiding any extra research.  Cision offers the ability to create press releases but doesn’t offer its media database as an autonomous feature. The provider has only annual plans, which are considered pretty pricey.


  • Multiple media contacts;
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface;
  • Mobile application for iOS.


  • No free trial;
  • No price indication on the website;
  • Users’ complaints about support.

3. Meltwater

The platform provides top-notch solutions to improve your PR. It offers monitoring and social analytics, helping businesses understand and influence the world around them. Meltwater allows your team to create attractive posts, manage them properly, and make personalized content for relevant target groups. 


  • Remarkable user-friendly interface;
  • Post publishing and scheduling;
  • A custom reporting dashboard. 


  • No free trial;
  • No clear price indication;
  • No press release creator; 
  • Restricted analytics.

4. Brand24

This media monitoring service enables you to find, examine, and determine utterances referring to your brand and competitors. The tool identifies sales leads, responds automatically to dissatisfied customers, and gives you a clear understanding of how to boost customer service


  • Calculates your brand’s SOV;
  • Tracks keywords in relevant media channels;
  • Sentiment analysis and data exporting.


  • No CRM features;
  • A lot of spam results;
  • Expensiveness.

5. Muck Rack

Offering plenty of specific PR features, Muck Rack is prevalent among public relations practitioners and helps users regulate their outreach exertion. It provides media databases, pitching, monitoring, and reporting. The service is always in active search of news, journalists, and audiences. 


  • Comprehensive and intuitive;
  • PR CRM;
  • Advanced monitoring and reporting;
  • Media database.


  • Limited broadcast tool functionality;
  • Not descriptive enough;
  • Pricey for individual practitioners.

6. BuzzStream

The service helps you improve your brand’s reputation by building solid relationships with your visitors. Buzzstream offers mighty link-building and digital PR tools to create an efficient brand promotion. It contacts influencers in your niche, schedules follow-up for them, and organizes attractive outreach programs that can help with content marketing for your brand, driving engagement, and more. 


  • Link building and outreach in one place;
  • Time-saving, effective, and affordable;
  • Free package trials.


  • No pre-built campaigns;
  • Slow reviews;
  • The interface takes time to figure out. 

7. Moosend

It is a powerful all-embracing platform that includes efficient features for both marketing and PR. Moosend offers segmentation options to create personalized campaigns, lets you run specific lists of subscribers, and carries out advanced reporting and analytics.

The service natively integrates with many applications.


  • The abundance of features;
  • Bespoke landing pages;
  • A free plan for small organizations.


  • Restricted third-party integration;
  • Limited customer support
  • Only 70 pre-designed emails.

8. Prowly

Prowly is considered relatively simple and intuitive for customers. The service has the press release creation ability presented in ‘newsrooms’ which are navigated without a hitch. The provider offers a first-rate media database, including local and international media contacts, which is also priced. A set of media monitoring tools come in handy for thorough tracking of news and references about your brand and competitors.


  • Free trials and discounts;
  • Robust coverage reports;
  • User-friendly interface, good UX.


  • Mainly only for monitoring;
  • Users’ complaints about support;
  • No attachments to emails. 

9. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

The platform is well suited for PR outreach, media monitoring, and spotting media prospects. The provider is top-rated among public relations and SEO professionals. HARO presents an excellent bilateral marketplace where brand ambassadors ask for press coverage on the one hand, and reporters look for information supply on the other. 


  • A free trial and usage are available;
  • Unlimited resources;
  • Daily newsletter subscription.


  • The interface takes time to get through;
  • Slow responses from reporters;
  • Poor scaling. 

The PR experts at Pearl Lemon PR wrote a detailed review of the pros and cons of using HARO that will give you a more in-depth analysis from people who have used it for years on a daily basis. 

10. Mediatoolkit

Mediatoolkit offers robust analytics capturing data into well-grounded sentiment and engagement reports. Fishing out every mention about your brand all over the net, Mediatoolkit quickly finds out what your customers say in real-time. It helps you determine essential references and influencers that can improve promotion and boost your brand. 


  • A free trial version;
  • Multilanguage mentions tracking;
  • Robust search operations.


  • No data archive;
  • No monitoring of radio and TV sources;
  • Expensiveness. 


Now you see numerous modern PR tools designed to make public relations and your brand promotion not rocket science for you. If you consider all critical requirements for your PR campaigns, paying particular attention to your financial capacity, you will succeed in picking the best PR tool for boosting your brand.

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